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  1. Blah! Still feeling like pooh!

    I'm still a bit thrashed and it's taking sometime to get warmed-up.

    I did get out of bed. I will celebrate this every day I do this even if I do it all the time for the next 20 years. I hate mornings. I'm still convinced that my body is in shock that an alarm is going off and gets up in order to make the noise stop.

    Nonetheless ... it was a 1000 w/u but I got in late. I was running a bit late and was dreading jumping in and there's that darn chatty coach of mine ...

    I did a 500 (or so)
    then 4 x 200 (team did pull I was told kick) so kicked with long fins on 3:15

    Joined them in progress of doing 12 x 75 on 1:10 (middle 25 sight - blah)

    10 x 50 build - last one was ez

    I'd like to run tonight but I am meeting a friend for dinner so I don't think I'll have time.

    I set-up pilates for Thursday nights before coaching starting 2 weeks from now. It's a 3 person class on the reformer. I'm pretty excited.

    In other news my phone is completely freaking out. I check email from time to time during the day and have it set to just load the past 3 days. Today it has tried several times to download all 8000+ messages I have sitting in my Yahoo account. I'm sure many of those could be deleted but I'm an email packrat.

    Perhaps my shakra or auora or chi or whatever would be better cleansed by a mass email cleaning ... maybe after dinner tonight.

    I have also not been getting enough sleep. GOD LOVE Starbucks ...
    I have lovely dark circles under my eyes. It is very attractive.

    Despite my getting my arse in gear and working out fairly regularly for a couple of weeks now I am still feeling tank like. Fort, why do I still feel this way?!

    Okay enough rambling!
  2. Tuesday Sept 8, 2009

    I got up to swim this morning!
    Needed to keep but alas the pool was calling. Go me!

    250 swim
    2 x 125 kick
    2 x 125 pull
    5 x 50 drill
    5 x 50 desc to fast

    We had a choice of sets I chose the less sprinty set

    2 x 250 pull
    6 x 75 (50 drill/25 build)
    2 x 250 pull

    There was a 4 x 100 choice at the end that I didn't get to.

    I am pretty thrased as that was my 3rd workout in 24 hours. I'm taking tonight off for sure and will get back at it tomorrow morning.

    I felt like death during the first part of warm-up but was able to feel fairly good through most of the workout.

    I am drinking my Starbucks today like my life depends on it, which it might.
  3. Monday September 7, 2009

    I think sleeping in and being able to swim is the greatest thing ever!

    My fabulous coach was generous enough to send me a workout.

    400 swim
    300 pull
    200 IM Drill
    100 Choice (I did IM kick)

    6 x 50 build on :50
    100 ez

    6 x 50 on 1:00 odds free/evens fly descend
    100 ez

    6 x 50 kick on 1:10 3 & 6 fast
    100 ez

    4 x 100 pull on :20 rest (I did 6)

    200 c/d

    3000 yards

    I swam fly and my shoulder felt fine!!! I was going to take a bit more time off but decided to give it a whirl.

    Skipped running yesterday and planning on going later today.

    Ran 3 miles. I really, really did not want to. I started making excuses - I still have a lot to do, I'm hungry, It's getting late ...

    Then I reminded myself how good it feels to run and that there are always excuses. The run did indeed feel good and I am thrilled that I went and that I'm getting back into shape -now off to do all those things I have to do and EAT!!!

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  4. Saturday September 5, 2009

    I ran about 4 miles yesterday afternoon. It felt awesome! I think my running legs are back.

    I'm in Wisconsin with the family right now so I'm not sure of the distance. I might hop in the car later to verify - this will also give me something to do.

    I am thrilled with how this run felt. I was/am a bit sore still from weights on Thursday. I'm happy about this, too. I was afraid it might effect my run. I am going to lay off of any upper body weights until I've had a chance to let a massage therapist work out some of the knots I have going on in my shoulder.

    Today since I am in the land of cheese I am going to have to run again if I want to workout, which I do.

    I'm very content in my pjs right now though ...
  5. Thursday September 4 Part 2 and Friday September 5, 2009

    Last night I got to the gym and did my weight circuit - :30 on :30 off for 20 different exercises. I did additional core work (after viewing Fort's best ab exercises) and stretch cord shoulder work then got on the eliptical for about 20 minutes just as an active recovery.

    For the first time in a long time I am actually sore today. Arms are definitely sore and legs are a combo of sore and fatigued. I LOVE being sore. Not necessarily to the point where it hurts to breathe/move/think but where you know you did something. I've been looking for that feeling.

    I am taking today off. This was a tough decision. But I'm reminding myself that days off/recovery days are important, too. So I slept in a bit and enjoyed laying in bed rather than swimming in a 75 degree pool ...

    The weekend plan:
    Saturday - 4 or 5 mile run
    Sunday - ? bike if home, run if in Wisconsin - maybe weights again if home
    Monday - ? I'd like to be back from Wisconsin and go swim ... we shall see.

    Hope everyone has a fabulous 3 day weekend!
  6. Thursday September 3, 2009

    I got out of bed this morning in time to swim!

    I was still a couple of minutes late and took my time diving in as the pool is still in the mid 70s. I actually much prefer swimming in cooler water. My absolute least favorite feeling is being cold, BUT I hate hot pools. So this was nice.

    300 swim
    3 x 100 kick with fins
    3 x (100 IM (I did Free) 2 x 50 drill)
    3 x (4 x 50 on :40) 1:00 rest after each round
    Round 1 12.5 fast
    Round 2 15 fast
    Round 3 20 fast

    4 x 250 pull (I pulled with my long fins on and only did 2)

    only 2300 .... hmmm ... maybe that 10 minutes does matter. Oh well. There's always next week.

    My shoulder feels great. No pain while swimming at all. I'm thinking of giving it another week or so off of fly just to make sure.

    I did not run last night -

    I will do some weights and cardio before coaching tonight though.

    Today was the first practice I really felt some fatigue in my legs. I'm thrilled about that. I kicked fairly strongly the entire time (sans the pull set) but I could feel they were more tired than usual.

    Tonight I am planning on modifying my weight circuit to accomodate my shouler - no push-ups. Then getting on a bike for 20-30 just a post-weight circuit recovery.

    My weight circuit is very intense. It's a former national team workout. There are 20 exercises (I usually add a few more) and it's 30 seconds on as fast as possible/30 seconds off. The goal is to work up to a longer time "on" but keep the "off" at :30. I'd like to be 1:15 - 1:30 on before my scy yard taper in May. In theory you are supposed to have the "on" match your longest race. The 1:15 would be longer actually.

    Anyway ... that's enough rambling from me.
  7. Wednesday September 2, 2009

    How the heck is it already Wednesday?!

    These weeks are going so fast - I love it!

    Okay - I woke-up this morning and hit snooze. Then alarm #2 went off then the phone alarm. I'm learning!! I need to get going about 10 minutes earlier though as I was a couple minutes late (and more like 10 once I actually got my suit on and jumped in).

    800 warm-up mix it up

    3 x 200 kick with fins (everyone else did 3 x 200 pull then a 200 kick - I was supposed to a 4th but I have a chatty coach )

    3 x (250 free 3 x 50 choice on 1:00)
    I'm slow right now. My 200s (checked my time) are about 10 seconds slower then the should be. This does not make me happy and darn well better change in the next month or so.

    I did all the 50s free so as to apease my shoulder. It's been fine and I didn't put on fins at all. This makes me very happy!!!

    200 c/d

    Hopefully I'll be able to swim tomorrow and it'll be the same - two days in a row and 3 out of 4 days would be great.

    I'd like to run maybe 3 miles tonight. My plan is to run Mondays and Wednesdays then either Fridays or Saturdays. I want to do spin class on Thursdays before I coach and maybe some weights. I'd like to hit the weights on Sundays as well. If I can find time (Tuesdays?) I'd like to do pilates. I had a great season the year I was doing pilates regularly.

    I also like that A- I feel taller when I leave and B - I work those all important core muscles which we use when we swim.

    On a related note - I'm starting to feel like I'm getting fit again. Not there yet, but starting to feel less like a tank/blob. My running legs seem to be working and my shoulder is happy. My core strength definitely needs some work.

    Life is good right now!

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  8. Tuesday September 1, 2009

    I actually planned on getting into the freezing cold pool this morning. I had my stuff packed and my set my alarm. I turned my alarm off (rather than hitting snooze). I woke-up again at 5:15. Practice starts at 5:30 but is a good 40+ minutes away so there was no point.

    I did a nice 4 mile run tonight. I think I'm getting my running legs back as it felt really good.

    I am planning on swimming tomorrow morning AND running tomorrow night.
  9. Last 2 days of August, 2009

    Sunday afternoon it was beautiful! Mid to upper 60s and sunny. I got on my bike and rode around for an hour. Felt great! Didn't push it really just kept it moderate with nice pedal strokes.

    This morning my normal alarm went off. Normally I hit snooze then get up. This morning I turned it off. I woke up half an hour later (at 5:05) and hauled arse to get to practice and was 20 minutes late.

    Warm-up was:
    800 free
    300 IM drill
    200 pull
    200 kick

    I did something near an 800. I'm a sprinter and cannot count that high.

    I did the 300 IM drill as well.

    The team was finishing their set of
    200 free 2 x 150 (2nd 150 faster)
    200 free 2 x 100 (2nd 100 faster)
    200 free 2 x 50 (2nd 50 faster)
    200 free 2 x 25 (2nd 25 faster)

    I joined in on the last 200 and the 25s.

    Then we did 8 x 25 on :30 (3, 5 and 8 fast)
    Apparently none of mine were fast. I am told I will learn to swim fast in the morning ... eh ...

    The best part of this whole thing. While I did not swim far I did not hurt at all and never put my fins on. YEAH! So stoked about that!

    Happy Monday to all!
  10. Saturday August 30, 2009

    Went for a 4 mile run this evening. Felt pretty good. Hoping to go for a ride tomorrow. We shall see how long.
  11. Thursday August 28, 2009

    Swam on my own last night before coaching.

    300 swim (w/o fins)
    200 reverse IM kick (w/o fins)
    4 x 75 (50 drill/25 build)
    4 x 50 (descend with long fins)

    5 x 300 (100 kick/100swim/100 kick) all with long fins descended 1-3 and 4-5 on 4:20

    100 ez

    8 x 25 15m drill and fly kick on :30 (with long fins)

    4 x50 c/d with out long fins

    Shoulder is a little tender and sore now. Decided to take the morning off of swimming as two workouts in less than 12 hours did not seem like a good idea right now. I am probably going to take all of today off. I have lots of stuff to do after school and am planning on getting home late.

    Tomorrow my plan is to run 4 or 5 miles. Sunday I'd like to go for a nice 20 mile ride or so. We'll see how the legs hold up.
  12. Wednesday August 26, 2009

    Alarm went off at 4:30. I could hear it storming outside so I went back to bed. Practice is outside the rest of the week. It's supposed to be raining out the next two mornings so we'll see what happens.

    I did get in a short little run this evening. It actually felt good but was only about 2 miles. Hopefully I can get to where 5 feels good again. Dare to dream!
  13. Tuesday August 25, 2009

    Yeah, I once again got up rather than turning my alarm off. Felt like when it went off and wanted to more. However, one does not get in shape by sleeping.

    So I got in a few minutes late. Did a 200 swim, 200 kick as a warm-up.

    Then we did 4 x 75 (50 drill/50 build) swam the first 2 sans fins then put them on for the 3rd and 4th ones but swam.

    3 x 300 descend to 80% did these all kick with long fins. Really tried to push #3 and the legs were hurting a bit.

    6 x 150 descend 1&2 @ 75% 3&4 @ 80% 5&6 @ 85% I did these swim with fins.

    100 ez c/d

    Shoulder is a bit pissy now. Took some advil and am resting it as much as is possible. I'm hoping to ice it later tonight provided I get home at a reasonable hour.

    Due to comments made by coworkers I am inspired to share what I am eating ...
    I ate a mini cliff bar en route to practice this am.

    After practice I had a small organic chocolate milk, a grande skinny vanilla latte, 2 whole wheat blueberry waffles and a HUGE bowl of strawberries, yougurt and almond granola. I've also been drinking a ton of water.

    Snack: string cheese and cheez-itz

    Lunch is two packets of tuna with some lowfat mayo on a whole sliced tomato. 1 piece of string cheese and mangos.

    The rest is tbd ...

    I need to get some weekday runs in ... I'm thinking Monday/Wednesday and then again on Saturday. Spin class fits in well on Thursdays right now. Not sure I can get it in elsewhere which is a bummer. Maybe Tuesdays if I can run out of work early. Also contemplating getting up early on Fridays (we don't swim) and doing a run. Hmmm ...

    Still need to factor weights in - definitely once the season gets closer and the shoulder gets healthier.

    Time to get some actual work done!

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  14. Monday August 24, 2009

    Ah, that 4:30am alarm ...

    I shall celebrate each and everyday I actually get up and get out of bed to do something more than curse it and turn it off.

    As per my usual I was a tad late. Did about 300 (maybe a bit more) of actual swim then put the long fins on and did another 300 kick.

    6 x 50 (drill/build) did them with the long fins and swam

    3 x (300 swim 4x25 fast) Did this all kick as I did not want to irritate my shoulder.

    6 x 75 descend 1-3, 4-6 pull again I kept on the fins and did this kick.

    4 x 25 ez (was supposed to be 8)

    I am happy as I feel like I'm making progress. The shoulder is being less pissy. I do love kicking with those long fins though ... so nice! Going to try and swim a bit more tomorrow, maybe swim with the fins? Maybe swim the warm-up and first set without fins?

    Signing off to get ready for the kiddos. First full week!!!
  15. Sunday August 23, 2009

    Four mile run. Did not feel terrible, but did not feel great. I'm stoked I got it in. Planning on getting in the pool tomorrow and kicking if the shoulder does not cooperate.
  16. Thursday and Friday August 20th and 21st

    Made it to spin class last night. I wanted to die about 15 minutes in. Fortunately that turned around pretty quickly. I did about 20 minutes of shoulder exercises and core work after that before coaching.

    This morning I made it to the pool!!!
    Swam a 200 free with a slightly pissy shoulder. Then did a 300 kick with long fins. Coach had me do the next set with my long fins all kick.

    2 x (300 free, 3 x 100 IM descend)

    Took the fins off and tried to swim but it was painful so I did a nice easy 100 c/d rather than the next set.

    My legs are pretty toasted after running, spinning and all the kicking. It feels great to be in the water though. Long fins are fun!

    The 4:30am alarm was not nearly as bad as I thought. We shall see how I feel at the end of the day. First full day of all day Kindergarten!
  17. Wednesday August 19, 2009

    I got to work just before 7am and swore up and down I'd leave by 4:00, 4:30 at the very latest. I walked out of there at 8:30. Hmmm ... I still got a nice little run in when I got home. If I can get through this week and next working out regularly it'll set a good tone for the school year.

    I'm planning on blowing off swimming tomorrow morning as we are outside and it's supposed to be storming. I'm hoping to go to spin class before coaching. This getting into shape thing is so great!
  18. Tuesday August 18, 2009

    Well the alarm went off at 4:30am. I cursed it, turned it off and laid there ... then thought about it and got up. I got in swam about 300 yards and my shoulder felt great!

    We did:
    4 x50 descend - shoulder twinged a bit on #4 so I put the zoomers on
    2 x (4 x 25 cycle) - put the long fins on

    6 x 100 on r:15 descend 1-3, 4-6
    shoulder felt ok with the fins

    3 x 100 descend 1-3 non-free. While with a pissy shoulder my options were free or breast - I chose free. halfway through #3 my shoulder decided it was done. Did another 50 kick and got out.

    I need to add shoulder exercises to my list of thinigs I vow to do ... it's not terrible right now. I plan on getting in tomorrow and kicking and swimming breast if need be.
  19. I'm back ...

    Okay, there really isn't any exercise to report and nationals wasn't anything to write home about. I've had a week to reflect and figure out what went well and what could have been better.

    So I resolve to get my butt outta bed before dawn to drive and swim with Coach Chris. I will NOT get out of shape this year. I will swim and run and lift and spin and do pilates. I will get back to my sprinter ways, respectable times and not die a miserable death at the end of the 100 fly. (note the miserable - death okay miserable NOT) I will be lean and mean and annihilate! I will take names and kick booty. I will not let my job run my life. I will go back to living on Starbucks if necessary. I will train like my wifey and aspire to be as kick butt.

    Pre-dawn life starts Tuesday ...

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  20. Big plans gone awry ...

    I had big plans/hopes for my meet on Saturday. I have been getting in the pool more regularly and my free and fly have been feeling pretty good. I've had some fast times in practice and feel like I am almost where I want to be. I was almost done warming up and decided to do a little breaststroke drill seeing as my first event was the 100 IM.

    I was about 20 yards down the pool when I felt pain in my right leg - then it got worse I barely was able to drag my sorry booty out of the pool - I pulled my medial hamstring according to my "personal physical thearapist" as I like to refer to her.

    GR!!! I still swam the 50/100 free and 50 fly none were worth writing home about. I am trying to take solace in the fact that my free felt like crap last year until I tapered then I dropped a lot of time ... we'll see. I think it's time to let this season go and think about long course.

    Oh well ... not sure I'll swim tonight since I have an appointment at 6 a half hour away from the pool ... we'll see. I'm also not sure how my leg will feel after a day of being on my feet.

    End rant ...
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