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David W Cochran

  1. Tuesday, Dec.11 - Just Keep Swimming

    Felt really sluggish this morning - two nights of too little and poor quality sleep. Then when I jumped in the water, it actually felt warm - when I checked the thermometer, it was 86 degrees. Net effect, my arms felt tired and I felt like I couldn't get a good pull in the water. So, I didn't have as much speed and I just focused on "Keep on Swimming".

    Swam with Peter, the two Dave's and Danny. Keith was back after being gone, but he was doing his own thing today.

    100 Free
    12x100 - 3 each on 1:35, 1:30, 1:25, 1:20 (just swam the last three straight thru)
    1650 Free - 24:15
    4x100 Free on 1:30
    4x100 IM on 2:00 (descended from 1:43 to 1:33)
    4x100 Free on 1:30
    200 Kick
    12x50 on 1:00 - 5 free, 5 back, 2 fly
    100 Kick
    5x100 Back w/paddles 1:40

    5550 yards
    105 minutes