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Rockwall Aquatic Masters ("RAM")

  1. Recovery, Monday, Dec. 10

    by , December 11th, 2012 at 12:18 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    used fins whole time

    600 various
    10 x 25 shooters @ :40
    50 EZ
    8 x 50 caterpillar fly drill @ 1:10
    16 x 50 smooth @ 1:00
    4 x each stroke, drilled fly
    50 EZ
    6 x 100 @ 1:45
    3 x 100 free/100 back kick/100 back
    50 EZ

    Total: 2750


    Shoulders were a bit sore from the meet, but they feel better this am.

    I've met my sprinter 325 mile GTD goal for the year. I think it's useless for me to keep track of yardage. I haven't decided whether to bag GTD next year or use it to track race pace yardage.

    I'm heading to the doc's office today for my first PRP appt for my right elbow. It definitely is not getting any better on its own, even with the nitro patches. I'm hopeful it will help. The surgeon I consulted previously said it zapped the pain/helped heal his own avulsion tear.

    Still smiling about NE Champs! I think this will be my next meet:
    Swim Workouts