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David W Cochran

  1. Sat. Nov 10 - 5000 for 500

    Swam at the Huntsville Nat this morning with Peter, Dave B, and Dave M. 4 of the Hsv group joined in. Still dealing with some soreness in my upper arm/shoulder. Was doing pretty good through 3400 yards. Then I did a little fly and it was downhill from there.

    But still swam 5100 yards - needed 5000 yards to reach 500 miles for the year. In January, I questioned whether I could do it. I was only swimming 3 days a week and doing 3500 to 4200 yards a day. I needed to average 4,231 yards 4 days a week for 52 weeks. So, I set the goal, started swimming 4 to 5 days a week, picked up my workouts, and kept track daily until August.

    Missed three weeks in September with my Dad, but was ahead of pace and decided to try and reach 500 on my sister's birthday - today.

    3x200 Free Easy
    100/200/300/400 Free (1:30 intervals, did 5:30 for 400)
    4x100 Kick
    3x100 Free w/paddle on 1:30 (1:15, :15, :12)
    2x100 Kick
    100 Free - 1:17
    3x100 Backw/paddles on 1:45 (1:22, :23, :24)
    3 times through 25 Stroke/50 Free/50 Stroke/100 Free/75 Stroke/200 Free (Stroke - Fly/Back/Breast)
    2x100 Free Easy

    5100 yards
    105 minutes