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  1. Tuesday April 6, 2010 - kick

    I feel like my kick has been terrible lately. The good news is my pull (especially on free) feels really strong. My kick used to be a strength for me and I feel like it's fallen off quite a bit. So I am implementing two mostly kick workouts a week for myself over the next 3.5 weeks to get my legs ready for nats.

    200 swim
    200 pull

    2 x 500 kick with long fins
    1st one was dolphin (did stomach, back, left side, right side, back by 100)
    2nd one was free with a board

    100 pull

    4 x 50 kick with zoomers on my back with my new nose clip. I'm loving my nose clip. Much easier to work the wall off of the turn now.

    100 pull

    4 x 50 fly drill

    8 x 25 fly swim (1-4 ez working on "perfect" stroke; 5-8 alt fast ez)

    200 swim down
  2. I'm back ... again ...

    Okay I've been terrible about blogging (again). Fortunately I've been training just not writing about it. I'm playing with my schedule trying to figure out what makes sense for me for the next month before I start my nationals taper.

    Last night:

    I did an hour or so of dryland. Lots of legs ... plyos, squats, jumps, etc.

    I finished up with some core work and bands. I was pretty fried by the time I got into the pool. Over the last several months I've been swimming in the morning then doing dryland at night so I have not had the back to back.


    400 swim
    100 kick (did it backstroke with my new nose clip - very strange but I like it!)

    5 x 100 (kick, fist, catch-up, swim by 25) on 2:00

    6 x 25 build on :30

    Main set 1 (also known as death by sprinting)

    100 on 4:00
    2 x 50 on 1:45 (went fly then free)
    4 x 25 on :45

    It was all, all out sprint. I killed myself on the 100 and the 50 fly which made the 2nd 50 free quite painful and rotten. The 4 x25 I actually held under 15s but I think that was sheer luck as I am sure I was nearly dead by the start of those.

    200 ez recovery

    5 x (50 kick on 1:10, 100 IM on 1:40, 150 free on 2:15)

    I modified it to do a 150 kick/150 swim (I did the first 50 kick free with a board and the second 100 IM kick). I did the 150s on 2:20 to allow a bit of recovery after the kick - my body was quite done by the end and my calfs were tightening with each push off the wall.

    My coach convinced me to try to sprint kick shooters at the end ... got half way down the pool doing fly kick and my right calf cramped hard. Oh well ...

    Tonight I'm going to do some nice easy endurance kick. 500s with long fins, 100s and 200s with zoomers. MAYBE some sprint kick.
  3. Recap of Monday and Tuesday (Feb 15 and 16)

    Ugh! I've been sick, again. This time it's a chest thing. I think it might be bronchitis. I definitely had laryngitis last week - no voice from Monday - Friday. It makes teaching tricky.

    I worked with my trainer focusing more on strength training than plyos on Thursday.

    Yesterday I got back to plyos, lots of jumping and leg work, hit some upper body mostly with bands, too. Then swam an ez 1500.

    Got up this morning because I had to get the key so I can coach tomorrow morning. Swam warm-up and a few 50s.

    Warm-up was:

    300 free
    3 x 100 kick
    4 x 50 drill/swim IM order
    4 x 50 build on :50
    3 x 4 x 25 (1-4 15 fast, 5-8 20 fast, 9-12 25 fast)
    100 ez

    4 x 50 ez

    Tonight I'm going to do a bit of cardio before I coach. Tomorrow is going to end up being a day off since I'm coacing in the morning. Thursday I have to swim to return the key and I have training at night.

    The Olympics are kicking my arse. I'm staying up to watch until 11 and then getting up by 4:30 to swim ... not a good plan. The black circles under my eyes are already back and it's only week one of this ... downed my venti latte darn quick this morning, too. GR! Glad it's only once every 4 years ...
  4. Monday Feb 8, 2010

    I woke-up on time. Laid in bed past when I should have and took my sweet time getting my suit on and diving in.

    W/U was supposed to be:
    200 FR swim
    400 IM (kick/swim by 25)
    300 IM drill
    100 swim choice

    I did the first 300 of that

    3 x 300 free on 4:30
    3 x 50 free desc. on 1:00
    3 x 200 free on 3:10
    2 x 50 free 2nd one faster on 1:00
    3 x 100 IM (I did back) on 1:45 (I did 2:00)
    50 fast off of the blocks

    100 c/d


    Felt pretty good. I feel strong in the water and like I am holding water. Now to get my fly feeling anywhere near as good as my free ...

    Providing the snow isn't awful tonight and I can bring my car to the dealer a bit later I'm going to lift tonight. I think my dryland has helped my swimming a ton!
  5. Sunday February 7, 2010

    Solo SCY

    200 free
    200 pull
    200 kick
    4 x 50 drill/swim IM order
    200 swim

    2 x 600 kick with long fins (fly, free back by 200) Round 1 with snorkel
    8 x 25 kick with shoes fast

    100 EZ

    8 x 25 fast
    Round 1 IM Order
    Round 2 Fl/fl/fr/fr

    300 c/d
  6. Wednesday Feb 3, 2010 - very late

    I did not want to get out of bed this morning. I finally convinced myself at 5. I have to leave by ten to 5 to have a chance at getting there on time. Needless to say I dove in about 20 minutes late.

    Warm-up was (didn't do any)

    2 x ( 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull)
    Round 1 free, Round 2 choice

    2 X (4 x 150) Descend
    Round 1 - free on 2:15
    Round 2 - BK/BR/FR on 2:30

    12 x 75 pull on 1:10
    (I did 8 x 75 kick on 1:20 with zoomers)

    200 c/d

    2000 yards in less than 40 minutes. Kinda proud of that. Hoping to swim and be on time tomorrow.
  7. Monday Feb 1, 2010

    I was late. I actually left my house on time but forgot that my gas gauage was on E. It had been on E and I didn't want to risk the 30+mile drive with almost no gas.


    400 Free
    200 Kick
    200 Pull
    4 x 50 drill/build choice 1:00

    (I got all but the 50s in)


    5 x (3 x 50 k on 1:00, 200 free on 3:00, 4 x 25 on :30)

    I joined in on the 25s at the end of the first round and completed 3 rounds. There wasn't enough time for anyone to get five in. I did a 50 ez at the end so I ended up with about 2400 yards.

    I have been having my butt handed to me by my trainer. Lots of plyo. We've been jumping and working the core, the lats, etc. Best dryland I've had. Starting to feel like I'm actually going to be in good shape and have something to taper off of for nats!

    Monday Night:

    Hour of weights, plyos and core work. Stretched a bit after. Pushed hard and felt good. This is the best I've been about dryland ever. Hoping to see the results in the pool!

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  8. Tuesday 1/19 pm and Wednesday 1/20 am

    Tuesday night I spent about an hour in the gym lifting. Lots of core, legs and shoulders/arms.

    I dragged myself to the pool this am and maybe shouldn't have. I didn't swim much of the workout. I felt like dog pooh.

    Workout was (see PoolRat's blog)

    500 free (did that)
    400 IM drill (skipped)
    300 kick (did that)
    6 x 50 build (did about 4 and was told to jump into the set)

    Main set was
    300 free on 4:00 (or whatever)
    3 x 100 IM on 1:40
    300 pull on 4:00 (or whatever it was)
    6 x 50 fast NON-free on 1:00
    1 min rest
    300 free fast

    I did the 300 pull, missed 2 of the 50s and did the 300 free fast

    8 x 25 ez on :30

    Sad to tally up the yardage and not even hit 2K ... sigh ... oh well I guess it was a recovery day. We all need those too. I'm debating on going tomorrow or sleeping in. I have my trainer tomorrow night.
  9. Monday January 18th and Tuesday January 19th (and meet)

    Saturday - Barrington Meet
    I swam the 50 fly/back/free and 100/200 free
    I continue to swim the 200 from time to time despite my utter inability to swim it well. Oh sure, I've had a race now and then that aren't piss poor but for the most part they all suck. I never got into a groove on my 200 and it never felt good ... this is why I sprint ... oh well.

    50 free was good. Got a good turn over FINALLY and actually felt like I was moving. It's a good inseason time for me. I tend to drop time like crazy during taper.

    50 back was a PR. Not sure where it came from but seeing as I swim it about once a year it's not surprising. It was the first time I felt good on my turn AND finish. Not bad. Definitely swimming this at nats. (until I have a few bad races and curse it again at least)

    50 fly was good. I want to be under :30 in season and I was just about a tenth off. Should happen later in the season when I actually begin to train fly again.

    100 free was hard, too. I had about 5 minutes after the 50 back so I never got the speed I wanted. Not a bad time but not stellar.

    Another meet on Sunday. Swimming 50 free/fly/back and 100 free. Hoping for a better 100 free since it's the first event I swim.


    4 x 25 ez free on :30
    4 x 50 drill IM order
    4 x 75 Kick on 1:30
    4 x 100 pull on 1:30
    4 x 150 (kick/drill/swim by 50) IM order r:20
    4 x 200 free on 3:00
    4 x 150 (kick/drill/swim by 50) IM order r:20
    4 x 100 pull on 1:30
    4 x 75 kick on 1:30
    4 x 50 drill IM order 1:00
    4 x 25 fast IM order :45
    100 ez

    4,100 yards


    300 swim
    6 x 75 kick
    2 x 150 pull
    8 x 50 1-4 free 5-8 choice desc. (didn't do the last 4)

    4 x 150 pull on 2:20
    2 x 50 ez
    4 x 100 pull on 1:30
    2 x 50 ez
    4 x 50 pull on :45
    50 ez

    2,700 yards

    As for the tech suit ruling .. not sure where the smiley face is that cries a river and floats away but that's what I need. I'm having a memorial service for my B70. It's going to be an Irish wake where we try just to recall the good times. The burial will take place prior to said wake. Details to follow.

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  10. Wednesday 1/13/10 and Tuesday 1/12/10 night

    I got on the treadmill last night with every intention of taking it easy. I'll just walk and do inclines I told myself. I'm just going to get nice and loosey-goosey. Well that lasted 5 minutes. Oh, I can just run at a nice easy 10 min/mile pace I thought. That also lasted a few minutes. Before long I was alternating between a 7:30 mile pace an 8:30 mile pace ... I started to do a nice long cool down and realized I was supposed to be coaching already!?!

    This morning in the pre dawn hours my alarm went off ... I felt and desperately wanted to However, I finally convinced myself to get up to take it easy at practice which I more or less did.

    I was VERY late
    800 mix-up strokes
    8 x 50 kick/build IM order (didn't do these)

    4 x (4 x 50 4 x 25) IM
    Round 1 50s on :50/ 25s on :20
    Round 2 50s on :55/25s on :25
    Round 3 50s on 1:00/25s on :30
    Round 4 50s on 1:05/25s on :35

    I joined in on round 3 after trying to warm-up and actually missed the first 50 of fly ...

    I tried not to push these too hard.

    6 x 75 on 1:10 most everyone used a pull bouy and paddles. I'm sure that was the direction. I just swam them super easy. There was also a breathing pattern which went right out of my head on the first one. It was 7/5/3 by 25 oh well.

    Tonight I am sitting on my couch eating, watching tv and going to bed by 9.

    Tomorrow am: swimming
    Tomorrow pm: trainer appointment and pilates provided my muscles have not up and quit out of rebellion.

    All aside ... I have not felt this sore in a LONG, LONG time. It feels very good to know I am starting off the season right. Hopefully I'll stay motivated and healthy and actually feel in shape and ready come Atlanta. Fingers crossed!!!
  11. Catching up ...

    I've been a bad little blogger lately! Fortunately though I've actually started real training again ... I think!

    1/5/10 was only about 1,000 yards since I left my phone at work and had to go back which cost me a solid 45 minutes I could have used in the pool. Oh well.

    1/6 I swam about 1,800 and ran about 3 miles

    1/10 had a meet did okay considering the utter lack of training. Definitely sore for actually sprinting.

    1/11 Did 2,700 couldn't remember the workout for all the tea in China. Was VERY sore. Lifted that night. Good idea in the long term bad idea for the next morning.

    1/12 (this morning)

    400 swim
    6 x 75 kick (4-6 build)
    2 x 200 pull
    8 x 50 1-4 descend free 5-8 descend stroke


    3 x (2 x 125 pn 1:50, 4 x 50 perfect stroke on :50, 6 x 25 2 & 5 fast on :30)

    First of all I'm an idiot because I thought the 25s were either 6 on :30 OR 2 fast. Couldn't read the board right so I did 2 fast OBVIOUSLY.

    Round 1 was free
    Round 2 was IM
    Round 3 was stroke (which I didn't get to)

    I am sore, tired and dragging. I caved in and got Starbucks this morning, the first time in weeks!

    I also scheduled an appointment with a personal trainer on Thursday. He's worked with some of my teammates and they do very athletic based stuff. I told him I'm a drop dead sprinter and need to work on explosive type stuff. I clued him in on my nagging little injuries and I'm actually really pumped. He actually commented that he's seen me workout and it seems I know what I'm doing.

    I've sworn that I'd never use a trainer BUT I want to do the dynamic, explosive stuff and while I can think of things I want someone to run me through the paces. I can lift, run, swim, etc on my own. This type of training I want/need more guidance. Now I also am guaranteed one day of hard dryland a week. YEAH!

    Tonight I'm going to do a bit of cardio. Due to my inability to move with out pain my intense run has been down graded ... not sure to what yet, but I'm not killing myself.

    Rest of the week:
    Swimming Wednesday and Thursday am. If I do I think it'll be my first time actually making all 4 days during the week.

    Thursday night: trainer and pilates

    Friday: NOTHING!!!!

    Saturday: Meet (thinking 50/100/200 free 50 fly and 50 back - have to register tomorrow)

    Sunday: Maybe a run

    Looking forward to tomorrow's evening off and sleeping in Sunday!!!

    Currently debating my scy nationals events. I KNOW I am swimming 50/100/200 free, 50 Fly and 100 IM. I don't generally like the 100 IM but I want a race before the 50 free on the last day. The debate is between 50 back and 100 fly. If I can work my underwaters enough I think the 50 back will be a decent event for me. The 100 fly depends largely on my back health AND whether or not I feel like I can do it without being utterly mental.

    Okay that was a ton of catching up ... off to finish up some work so I can actually make it to the gym and beat myself up some more ...
  12. Last workout of 2009 in Palo Alto, Ca

    Got to swim lcm at Stanford at noon. Much better than swimming at 5:30am scy inside when it's a balmy 5 degrees outside ... I digress ...

    300 m w/u

    2 x 600 ugh! (300 swim 200 IM 100 kick)

    2 x 100 base + 5 second one faster

    9 x 50 odds cruise base + 15 evens base - 5

    I did a 150 ez at that point but the rest of the set was 9 x 100 cruise

    I want to actually get fit and swim faster this year. I am focusing more on free and less on fly. I am thinking of ignoring the 100 altogether for the scy season at least. Let's see what 2010 has to offer!
  13. Still on the come back trail ...

    Over slept and missed warm-up.

    Main set:
    3 x (8 x 75)
    Round 1 Free on 1:05
    Round 2 Stroke on 1:15
    Round 3 Choice on 1:25

    100 ez

    I did back/free/back on round 2 by 25. I am NOT a backstroker and wanted to make the interval. My short axis strokes are not happening currently due to a still pissy back.

    Round 3 I did all free but went 75 ez, 25 fast/50 ez, 50 fast/25 ez, 75 fast.

    Feeling good in the water. Looking forward to pilates and a date with the treadmill tonight!

    Events fo' shizzle on my list this year:
    50 Free
    100 Free
    200 Free
    50 Fly

    What else I am considering ... that shall remain a mystery for now until I spend more time in the water and see if I can swim another stroke at all decently ...
  14. The long and hopefully not too slow climb back

    I've been swimming and working out more than I've blogged but not by much. I took last week off after Long Beach in an attempt to let my back recover. It felt great but was a tiny bit pissy today. Oh well

    200 kick
    200 back
    200 pull (I opted to let my legs drag and use paddles)
    200 swim

    main set
    3 x (6x50 stroke 3x100 IM)

    I did rounds 1 and 3 back/back/free
    round 2 4x50 breast

    2 x 100 kick ez

    running on the treadmill tonight hard for 20-30
  15. Monday November 30, 2009

    Fortunately, even though I haven't been blogging I have been swimming. Unfortunately, I pulled a lower back muscle in that darn hot yoga class and am still having trouble.

    This morning I did:

    400 free
    200 kick

    6 x 50 on :55 build (odds free even stroke - but I did free since my back wasn't up to stroke or at least strokes I would do)

    3 x (200 free at 3:30, 100 free @ 2:00) It was all choice but it had to be the same. Meaning if you went IM on the first 200 and fly on the 100 you did that all 3 rounds. You also got to pick descend the 200s or 100s.

    Coach had me swim the 200s easy and the 100s were build the 50, r:15, 25 fast, r:15, 25 fast on the 2:00. My sprint prowess has yet to return. I am hoping and praying that come Friday I will be able to sprint though I'm not counting on it.

    I leave Thursday night for Long Beach. There's way too much to do before then. Bags to pack, work to do, plans to leave, errands to run, etc.

    I am a wee nervous for my flight since my back bothers me most when sitting. In my daily life this isn't much of a problem since I rarely sit but forced into a small seat for 4+ hours is probably not ideal. I'm brining Ben Gay patches, Advil and planning on moving as much as I can. My seatmates will love me

    Anyway ...

    100 Free is Friday. I have no clue what to expect. I feel like all of muscles are shutting down right now so I have no expectations. My first swim in a meet is usually not stellar so we shall see.

    50 free and 50 fly are Saturday. Again with not feeling like I can sprint I have no expectations for these two either. I don't think a 50 of fly will kill my back ... hopefully it won't tighten it up too much either though.

    100 fly/200 free/100 IM are Sunday. Unless miracles occur in the next 6 days I'm not swimming the 100 fly. Fly is causing my back to tighten up. Right now I feel like the 200 free is going to be my strongest event. That's where my training has been and where my stroke is right now. I have no turn over right now and Lord knows I can't hold on for anything longer than a 200. 200 is frankly pushing it (by about a 125 yards).

    The 100 IM is up for grabs. I'll see how I feel and what the time line is. I might just be warm and dry enough to not care. I hate the event and suck at it so it's not a loss.

    I read Dara Torres' book this weekend. It was a very easy read. I enjoyed it. I am motivated by it. There are some things she talks about in her swims that I know I am guilty of and have renewed enery and desire to focus on. Like Fort, I want her dryland DVD.

    Enough rambling for one day ...
  16. Tuesday Night November 17 and Wednesday November 18

    Last night I did my favorite weight circuit and went balls out on the treadmill for about 20 minutes. My running goal currently is to get back to running 8 minute miles easily and to hold onto that for 8 miles. I am hoping this doesn't adversely affect my sprint swimming. We shall see. I miss running hard and have no desire to put more than an hour (or so) into but definitely like how I feel and look when I run regularly.

    This morning:

    300 Free
    200 IM Drill

    5 x (3 x 50 kick r:10, 2 x 75 build on 1:15, 1 x 50 fast off of the blocks)

    LOVED that set. It always surprises me how much those sets kick your butt if you work them. It took until the last 50 fast before I actually felt like I was moving fast and holding water. I still need to work on my turn over WHILE I hold water. I can spin with the best of them.

    Long Beach is 2 weeks from Friday!?!

    I'm swimming:

    100 Free (Friday)

    50 Fly (Saturday)
    50 Free (Saturday)

    200 Free (Sunday)
    100 Fly (MAYBE Sunday)
    100 IM (Sunday)

    The maybe comes from my utter lack of fly training and the fast that I really want to swim a good 200 free and I'm not sure I'll be recovered enough to not drown on the 100 fly.

    I have been feeling fantastic in the water. I'm back to holding a good pace easily and I can tell I am sitting up higher in the water on free which is why I am stoked about the 200. I've done one or two good 200s in my life. The only one that actually comes to mind is the LCM 200 Free at LCM Nationals in 2008.

    Tonight I am doing nothing. I am sore, achey and my back is pissy. Tomorrow it's back to the pool and pilates (hopefully with a short spurt on the treadmill)
  17. Yeah, a workout I enjoyed!!!!

    I was late ... my bed was warm and comfy and I didn't want to get up.

    400 Free
    6 x 75 descend
    50 ez

    40 x 25
    1-32 all on :40

    1-4 DPS
    5-8 Descend
    9-12 Fast
    13-16 Fast
    17-20 DPS
    21-24 Descend
    25-28 Fast
    29-32 Fast

    33-36 on :30
    37-40 on :20

    100 EZ

    LOVED getting speed work in. Took several 25s before I was getting them to :15 and under consistently. I definitely need to do more of this in the next 2 weeks. I'm getting pysched for Long Beach!!!

    Weight circuit and running tonight before coaching.
  18. Sunday November 15, 2009

    I tried hot yoga. I did not like it. I am still recovering. I think IF I ever did it again I would do a few things differently. I do not like being crazy hot so why I though I would like this is beyond me. It was a good stretch and I am sore but I will stick to cold yoga (or try) from now on. BLECH!!! Hotter than Hades does not a happy FlyQueen make.

    I swam after, too.

    I seriously felt so sick the rest of the day and this morning that I skipped out on practice.

    Sunday's swim:

    300 swim
    200 kick
    200 pull
    200 IM Drill
    4 x 75 (50 drill/25 swim) fl, fr, br, fr

    5 x 200
    1 - swim
    2 - pull
    3 - pull with paddles
    4 - pull
    5 - swim
    Did these nice and easy

    4 x 100 kick IM order

    4 x 25 on :45 FAST IM order

    400 ez c/d
  19. Wednesday and Thursday November 11th & 12th


    Swam on my own since I had the day off. The pool was about 84 degrees. I HATE swimming in warm water. I always swim very slow and feel crappy and naseous.

    Anyway ...

    400 swim
    2 x 200 K
    4 x 75 (50 drill/25 swim) I went fly, free, br, fr

    15 x 100
    3 @ 1:45
    3 @ 1:40
    3 @ 1:35
    3 @ 1:30
    3 @ 1:25

    After the 1st one at 1:25 some lady stopped me to ask if we could share the lane. I haphazardly threw my stuff toward one side of the lane and missed the send off a bit. This was miserable with the water temps.

    4 x 100 kick (I did it as a broken 400 IM kick with zoomers and went fly, back, free then ditched the fins and did breast)

    4 x 50 ez on 1:00

    Thursday Morning swim with team:

    200 kick
    200 pull
    100 back (it was a 200 but I hate back so ...
    200 swim
    8 x 50 (1-4 drill (fl, fr, br, fr) 5-8 desc)

    3 x 300 pull desc. on 4:30 (I HATE pulling)
    4 x 100 back (50 drill/50 swim - I hate backstroke)
    3 x 200 free on 3:00 (I skipped these to do the set of 100s)
    2 x 100 on 2:00 FAST (I will not write my times down as they are utterly embarrassingly slow and pathetic)

    200 c/d

    Seeing as this workout was full of pull and back and long swims which are my 3 least favorite things at swim practice.

    Anyway ... pilates tonight and hopefully a bit of cardio though I definitely got cardio in this morning.

    Tomorrow I'm taking off.

    Saturday: swim with team (in theory) and run
    Sunday: hot yoga and run
  20. Weekend and Monday November 9, 2009

    I ran on Saturday. I did not swim or do yoga Oh well.

    Got in almost on time this morning!?!

    200 Swim
    400 Reverse IM (kick/swim by 25)
    100 Non-free

    2 x 150 fr on 2:15
    2 x 75 build on 1:15
    2 x 150 fr on 2:15
    2 x 50 fr on :45
    2 x 150 fr on 2:15
    2 x 25 fast on :45
    50 ez

    6 x 75 kick on 2:00 (it was 75 or 100 and the interval was a bit tight for 100s but too easy for 75s)

    6 x 50 ez (I did 3 or 4 50s then did a couple of 100s ez)

    Felt really good to get in the water and push and swim some good yardage. Sometimes I forget how much I love swimming and the water. Felt awesome!

    I am coaching tonight so the plan is to at the very least run a bit before coaching but I am hoping to get some weights in too.
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