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Mixing it up this year

I really like my toys and will continue to use them. The mix will be both distance and sprints. My focus for this year is to maintain my 200 fly time.

  1. still in recovery mode but trying to push alittle harder

    by , January 7th, 2013 at 08:04 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Used the Compex stem this weekend and it has helped some but I need alot more use of it to resolve my issues.

    I also managed to get my equipment bleached and back to a good looking state, all that black crud was looking bad.

    500 free every 4th lap kick on back
    500 free kick w/zoomers every 3rd lap fast

    10x100@1:30 free w/paddles & bouy made them all but not as fast as I would have liked. Held 1:23's

    8x25@:40 breast pull w/zoomers did not feel as good as saturday
    200 breast kick left knee bothering me
    2x200 free w/snorkle maintain 6 beat kick
    200 EZ as 50 free/50 back

    Total 3000 yards
    Swim Workouts