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Strength Training and Dryland Workouts

  1. Nov 24 2012: some days a sippy cup is too complicated

    this is one of those days where i shouldn't be trusted with anything more complicated than a sippy cup.

    got up around 0450 and lifted weights for about an hour. the session felt good and was a nice endurance high rep type of workout. around 6 i decided to go straight to the pool to take advantage of the training effect. by this time my upper body was all warmed up and ready. usually it takes me a good 30 min to feel this primed when i swim even with a long gradual warmup.

    i get in the water and have a lane all to myself. using the fast lane (first time since I was sick a month ago) the water felt refreshing. And as i was doing my warmup i kept getting distracted by the little things like how my nose piece was digging into my nose.... Funny how one day it digs in and the next it decides to not inflict any pain.

    so here is the workout


    100 k
    200 sw

    main set

    4 x this little super set


    400 kick (100/200/100)


    It wasn't a bad swim had a good lane buddy who was kicking my butt with ease. She had a Kona ironman swim cap on and she def was an open water swimmer with a wide sweeping stroke.

    So verily, i finished and climbed out of the pool feeling really spent. didnt realize how bad it was until i was having trouble cracking an egg without getting most of the shell into the bowl. now i just need enough coffee and the day should be good.
  2. Friday Run/ Swim


    1 mile w/u
    4 x 800m sprint
    10 burpees between 800's
    1 mile c/d

    Later in the day (evening)

    3 x 500
  3. Monday Aug 6, 12

    got a good lunchtime swim in.

    2x150 sw
    100 K

    4 x

    50 fast
    50 recov
    100 build

    2 x 800


    Swim was good. Only problem is how the pool is managed. We had aqua runners in lap swimming lanes. they didn't have the presence of mind to move over to the slow lane. Rather they spent their time in the medium lane.

    Finished the night with Hapkido.