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  1. Speedo's Avatar
    I'm just swimming in maintainance mode and can't seem to get motivated to swim more than 2x/wk. I'm lifting 3x/wk though.

    I think relays are underappreciated. I enjoy watching them, especially when they are close or if they have someone I like to watch. Again, nice meet.
  2. JimRude's Avatar
    I recommend some treadmill running, spin classes, etc on the cruise - you won't miss the pool at all.

    +1 for skipping Auburn. The pool may be fast, but that location ain't right...
  3. ande's Avatar
    Hey Speedo,

    how's training going?
    That relay was fun, wasn't sure if we'd win or not
    Notice Rowdy chose to swim on Blu Frog's B relay, they would have won if he was on the A relay

    cool you found your friend
  4. jaadams1's Avatar
    2) AK Sat Jun 11 - Sat Jun 18 Alaskan Cruise for my Parents 50th
    curious to see if how much training I'll do on these 2
    Just tie on a tow rope to the cruise liner and try to keep a little slack in the rope, no fair skiing back there!!
  5. ande's Avatar
    that WO was not that much sprint training, guess I'm doing both now,

    I've got 2 trips coming up:

    AZ Thu May 19 - Wed May 25th
    vaca and work conf &

    AK Sat Jun 11 - Sat Jun 18
    Alaskan Cruise / Parents 50th

    think I'll do a week of normal practices after i get back with some sprint work then really focus on speed & strength till Zones

    I'm bummed on Aub too, Longhorn may be have several fast 50 + men there,
    David Guthrie 50 said he's going,
    Jim Sauer 54 said he's 95% sure. PM me
  6. The Fortress's Avatar
    Those sets don't look like sprint training ...

    on Auburn.
  7. ande's Avatar
    i know i know not good
    but I also want to be more sprint focused this summer
  8. quicksilver's Avatar
    arms hurt so I stopped, kinda wussed out
  9. ande's Avatar
    thank y'all
    my tooth no longer hurts
    but the holes do a little
    I haven't taken the pain meds didn't really need them.
    fell asleep yesterday and think I swallowed some cotton gauze
  10. swimmerb212's Avatar
    I hope it feels better. I used to get the worst headaches until I got my wisdom teeth out in my early 30's. I hope you have a similar positive outcome from the dentist!
  11. qbrain's Avatar
    That sucks Ande. I got all my wisdom teeth out in Dec, not fun.
  12. The Fortress's Avatar
    Sorry about the teeth. Getting wisdom teeth out is no fun in your 40s. It took me awhile to recovery when I had it done at 38.

    Glad you're back to focusing on 50s. I am too this summer, so now I can steal from your blog.
  13. Speedo's Avatar
    The relay must have been a blast to watch- very close. You had a nice meet Ande- congrats.

    Thanks to your blog I noticed a teammate of mine from the 70s- Mike Unger. We swam summer league together in NJ. I know he's a bigwig in USAS now, but I haven't seen him in maybe 25yrs.
  14. ande's Avatar
    Thank you
    Today I race:
    100 IM
    50 Br &
    4 x 50 fr relay with David Guthrie, Nathan & Ed Coates
    Tomorrow I race:
    4 x 50 medley relay
    Bk me went 24.9 at zones
    Br David Guthrie,
    Fl david vandam
    Fr Nathan
    200 IM
  15. Viva O Fear's Avatar
    what a bummer! all that training and you miss guessed the time of the meet, we all feel your pain.
  16. The Fortress's Avatar
    Oh, and enjoy the porno hottub tonight.
  17. quicksilver's Avatar
    Too bad they couldn't do a time trial for you at the end of the day or something like that.

    Not to take away someone else's place, but to just see where your time could have been.

    That really stinks.
  18. The Fortress's Avatar
    Definitely a bummer about the 400 IM. I'm sure you would have swum faster than Zones. But, as you say, your previous time held up.

    Great job in the 50 fly. I've done that long glide at the turn. It is a momentum killer.

    Now go kick ass on your relay and tomorrow!!!
  19. Karl_S's Avatar
    Bummer about the meet timeline getting away from you. It's plently possible to have a great meet anyway though. I'm sure that I'm not the only one looking foward to you posting some fast times. Hope you are IPS for your other races.
  20. ourswimmer's Avatar
    Too bad! But you know how to shake it off and have a great meet anyway. Drink a lot of water!