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  1. Syd's Avatar
    Bummer that you are sick, Ande. Hope you feel better soon.
  2. mctrusty's Avatar
    Have you changed your weight training regimen recently?

    I usually find that sick-sore is a whole body phenomenon, including my head. Weights-sore is usually more localized.
  3. rtodd's Avatar

    Great one hour and GREAT speed today. You must be wearing out tech suits soon and I'm sure there is a second hand market. I'm 6'2" 175lbs.

    Checking out zone records.

    How about this stout time in the 60-64 group?

    200 Yd IM Bob Welty 05 2:36.11
  4. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads-up on the postal results...congrats on your (and Tyler's) high placing.

    I saw Mike Shaffer went 5910 in the one-hour swim. That's crazy fast.
  5. quicksilver's Avatar
    Hey Ande,

    I noticed your 50 and 100 back records from many years ago.
    It seems as if your current 50 back time is almost 2 seconds better...and the 100 back, around 1 second or more faster.

    Were you incorporating many underwater kicks back then?
    How would those swims compare to your latest race strategies? (in terms of the SDK)

    Thanks, val
  6. qbrain's Avatar
    Neat, thanks for sharing that link.
  7. ande's Avatar
    i entered many events to go after
    South Central Zone Records
  8. qbrain's Avatar
    I am not sure you entered enough events. You know you could have entered the mile Friday on one more event on Saturday right?
  9. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Stevenson
    Isn't it a little late to plan for 2008?
    Did ever think that Ande might own a time machine!!

    Good luck with your meets, Ande
  10. ande's Avatar
    yes, going into zones, I hope to increase my speed.

    Breastroke is my worst stroke but it's not awful.
  11. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    Isn't it a little late to plan for 2008?
  12. Crazyman's Avatar
    did you mean rest from the pool or "rest" from aerobic training?
  13. The Fortress's Avatar
    So are you holding speed until Zones?

    Your BR is fast now. Clearly helps your IMs.
  14. ande's Avatar
    it's very disappointing to make NCAA's and
    not be able to swim in the meet,
    happened to me in 1985
  15. ande's Avatar
    thanks KEWebb

    the secret, no secrets, just train,
    I've blogged every work out since mar 2005
    I try to share the details, suits . . .
  16. ande's Avatar
    thank you leslie
    maybe in the 50 free
    maybe lifting weights
  17. The Fortress's Avatar
    Congrats on your FINA TTs!

    How do you think you hurt your knee?
  18. Syd's Avatar
    Ande, congrats on your Fina TT's! Wow, those are some very fast times. Your 50 free is just getting better and better. So is your 50 fly. What is the secret? Keep up the good work, Ande!
  19. qbrain's Avatar
    How much would it suck to make NCAA cuts, and then not go because your team had too many qualify. I feel sorry for those guys.

    Good swims Ande, even that 100fr isn't too shabby
  20. ande's Avatar

    I was happy they had C D & E finals it let more people swim LM at night

    no I held back a lot hoping to even split and save for the 100 fr

    maybe, I wasn't happy with my time & hoped to go faster

    sc & lc ws cool

    it's good to be "ready for anything!"

    It gave people chances to swim fast and people went for it in the prelims rather than just cruising in to the finals

    some of the college kids swam hoping to post faster times
    even though the time to do NCAA cuts passed, the team submission aren't due yet. UT 21 swimmers make NCAAs. Teams can only have 18 members divers count half so
    2 divers & 17 swimmers go
    3 divers & 16 swimmers