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  1. July 23-24

    by , July 24th, 2013 at 11:45 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    It has been an incredibly hectic and exhausting few days. That is an understatement. And it was so busy before the move happened with graduation, parties, summer swim, house renovations, etc. I feel like I could sit on the beach and do nothing but read and drink margaritas for a couple weeks. But no rest for the weary yet. I did take a break from unpacking yesterday and headed down to the Mt. Lebanon outdoor pool for a loosen up swim. I met Jenn Michaels, coach of Pitt Masters there. We have kids the same age in the same grade at the same middle school! Tonight, I journeyed to the Sewickley Y to meet up with Jimby. I was too exhausted to do more than a half hearted workout. It maybe awhile before I get back in my AFAP groove. This could be the worst couple training months I can recall for many years. I'm trying not to fret about that too much. And, unfortunately, I really hurt my gimpy right elbow exactly in the spots I had PRP'd. It's very painful, but I haven't had any time to ice. Mr. Fort flew down to NC with Lil Fort today for nationals. I'm leaving on Friday. They are live streaming the meet so I can watch her on line tomorrow am. I hope she's in a decent mental frame of mind to race. This has all been hard on her. Not as much pressure though since she's 12 and racing 13-14 (bc she turns 13 by the end of the year; I wish track followed the swimming rules).

    Tuesday: 2300 with a few fast 25s

    Wednesday: 3000+ with a 100 @ 200 pace and 6 25s @ 100 pace

    Thursday: hope to make it somewhere to swim bc I won't be working out on Friday and Saturday.

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