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After a long rest

I am a former swimmer, trying to get back into competitive swimming. I have been out of the pool 20 years and put on some extra pounds. This blog primarily documents my journey back to competitive swimming. And I should say having fun along the way!!!

  1. Budapest Week2 - Thursday

    by , May 11th, 2017 at 06:43 PM (After a long rest)
    My crazy travel day yesterday ended around midnight and this morning started early since my daughter had morning workout this morning. Despite being really tired I hauled myself out of bed this morning, so I could both workout but more importantly spend time between the house and the pool and the pool and the house with my daughter(these times are often so insightful and I have a really cool kiddo).

    My workout was pretty pathetic today but I worked out. I was down on the weight on several exercises.

    10 minutes on stationary bike on highest setting trying to get my heart rate above 130.
    3 x(20x15 lbs doing forearm pronation and supination strengthening, 10 right arm and 10 left arm shoulder rotations using 12.5lbs , 10 right arm and 10 left arm elbow flexion and extension using 27.5lbs)
    3x(10xlat pull down to chest using 140lbs, 10xtricep rope pulldowns using 42.5 lbs, 10xstanding straight arm pull down using 80lbs)
    3x(10 triceps extension using 60lbs, 10 right arm and 10 left arm dumbbell rows using 50lbs, 10 left arm and 10 right arm lying dumbell triceps extensions using 25lbs)
    20minutes of stretching

    After spending so much time on the plane recently my back has been pretty tight so I spent extra time today stretching and this helped enormously.

    I am in East Texas this weekend fishing with my son and I am really looking forward to it!

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