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  1. Post-Op Appointment

    by , November 27th, 2012 at 05:55 PM (slick's shoulder surgery blog)
    Had my post-op appointment yesterday and things are moving along as they should. I got my stitches taken out - its amazing how little external damage there is from the surgery. The 3 incisions are so small and the wounds are healing the time they are fully healed they will be barely detectable! Gotta love medical advances. Anyway, my surgeon asked how things were going and I told her overall things were well except for my night time troubles, which are totally normal. She showed me some before/after photos of my shoulder joint that were taken with the arthroscopic camera and walked me through the procedure steps, which was totally gross yet totally fascinating at the same time. Then she pointed out all the parts of my shoulder that are showing signs of arthritis which are not related to my initial injury. I said that I thought that most people start disintegrating after age 25 anyway, but then she said that this arthritis was a little more advanced for my age. So thanks for that, swimming! lol. I then scheduled a 3 month post-op appointment and was out the door.

    So the last week has been fairly tolerable. I went out of town for the holiday, and my shoulder didn't like the 3+ hour car ride all that much. I was also sleeping in a different bed for a few nights and holidays in general are a bit stressful, but I survived. I have good days and bad days....some days doing my PT exercises are super easy and other days they are a struggle. Night times are getting better....I think I finally built the perfect pillow ramp a few days ago so things are a bit more comfortable. Last night was the first night that I didn't take any pain meds before bed, and while I woke up several times during the night it wasn't because of any pain. Progress!

    I've been noticing other signs of progress last week I was able to hold my coffee cup in my left hand, and this week I can easily carry my dinner plate, stuff like that I can totally feel my muscles starting to re-activate (hence all the twitching) and my strength and flexibility are definitely improving. Though I'm supposed to keep my arm immobile most of the time, getting all the little/daily things done is becoming much easier. I actually can't wait to start increasing my range of motion, cause things like putting my hair back and getting my contact lenses in are still challenging.

    I'm also starting to crave those cardio endorphins again, so I know that I'm on the mend. When I think about exercising, my brain seems to automatically calculate how long its been since I've been in the pool. Today it has been 16 days.....which means that I am 16 days closer to getting back in