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slick's shoulder surgery blog

  1. PT LOL

    by , February 26th, 2013 at 05:51 PM (slick's shoulder surgery blog)
    Just have to share.....

    So I went to PT this morning, and my regular therapist had another PT (with 'better swimming knowledge') come over and show me how I should modify my stroke to help protect my shoulder from now on. Let me just say, it took everything in my power to not laugh out loud and legitimately do an actual *facepalm* in front of her.

    So apparently I need to:
    - increase the roll in my stroke so that my elbow never goes behind my body (rotate, but no high elbows!)
    - enter the water thumb first

    This will ensure that the deltoid will do most of the work, and that it should protect my rotator cuff and help prevent impingement.

    ?!?! bwahahahahahahaha!

    Of course, she proceeds to demonstrate and I just sit there and and

    First, NO. Second, I have no problems with my rotator cuff or impingement problem was shoulder instability which is completely different! Of course, I'm sure she didn't realize that, but it was bad advice no matter what! Ahhhh, the downsides of an And I know my own stroke isn't perfect, but I can definitely tell you bad form when I see it!

    Anyway, I am almost done with PT. My next appointment isn't until the first week of April! Until then I am supposed to work on my 'end range' stretching and strengthening. It has actually been a bit hard keeping up with my PT routine lately, as a) now that I am swimming more, I don't want to overdo/overuse for the time being; and b) I feel more normal lately, so its harder for me to feel that I *have* to do them. Of course, I will need to manage and protect my shoulder from other injuries down the road as I age.....but for now if my shoulder can stay in its socket, then I feel that I'm golden lol!
  2. 4 months out

    by , February 25th, 2013 at 07:06 PM (slick's shoulder surgery blog)
    Wow, its been a while! OK ok, so its actually been 3.5 months since my surgery…..but if you want to get technical about it, it has been 16 weeks to the day! Which means 4 months in my opinion And today I can officially start spinning the arms again….woo hoo!

    Last time I wrote I was cleared to start doing breaststroke, which I have been doing just fine with the past few weeks. It took a few practices for my shoulder to get the hang of things again and I slowly worked my way up to about 400-500 worth of breaststroke per practice. This might not sound like much to some of you out there, but know that breaststroke is my worst stroke and I would almost rather kick than swim it lol!! I have also been getting in 400-500 worth of sculling (all types) per practice as well. So for about the past 2-3 weeks now my workouts have been approximately two-thirds kick and one-third breaststroke and/or sculling. I am also now doing full streamlines (though they still feel a bit stiff) off the walls and am able to keep my left arm up and out while doing one-arm fly and free. The streamlines alone have made a huge difference for me in the water….it has brought back a lot of balance and grace to my swimming lol! So it has been a good few weeks of warm up for my shoulder I’d say.

    So, tonight I get to *officially* start swimming freestyle…but since I am so impatient I *may* have already attempted a few strokes or so. Last Monday I simply did a 25, then Wednesday I did a 150 or so, and Saturday I did a whopping 300 throughout the entire practice (broken into 25s at time, using fins AND snorkel). Of course my shoulder is still a bit stiff as my range isn’t completely back yet, but it’s slowly getting there. So far it feels OK though while I’m in the water. As soon as I get out however….it feels sore as hell! I can definitely feel it right after practice and during the drive home, but an hour later I don’t even notice it anymore, so that’s good (same pattern occurred after I first started sculling and breaststroke too). I also know that it can’t just be my shoulder that I am feeling…..cause man, my arms and upper body right now are WEAKSAUCE. Just about two weeks ago I finally noticed the reappearance of some muscle definition in my left arm (thank you sculling!), but my upper body muscle has definitely atrophied. And of course meanwhile my legs are completely jacked up and I’m walking around like I’m about to fall over all the time. Talk about muscle imbalance! lol.

    Anyway, so now the fun really begins! I don’t have an exact plan yet for building back up to normal workouts, but I know that I’ll be keeping the fins on for a while longer and will make good use of the snorkel to get things going. As soon as I build back up to being able to swim reasonable distances, I can ditch the toys. I do plan on attempting some backstroke soon so we’ll see how that goes! I know butterfly will still have to wait a bit – I’m thinking at least 8 more weeks until I even attempt it (my surgeon says that I shouldn’t do it at all ….*knee slap* bwahahaha!).

    And believe it or not – I have a goal of swimming at our Association championship meet at the end of April! It will be 24 weeks out from surgery then. The registration deadline isn’t until 2 weeks beforehand, so of course I still have lots of time to feel things out and see how they go. But I don’t’ see any reason why I couldn’t at least do a breaststroke event or two and help the team out on some relays. We shall see I guess!!