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David W Cochran

  1. Friday, Dec. 7 - Sprints and Kicks

    Swam with Roger, Peter, the two DAves, Danny, and Ray. Today was a sprint day with a fair amount of kicking. Not a lot of yardage, but I certainly need to work my sprint stroke and kicking (which is almost non-existent).

    150 Free
    6x200 on 2:20 150 Swim/50 Kick (was an easier interval than I anticipated)
    50 Free
    6x50 Free on :50 (preparing for sprints)
    4x50 Challenge - 10 seconds rest (2:50 total time minus 30 secs = 2:20)
    100 Back
    24x50 Relay with teams of three - 8 50's each (came in around 11:52)
    16x50 on 1:00 Kick/Swim

    3300 yards
    80 minutes