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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    What is this LCM time trial? A meet or a time trial. If it's a time trial, FINA doesn't recognize them in LCM. (See Frank's post on the "It is here" thread.

    I like your 30 x 50 set.
  2. Redbird Alum's Avatar
    Ande -

    It's cool you took the time to encourage and comment on the younger swimmers' efforts. I coach younger kids as part of a local teams developmental program at our community center and I would say your involvement had a direct effect on their improved times. Kids love to do well when someone is paying attention!

    Have a great Christmas!
  3. rtodd's Avatar
    Neil Walker coached...............

    Wow, you are living a swimmer's dream. That place is the epicenter of swimming!

    Happy Holidays to you too Ande.

    I've got big time drops this year and I look forward to more inspiration!
  4. quicksilver's Avatar
    You would make a great coach.
    If Eddie Reese ever retires they should nominate you to be the replacement.

    Happy Holiday. val
  5. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Wow, what was today, celebrity(in the world of swimming) coach day at your practice! Ande, I tried the Aqua V cap several times, with and without another cap, and it never stays on. It is a silicion thing or is the cap too big. I got the large because I thought that my head was too big for the medium. Just wondering and happy holidays!
  6. ande's Avatar
    Hey Redbird
    thanks for commenting on my 50's
    you asked " How much of these are you in SDK mode?"
    I did a lot of SDKs yesterday just didn't write about them
    took 5 - 8 off each wall on my fast 50 frees

    Hey Chris,
    just did 2 1 hour practices
    modified both to suit my speed needs

    hey syd,
    I thought I wasn't going to train wed, thu, & fri
    but I might have found Wed & Thu practices.

    Hey RTodd,
    yes I did a lot of fast stuff
    I like to do quality training
    "disallow suits that cover arms, Strip Ian Thorpe and Grant Hacket their medals?"
    yes on disallow going forward
    no on reaching back to strip medals
    let 'em keep 'em
  7. rtodd's Avatar
    disallow suits that cover arms
    Strip Ian Thorpe and Grant Hacket their medals?
  8. rtodd's Avatar
    Huge day! alot of fast stuff. Nice.
  9. Syd's Avatar
    Double workout? Are you trying to make up, in advance, for the Xmas festivities?
  10. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    Whoa, a double workout? What kind of sprinter are you?
  11. Redbird Alum's Avatar
    Ande -

    Nice 50's! How much of these are you in SDK mode?
  12. ande's Avatar
    drop down does have D all over it

    hi chris,

    drop downs are easy until they get difficult
    i need to swim one with the idea of getting as far as possible, went a bit too hard on the front end
  13. rtodd's Avatar
    Never heard of the drop set next week. It may be worth trying.
  14. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    Nice, tough workout! I like it.
  15. The Fortress's Avatar
    Nice article, Ande! Cool that Gull popped in!

    Yeah, that drop down set has D all over it. lol
  16. quicksilver's Avatar
    "swim 10 minutes with a tube"

    There's the answer.
  17. rtodd's Avatar
    Thanks for posting here and good luck this season.

    In a sentence, has Reese's training philosophy changed since you swam at UT? Is there a specific focus on something to get fast that was lacking years ago? Kick, technique, quality over quantity? Toys like fins, snorkel, buckets etc?
  18. qbrain's Avatar
    That is a very cool training strategy you have planned, focusing on 200s for the early meet, and then focusing on sprint work coming off your first taper.

    Maybe I will see you at Zones.
  19. knelson's Avatar
    It's fun swimming with the college kids. I've had a couple at my workouts this week because of finals week. I got dusted by one guy, but held my own against a couple others.
  20. jaegermeister's Avatar
    That's a damn hard kick set. Must have been great being back with Eddie.

    Glad to see you're back here as well, Ande. I know I could find your blog but I'm lazy.