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  1. Karl_S's Avatar
    2000 free w/paddles & bouy 15:07 at the 1000 and 24:57 at the 1650 and 30:15 at the 2000
    It looks like your pace slipped by 0:01 per 1000 in the second half. Either you have absolutely no sense of pace, or you are a Slacker!
  2. Austinpoolboy's Avatar
    thanks for reminder about kicking on back. another benefit for me is kicking on back I get more work on underwater dolphin kick out, streamlining and breakouts which are weak areas for me.
  3. thewookiee's Avatar
    The pool was packed today. Is it always that way on Friday morning?
  4. Donna's Avatar
    I ask at the Lmsc meeting
  5. jackback's Avatar
    hey donna ... its jack c from later in the morn at the aquatics center ... i've called the meet director and left a message for the atlanta meet ... i'm trying to find out if they are going to have the omega backstroke ledge for starts ... if you hear yes or no, i could use the info to organize my events as i'm going to try to go to both thanks jack
  6. pwb's Avatar
    And I thought from your title that you'd gone for an OW swim and a few real manatees had migrated north
  7. flystorms's Avatar
    Great job on descending those sets, Donna. Good luck!
  8. knelson's Avatar
  9. rxleakem's Avatar
    Nice swim
  10. Donna's Avatar
    When he swims down the middle of the lane....YES
  11. knelson's Avatar
    You consider having someone else in your lane "crowded?"
  12. Donna's Avatar
    Mine is all muscle problems fly loosens up my back nicely.
  13. Celestial's Avatar
    How in the world does butterfly help your back? OMG, when my back hurts, I avoid the fly. I currently have some lumbar pain, and flip turns are killing me.
  14. Karl_S's Avatar
    for my warm down I did do some flip turns just to see how well I tollerated them. It went ok.
    'hope you have turned the corner
  15. cclarke's Avatar
    I would do both because it will get your body better prepared to race at Y-Nats. If you can race 500 yards (2x200+2x50) fly in one day then doing one 200 fly at Y-Nats will be a piece of when you are even more rested (if thats your plan). Don't worry about times at this meet just focus getting through all swims with best efforts then on a beastly swim at Y-Nats. my
  16. knelson's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rxleakem
    I say go for finals if the opportunity arises.
    I agree. How often do you get the opportunity to race a 200 fly twice in a day?
  17. rxleakem's Avatar
    I say go for finals if the opportunity arises. The longer meets in New England are timed finals but stretch over two or three days, but many do 4 events during the day. Swim fast!
  18. Donna's Avatar
    Zoomers are the really short fins. I had to wean myself off my long fins to really strengthen by pathetic kick.
  19. teacher's Avatar
    What are zoomers
  20. __steve__'s Avatar
    LCF sounds like a good idea
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