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    I would do both because it will get your body better prepared to race at Y-Nats. If you can race 500 yards (2x200+2x50) fly in one day then doing one 200 fly at Y-Nats will be a piece of when you are even more rested (if thats your plan). Don't worry about times at this meet just focus getting through all swims with best efforts then on a beastly swim at Y-Nats. my
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    Quote Originally Posted by rxleakem
    I say go for finals if the opportunity arises.
    I agree. How often do you get the opportunity to race a 200 fly twice in a day?
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    I say go for finals if the opportunity arises. The longer meets in New England are timed finals but stretch over two or three days, but many do 4 events during the day. Swim fast!
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    Zoomers are the really short fins. I had to wean myself off my long fins to really strengthen by pathetic kick.
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    What are zoomers
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    LCF sounds like a good idea
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    Grand strand masters always puts on a great meet!
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    Way to go!
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    Congrats regarding your meet performance.

    Though I admit I am biased, that meet was done perfectly. The results were available before you were even finished warming down for the event, and easy to find without reading glasses as they were filed individually and alphabetically. Just an overall well organized and prepped meet.
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    This seems like a recent phenomenon, doesn't it? Closing things because of the threat of bad weather?
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    We were out 2 days for a non event. That stinks. I kind of like the idea of Les Nessman's Eye witness weather from the old WKRP tv show. Just look outside and get your weather. Especially in Savannah which does not get this type of weather. But then again around here people can't drive in the rain.
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    Better safe than sorry.
    We closed our office today, too (Tallahassee), for "black ice" threat - it started finally raining around 8:15 this morning - I stupidly skipped my 5:30am swim for fear of driving on black ice, and now it looks like, even though I have the day off, I won't be able to swim at lunch because that is when it will actually start sleeting and hailing.
    Ah, Mother Nature, can't make up her mind, typical woman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knelson
    I remember doing an IM set like this within the last couple years except going up to 400 but we didn't have to go back down. It still sucked!
    I've done the 12 x 400s set back in college, where the first is 25 Fly, 375 Free. Add each length of the IM on each 400 and by the end, you'll be wishing you'd missed practice that day. I seem to recall the interval wasn't exactly "nice" either.
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    That set looks cool, visually. Might have to try it physically!
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    I remember doing an IM set like this within the last couple years except going up to 400 but we didn't have to go back down. It still sucked!
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    It's great to see that you had some success and also some ideas for future swim from this weekend's swims. I need to start on some upper arm strength before I think of swimming the 200 fly again (I haven't thought too much about it as of yet)
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    Congratulations. Sounds like you had a lot of fun swimming fast.
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    The only indoor y is in hinesville. The CCAC opens at 5:30 am which is when masters swims. Tuesday and Thursday there are several lanes available. Mon., wed., fri there is one lap lane and I dominate it with Julie who I la 3 times during a 500. You can swim in with masters any time
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