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Mixing it up this year

I really like my toys and will continue to use them. The mix will be both distance and sprints. My focus for this year is to maintain my 200 fly time.

  1. Less pain today, I almost feel normal

    by , November 28th, 2012 at 08:03 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    The lower back is not nearly as bad as yesterday. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I don't take medicines except if it is really bad and I have a high tollerance for pain.

    Just a loose workout today.

    500 free
    500 kick w/zoomers every 3rd 25 fast

    8x25@:45 shooters w/monofin these are lung killers on this interval but I made all but the last one on one breath
    8x25@:10RI fly scull w/snorkle and monofin
    300 fly kick on back w/monofin work those abs!
    300 relaxed fly w/monofin & snorkle lots of glide with scull setup

    500 free w/strapless paddles keep a steady kick
    300 free w/strapless paddles keep a steady kick
    200 EZ

    total 3000 yards