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Mixing it up this year

I really like my toys and will continue to use them. The mix will be both distance and sprints. My focus for this year is to maintain my 200 fly time.

  1. Legs, Legs, Legs

    by , January 15th, 2013 at 07:21 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    My back was severely locked up this morning, so much so that I was having a hard time even doing a flip turn let alone dolphin kicking off of it. Because of this I just pushed thru it with some nice easy kick sets anyway. With my shoulders being as bad as they have been it was a choice of which area I was going to train, I was there, ready to swim so no excuses.

    500 free every 4th lap drill
    500 free kick alt 100 easy/100 moderate

    8x25@:45 fly w/zoomers this was to loosen the back specifically
    200 fly skull drill w/zoomers & snorkle (this is the set my lower back finally loosened up on )
    200 free kick w/zoomers & snorkle
    200 fly kick w/zoomers on back
    200 breast kick
    200 free swim w/strapless paddles & snorkle maintain a 6 beat kick

    100 breast skull drill w/snorkle
    100 fast free kick w/snorkle
    300 free easy (on the last 100 of this I felt something pull on the right side of my neck, good thing I have the Compex stim for after workout)

    total 2700 yards
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