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David W Cochran

  1. Sat. Nov 17 - At the Nat with Brook

    Swam with Dave B, Dave M, Peter, Bob and Mary. Did Brook's sets which is a lot like a hodge podge of swimming. My arms felt very tired but I kept up a pretty good pace. Glad tomorrow is rest.

    4x100 Free
    300 Free
    2x100 Free
    400 Free (5:28)
    400 Free w/paddles (5:12)
    4x100 Free on 1:30 (1:15's)
    300 Free w/paddles (3:53)
    4x75 Back w/paddles
    200 Free w/paddles
    4x50 Free
    100 Free w/paddles
    4x25 Back
    3 Times through - 25/100/50/100/25 - stroke/free/stroke/free/stroke IM order I did fre e and back
    100 Back
    100 Free

    4400 yards
    90 minutes