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My non-workout blog and random thoughts

I swim in the Land Of Enchantment (New Mexico) at New Mexico State University. I train alone and love it (no motivation issues for me - but maybe I'm just plain weird - who else gets up at 4:45am and swims in the cold darkness - by themselves)? I make up my own thrilling workouts and change them whenever I wish. On my wish list? A really good technique coach.

I am the NM LMSC webmaster (created the NMMS website in 1997), sanction officer and stroke/turn official. I swim backstroke and IM events and like to participate at USMS Nats and Senior Olympics.

Swimming is one of the best things in my life. I'm made so many good friends through swimming (college, overseas and masters).

See you in the water!

  1. Travel woes

    by , October 13th, 2008 at 03:49 PM (My non-workout blog and random thoughts)
    I travelled to Aberdeen, Maryland this last week and could not find a pool that was within reasonable distance and cost.

    I tried - probably the best pool guide in the world, but there were no pools that I could access given my work schedule, driving distance and available hours. Bummer. I stayed at a Hampton Inn and while they had a bathtub pool, it was full of kids - which is cool. I support swimming of all kinds.

    I was able to go to a pretty nice YMCA associated with the hotel. Totally new Cybex machines and I got some good workouts in after work.

    Unfortunately, on the outbound plane trip, I sat in front of a rather large person who coughed almost the entire flight leg (3 hours) and did not cover her mouth. Airplane "air" is recirculated and I got sick (but not until the day of my plane ride home). I still feel ickish, but swimming easy has really helped.

    BTW, Americans are getting much bigger. I sat next to four people on my flights and 1) all of them were much bigger than I and 2) several could barely make into their seats and 3) one person had to lift the arm rest up so that he could fit into the seat. Fortunately, they were all very polite and while it was tight, it was not miserable (except for the person who would not cover their mouth while coughting).
  2. Swimming In New Mexico

    by , September 30th, 2008 at 09:37 PM (My non-workout blog and random thoughts)
    Yeah! Thanks to Jim M. We are on the aquatic blogsphere!

    We do have some water in New Mexico - apart from the Rio Grande - which is a really cool river.

    I swim at New Mexico State University and we have a terrific aquatic facility. We have a ten lane no wave 50 meter outdoor pool with a stadium scoreboard and an indoor 25 yard pool with the same stadium scoreboard. Danois Montoya is the facility manager and a seven time Hawaii Ironman finisher. He supports all aquatic sports and without him, we could not have our dreams come true.

    As far as masters swimmers go, Frank Williams (pool all star), Jordan and Marion Wolle (World Record Holders and National Champs), Dave and Marion Salopek and I are patrons of the pool. We have a lot (20+) of masters swimmers that swim at our pool (ok - it's NM).

    And I should mention the local aquatic teams: Las Cruces Aquatic Team, Mesilla Valley Aquatic Team, Las Cruces High School and of course, my alma mater, New Mexico State - coached by Rich Pratt.

    I plan (given my career demands) to post my impressions and perspectives of New Mexico Masters Swimming. Thanks for reading the first blog post.
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