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  1. Saturday May 15, 2010

    300 free
    200 IM Drill
    300 various drills
    4x 50 kick/build
    50 @ 200 goal pace
    2 x 25 @ 100 goal pace with an ez 25 after

    4 x 12.5 fast breakout 37.5 ez

    150 c/d

    Total: 1500 yards

    Need to work on the timing of my breakout still. I think I need maybe two extra flutter kicks before trying to start swimming. Sometimes it's pretty on, sometimes it's a tad early.

    Other than that my swims are starting to feel good. I plan on another massage this week, and a swim Monday and Wednesday. Probably take Tuesday off. IF I decide to swim on Tuesday I'll do an 800 ez or less.

    Ready to test my training and taper ...
  2. Tuesday and Wednesday May 11th and 12th

    Tuesday - a much needed and much enjoyed massage. Told her to just loosen me up. Felt great - muscles are still totally fatigued and sore.

    scy solo (again ... )

    1000 warm-up:
    300 swim
    200 IM drill
    200 fly drill
    50 free drill
    4 x 50 kick/swim
    2 x 25 12.5 fast/12.5 ez

    1x100 broken at the 50 for :15 and 75 for :10 I totally messed this up. I did free and went nuts on my kick the first 50 and tried to hold it. I only gave myself :10 at the 50 but was late so I did another :10 at the 25 but was off both times because I was forgetting what I was supposed to do.

    Did 4 x 100 on the 1:40 as my c/d

    Did some ez swims in there, too and ended up with 1600.

    EEK! It's almost go time. Still feeling sluggish and sore. Feeling both tired and energized. I'm definitely NOT sleeping enough ... I need to get some more sleep.

    Next week I'm going to pay better attention to hydrating, too.
  3. Monday May 10, 2010

    Talked a lot with my VERY trusted taper coach ... he said to only swim twice this week, I talked him into a third time - which is supposed to be a sprint free warm-up swim only -

    Warm-up (also discussed he also relented and let me do my typical 1,000)

    300 swim
    200 IM drill
    300 drill (200 fly, 100 free)
    4 x 50 kick/swim

    2 x 25 build

    1 x 100 free broken at the 50 for :10 and 75 for :10
    1:02 from a push with a late start

    1 x 50 fly broken at 25 for :15

    1 x 25 free fast no breath - :13.6

    5 x 100 free on 1:40 swim them slower than 1:25

    Did some ez swims inbetween the sprints and got 1,800 in - it's almost go time. I'm definitely feeling that fatigued muscle feeling so according to my calculations I am right on track.

    We also talked a LOT about my 100 free and how to take it out more aggressively. I ALWAYS try to do that but I haven't done that well since 08. I'm thinking of changing my strategy a wee bit. I think I need to focus on killing my legs the first 50 and forget about the 2nd 50 (until I get there).

    Coach promises my training will carry my legs through the last 25 (I think the training and my beloved B70 will) - fingers crossed!
  4. Weekend (May 7, 8 and 9, 2010)

    Friday Night:
    Swam SCY solo

    300 free
    200 IM drill
    300 drill free and fly
    4 x 50 kick/build (fl, bk, fr, fr)
    4 x 50 (25 fast, 25 ez)

    6 x (50 FAP, 50 ez on 4:00)
    fl, fr, fr, fl, bk, fr
    (fr and back with fins fly without)

    6 x 25 from the middle
    (fl, fl/bk, bk, bk/br, br/fr, fr)

    150 c/d

    Still not finding my real sprint speed with the arms - the legs and stroke feel good, arms included. It just feels sluggish. My kick feels really strong - no clue at all if I'll swim well or not next week!

    Spent an hour or so planting flowers for my mom. Started pouring rain right as I put the last one in.

    Ran around the backyards with my cousins' dogs and threw the ball - not for too long.

    Neither Saturday or Sunday's activities were taper friendly but I'm not worried. Back to the pool tonight for a COACHED workout, YEAH!! (Been two weeks since I had one of those)
  5. May 5, 2010

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    Swam solo (again)

    Meet warm-up
    300 ish free (basically swim till it feels good and the jitters are reduced not more than a 500)
    200 IM drill
    300 more drill (mostly fly, some free)
    4 x 50 kick (one bk, one fl, two free)
    4 x 25 fast/25 ez (simulating starts)
    100 ez

    2 x200 free on 3:10 - bumping up the intervals a bit to get more rest. I was going to do 3 but my team jumped in and I was running out of lane space. PLUS I swam a lot faster than I wanted to (nice problem to have)
    100 moderate
    100 ez

    100 fast broken at the 50 for :10
    Not even talking about the crappiness that this was blech. Still don't have the sprint speed -

    100 ez - then started chatting and after 10 minutes decided I was better off getting out instead of trying to get warm again before sprinting more.

    Going back tomorrow ...

    Stressed about the whole Walnut Creek situation. Kerry O'Brien () is just about the best masters coach out there - INCREDIBLE guy and coach. This program and his job MUST be saved.

    I'm trying to go gluten free as I've been experiencing a lot of issues lately. Many similar to Fort's. Since bread is my favorite food, followed by spaghetti, garlic bread and chocolate chip cookies I do NOT look forward to this. HOWEVER, I'd like a normal life so ... giving it a whirl for the next few weeks to see if I see improvements. Going to detox at some point, too. Oh, won't that be fun.
  6. Tuesday May 4, 2010

    Okay got back in the water ... never thought I would say this but thank goodness for indoor pools.

    Typical 1000 w/u
    300ish free
    200 IM drill
    300 drill of free and fly
    4 x 50 kick/build by 25

    6 x 100 on 1:35 mod free - nice and relaxed. My free and turns felt really good on these.

    1 x 100 broken at the 50 for :10 did free
    blech - never got going fast

    2 x 50 broken at the 25 for :05 - did #1 fly and #2 back blech never got going fast

    4 x 25 from the middle fast working on IM transitions and turns - again blech never got going fast.

    I am hoping/praying/pleeding to the swim Gods that my turn comes back to me in the next 2 weeks ... otherwise ...
  7. Seriously?!?!


    So I swam Friday night solo because I knew I wouldn't get in Saturday and knew it was possible that I wouldn't get in on Sunday. I wanted to get up early and go on Sunday but I felt sick as heck Saturday night and decided I needed the sleep - rest of the day was packed so there was no chance of the pool happening.

    Took a half day yesterday to get stuff done, rest and try to tinker with food to figure out just why my poor stomach hates me ... no luck, got sicker as the day went on and spent the workout time in bed. (fortunately with clean sheets and about 10 loads of laundry done in a now clean room)

    Nonetheless - allergies are flairing up like crazy, stomach is killing me (mostly just painful) ... not what I need to be in 2.5 weeks out.

    Oh well, today is a new day ... swimming solo after work (in theory) .... Just needed to
  8. Friday April 30, 2010

    Goodbye April!

    1000 w/u (see below)

    5 x 100 on 1:35 - moderate added to the interval to get more rest (normally would go 1:25)

    4x(3x50 on :55) 1:00 rest between rounds
    felt awful
    did round 3 back

    200 ez

    4 x 25 from the middle to work IM transitions

    200 ez

    blech - stroke felt bad. Taking today off. Back at it tomorrow - ignoring the cold I'm coming down with.
  9. Riding the rest from state????

    I left work late yesterday and got stuck in awful traffic. I got in a solid half hour after I wanted to ... oh well.

    Did my usual 1000 warm-up:
    300 free swim (this varies from 300-500 depending on how I feel)
    200 IM drill
    200 fly drill
    5 x 50 kick/build
    2 x 25 fly

    6 x 100 fr on 2:00 BPA (best possible average)
    Wanted to hit 1:12's consistently. Went out at a comfortable pace on #1 - looked at the clock took me a couple of seconds to realize I went about a 1:07/1:08 - - that meant the rest were probably going to hurt like a I think my practice time PR (from a push) is about a 1:06. I'm totally thinking this is riding the rest from state and that I'll be slower in the next two weeks.

    What I take away from this being good is that my stroke feels pretty good right now. It makes me feel like I am doing things right after all and that in 3 weeks I'll be ready to roll ...

    #2 1:08/1:09
    #3 1:12
    #4 1:12
    #5 1:13
    #6 1:14

    200 ez recovery

    Then teammates started showing up and I started chatting so I only did 2 x 25 fast on 1:00 - hit around 13s on both but was not feeling fast. Did another 150 worth of drills and ez and got out.

    That was my fifth day in a row in the water and 6th out of 7. Taking today off (mostly because I have to due to job stuff).

    Tomorrow I plan on another solo swim doing my usual warm-up, doing 8 x 100 on 2:00 then 400 ez and drill then some fast 100s and 50s. We shall see.

    Every muscle in my body still hurts from training on Tuesday. Feels good to be sore. I'm going to miss that over the next 3 weeks.

    I leave 3 weeks from today for Nats!!!
  10. Back to the grind ...

    Had my last pre-nats appointment with my trainer last night. Thought about telling him I wanted to scale it down but decided to go full throtle one last time. Totally kicked my butt ...

    20 minutes into the 60 minute session I actually thought I was going to melt into a puddle of sweat and keel over.

    We did the following:
    Couple minute warm-up included:
    Jumping jacks
    Oblique kicks (I thought I was coordinated sadly I am not)
    Side twist mini jumps

    3 Rounds of 5x5x5 squats with 4lb med ball (five regular, five fast, five jump to small box

    I truly cannot remember the order of everything else but we did 3 rounds of the following...
    Side twists with cords
    Lunge and twist with cords
    Ab wheel
    Slide board tucks with cords on ankles
    Scooter walks with wrist weights on belly
    Lunge and press walks
    Fly recover on bosu with weights
    More Oblique kicks
    Single leg balance moves with weights
    Slide board squat and pull together

    Probably a couple more things I am forgetting

    Was way too fried to swim fast so I did drills and recovery.

    Tonight it's back to fast swimming ...
  11. State and Monday's Recovery

    The IL state meet was this past weekend. Overall I am happy with my non-tapered swims. I think the races were good, the details need work. It's a good place to be in just over three weeks out.

    50 Free - AWFUL start, breakout and turn - again it's the details. Turn needs to increase.

    100 Free - One off turn, better turns than the 50, Turn over needs to increase, legs were great.

    200 Free - blah who really cares. The next to me totally sandbagged. I thought I was swimming way crappier than I was. It was right about my best time. I haven't swum this race tapered SCY in years.

    50 fly - AWFUL turn and finish. Needed an extra stroke on both. I need to channel Phelps not Cavic and drill that wall.

    100 IM - first race. First race always sucks. Arms were hurting. Not really a race I focus on or care about.

    50 Back - not bad ... need to work on my finish.

    50 breast - had fun not worried about times.

    Was supposed to have a private pilates reformer session ... she forgot the door over at the gym is a spa. They had a last minute cancelation so I got a massage instead. It was not a great massage but it helped.

    Got in the water and did 1,000 yards or so easy. Did a bunch of fly drills, some turns and finishes.

    Tonight I have my last training appt. before nats and a solo swim session. Going to go right back into killer mode ... hope my body is in one piece after.
  12. Thursday April 22, 2010

    300 free
    200 IM drill
    4 x 50 kick/build
    200 fly drills
    100 ez

    2 x 25 fast hand timed with an ez 75 after. Went fly on #1 and free on #2. Don't want to state my times, but I'm feeling MUCH better about this weekend. Perhaps there is speed and turnover in my body yet. We shall see.

    Tomorrow I swim:
    100 IM
    50 Free
    50 Back
    200 Free

    Sunday I swim:
    50 breast
    50 fly
    100 free

    Have an idea of what I want to go in all but the 50 breast. I am not a breaststroker so I really don't care.
  13. Tuesday April 20, 2010

    Swam solo before coaching ... turns have felt like crap so that was my main focus.

    1000 w/u:
    300 free
    200 IM drill
    4 x 50 kick/build
    100 fly drill
    100 back drill
    100 ez

    6 x (12.5 fast, 25 fast, 12.5 fast)
    This set allows me to work breakouts, turns and finishes well rested for each. I love this set. I do it LCM, too, doubling the distances.

    I went free, fly, back, fly, fly, free.

    Then I did 4 x 25 from the middle of the pool. Turns FINALLY started feeling better. In working on my turns during all the longer stuff done earlier this season I began staying on my side longer and was having trouble getting to my stomach to start fast swimming.

    I finally got it down - hope it sticks.

    C/D ?

    State meet this weekend. Swimming all four 50s, 100 free and IM and 200 free. No relays since I'm swimming unattached.

    Massage today - THANK THE HEAVENS!!! So stoked. Need to get a couple more in before nats.

    Ready to thrown on the B70 and see what happens.

    Planning on swimming Thursday and taking Friday off. Cross your fingers I don't suck this weekend!!!
  14. Monday April 19, 2010

    Ah a week of taper ... just what I need.

    I did NO dryland ... EEK!

    400 free
    4 x 50 Indy IM on 1:15
    2 x 50 kick on 1:20
    4 x 100 free ez on 1:40

    1 x 100 free broken @ 50 for :15 and 75 for :10
    1 x 50 fly broken @ 25 for :15


    I did the taper workout my teammates are doing for state. My legs are still totally fried. Even just on those 2 x 50 kick they were hurtin'. I'm anxious to see how I swim this weekend. My left arm pull is way off on free. I have a major knot going on in my left shoulder blade - MASSAGE TOMORROW!!!

    I have very little expectations for speed right now, but I'm hopeful. My turnover just isn't there. Hopefully I find it in the next couple of weeks.
  15. Sunday April 18, 2010

    Did one of Fort's speed workouts today. I think she poached it from Rich A.

    1000 W/U:
    300 FR swim
    200 IM drill
    4 x 50 kick/drill
    150 fly drill
    2 x 25 fly 1 build 1 fast
    50 back drill
    50 ez

    Main Set:
    4 x 100 (50 on 1:00, 25 on :30, 25)
    I did the last 25 swim on the odds and kick on the evens.

    Went fr, bk, fl, fr - not real sure on times since the pace clock I was using was at the far end of where I started which made the 50 split and 2nd 25 splits hard to get.

    300 c/d

    Liked the main set. Felt better than I thought I would on the fly. I think my fly splits were close to :31, :15, :15.

    Even with just two days off of the legs they are feeling a tad better. They are definitely still shot but it's a bit better.

    I'm ready for taper but I'm also getting exciting to run outside more. This always seems to happen to me. Taper kicks in and all I want to do is run. Oh well. I'm stoked for state next weekend and anxious to see how I swim.
  16. Thursday April 15, 2010

    None of my classmates showed up to pilates so I got an hour one on one. It was great. As the instructor keeps telling me - I am far above where everyone else is.

    We did some fun new stuff including using the jump board. Ah, more jumping ... poor little legs!

    I got into the pool very late since we ran a bit over and were trying to figure out when we could get my next two sessions in.

    400 w/u

    2 x 100 broken at 50 for :10 and at 75 for :05

    ez 100 between each

    50 fast

    6 x 50 kick on 1:00
    50 ez
    6 x 100 (alt free/stroke on 1:30) - did 50s ez of stroke on the stroke ones

    Not much of a swim workout but I got some intensity in. I am definitely sore, tired and achy from all my dryland.
  17. Wednesday's Training Session

    I can almost always remember swim workouts even a day or two later. Training sessions I blank out on though.

    What I do remember:

    Stretch and run warm-up

    3 x
    Single leg side box jumps
    Weighted squats
    Sit-up position twist and throw with med ball
    Straight arm pull-ups with cables
    squat jumps onto weight bench
    Box jumps

    3 x
    Squat jumps with bar
    Leg kick out extenstions with cables
    Straight arm extensions with 5lb plates
    Single arm bent over extension with 5lb plate
    Feet on bench hands on ball in plank position alt. feet raise

    That's all I remember ... it was an hour and I remember my legs being totally fried. Still sore today and loving it! Next week no dryland to rest my legs a bit for state.
  18. Crisis averted ... I hope

    Last night I got in to the pool to swim a bit before I had to coach. I wasn't feeling it so I decided to take it easy then decide based off of my warm-up it I'd just do aerobic work or maybe do some sprint work.

    I felt good for most of warm-up. Then my free started to really fall off. My left tricep was pissing me off and since I didn't want to hurt myself I switched to back and then did some breast. I jacked up my left medial hamstring. It was so bad last night it hurt to drive, sit, walk, etc. It's much better today. Hopefully it will hold up for training tonight.

    I have my trainer tonight then I'm going to skip the swim since last night sucked and I'll be in there tomorrow after pilates.
  19. Monday night ... ouch!

    I did another round of intense dryland. Just over an hour. Warmed-up with a short run. Did a few rounds of different jumps, bosu work, core, bands, more jumps and core and finished with stretching. Felt pretty beat up as I headed to the pool.

    300 free

    Warm-up set:
    4 x 50 IM stroke
    4 x 50 kick
    4 x 100 free
    4 x 25 build

    1st Sprint Set:
    200 free broken at each 50 for :10 (went a 2:19 - most definitely positive split the crap out of it)

    50 fly broken at the 25 for :10 (was about :30)

    100 ez recovery
    (this is where all those swimming state got to get out and I kept going)

    6 x 75 on 1:30 hold under :55
    (harder than I thought due to feeling like utter dookie)

    At this point I figured the hard stuff was done ... sadly I was wrong. As you may or may not have noticed I have not been swimming much fly. As a result I am bailing on that darn 100 fly and just swimming the 50 at both state and nationals.

    Next set:
    4 x 50 fly on 1:15
    fast - hold under :37

    Normally, I would be under :37 at least on the first two without a problem. I cruised the first one thinking how I had 3 more and went a :38. Did a :38 on #2 and :39 on number 3. The wheels REALLY came off the last 12 yards of #3 there was major muscle failure, cramping and death. Not sure what my time was on #4 but it was not pretty.

    200 c/d

    I am hoping/thinking/praying that once I lay off the dryland I'll actually be able to sprint. My legs have been completely dead. Breaststroke kick is painful due to sore muscles, pushing off the walls is awful, I die on kick sets, etc.

    I am going to follow a similar path for tappering/resting as Fort since we have the same meet schedule. I am going to cut out dryland (except pilates - paid for 5 weeks so I'm getting all 5 weeks out of it!) next week and just swim and concentrate on speed work.

    The week after I'll have my last week of dryland before cutting it out for nationals.

    State events:
    50/100/200 free
    50 back
    50 breast
    100 IM
    50 fly

    Nationals events:
    50/100/200 free
    50 fly
    50 back
    100 IM (6th event)

    Tonight's agenda is to swim on my own and get some more easy stroke work and some kick in. Maybe some fast breakouts.
  20. Sunday's recovery workout

    Killed myself on Thursday with a tough training appointment and then an hour on the reformer. Decided to take Friday off and did not have time to workout on Saturday. Still did a recovery workout yesterday as the next few days promise to kick my butt...

    1000 warm-up (2 x 200 free, 200 pull, 4 x 50 kick, 4 x 25 build, 100 ez)

    4 x 100 fr @ 1:30
    4 x 75 1&2 back with paddles 3&4 breast kick
    4 x 50 (1-3 fly drill on 1:00, #4 fl swim)
    4 x 25 fast IM order 1:00

    C/D was 4 x (4 x 25) ALL EZ round 1 - bk; round 2 - breast; round 3 - fly; round 4 (straight 100 free)
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