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David W Cochran

  1. Saturday, Nov 3 - Feeling the Effects

    I think I was feeling the effects of the sprint work last night, along with the inconsistent work outs lately, along with not drinking enough fluids, along with the pizza buffet I took my daughters to. Anyway I was tired and sore last night. It was hard to leave the bed this morning, but I got up and went to the Huntsville natatorium. Swam with Dave M, Peter, Dave B, Teresa and the Hsv group. Started good eventhough my triceps were sore. Swam hard but when I reached 4300 yards I hit a wall.

    9x100 Free
    5x100 Kick on 2:00
    4x200 on 3:15 (2 Free at 2:30 to 2:35 and 2 Back w/pddls at 2:45 - I actually didn't realize how fast I was swimming these)
    10x50 Kick on 1:00
    5x100 Free w/paddles on 1:30 (between 1:15 and 1:20)
    4x200 Free on 3:00
    10x50 Back w/paddles on :50 (hit a wall in the middle of these)
    3x100 Free on 1:30 (after 3 couldn't keep form so I decided it was time to warm down)
    100 Free
    2x50 Back

    5000 yards
    100 minutes
  2. Friday, Nov 2 -Working on Speed

    Swam with Ray, Peter, Dave M, Dave B, Teresa, Julia, and Danny. Teresa and Julia are high school swimmers (Teresa is also Dave B's daughter).

    Worked on speed - I need it plus I'm starting to think about the Auburn meet in February.

    6x50 Free on :50
    4x50 Free hard with :14 seconds rest - did 3:02 less :42 - 2:20 for 200 (I need to pick this up - I still tend to pace as opposed to sprint)
    100 Back
    4x125 Free on 1:45 (kept between 1:32 and 1:35 - good for me)
    3x300 on 4:30 (started feeling the hard swimming - 4:02; 4:07; 4:10)
    100 Back
    10x50 Kick
    10x100 Back w/paddles on 1:45 (started at 1:25 slipped in the middle to 1:29 pulled back down to 1:25 and did last at 1:20)
    50 Free
    6x50 Back w/paddles Sprint on 1:15

    3950 yards
    80 minutes