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  1. What a b*tch, Thursday, July 9

    by , July 9th, 2009 at 10:27 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Could barely act like a "wanna-bee" triathlete today! I actually had to do some lawyering. I try to do as little of that as possible these days because I have my priorities straight, but I find I can't escape it entirely. And the whole evening was shot to hell as well. Fluck! (I checked the rules and it appears this is permitted.) All I could manage to do today was 30 minutes of spinning and eat some good food. And, despite all this good food, I still feel fatigued. Getting up early this week apparently did not agree with me, and I am going to neglect my children and remedy this situation next week. Hopefully, this won't get me in trouble with Smith By Marriage. My arms are also pretty sore. Could this be from the explosive lifting even though the weight was less?

    I did manage to buy myself a SR birthday present today though instead of the usual replacement designer sunglasses.


    Breakfast: 2 slices of Ezekial bread w/peanut butter, blueberries
    Lunch: cheese and mushroom quesadilla
    Snack: smoothie of the day, this time with blackberries, blueberries and strawberries
    Snacks: plum, honey dew melon, apple
    Dinner: gazpacho, saffron coucous with red pepper and tomato

    I brought fruit to the meet with me this time, so I wasn't forced to down another hamburger. I foisted some off on my wee child who swam to a PB in the 25 free, proving that she is not completely a one stroke wonder. Up for tomorrow: Family Day at soccer camp (Is this really necessary?!) and Swim Team Movie Day: "Ice age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs."

    I did make 2 purchases at Whole Foods today: traumeel and coconut water. I have not imbibed it yet, but I am hoping for a reaction somewhat less strong than Jimby's. In general, I'm not a huge fan of coconut. I guess it could become a smoothie ingredient.
    Moving on to the chard now.

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  2. Tuesday, July 7

    by , July 7th, 2009 at 11:15 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    30 minutes of very relaxed un-triathlete-like spinning on my indoor cycle followed by some RC exercises.


    Warm up:

    3 x 200 (swim, kick, swim)
    200 IM drill
    3 x 300 swim

    (I think this was it. I was late and missed the first 600 or so.)

    6 x vertical kicking. Hands at shoulders for 20 seconds, arms in streamline for 10 seconds, squat jump off bottom of pool. 3 free, 3 fly

    Main sets:

    4 x (4 x 50) w/fins:

    #1 backstroke kick @ 1:10
    #2 dolphin kick @ 1:10
    #3 freestyle w/overkick @ 1:00
    #4 back or fly @ 1:00

    (These are so much harder in LCM than SCY!)

    100 EZ

    12 x 100 @ 1:30

    1-8 swim
    9-12 pull optional
    #10 = 89%
    #11 = 90%
    #12 = 100%

    I kicked the last 4. Went around 1:15-16 on the swims and 1:17s on the kicks. The kicks were vastly easier. The swims made me breathe harder.

    200 C/D

    Total (for me): 3200 meters



    There was some discussion about cramping today. Two of my teammates who dislike bananas are drinking coconut water every day. It is apparently a super potassium drink superior to bananas. FWIW.

    I'm still feeling fatigued, but am thinking my sore throat might be due to my recent ingestion of bee pollen. I have given some by a runner friend who swears by it to throw in smoothies or recovery drinks. I took a quick look at bee pollen on line today. Found an interesting website, and found this on bee pollen:

    Since I suffer from ragweed allergies, I think this may be the cause of my sore throat, not mono! lol


    Not sure when to stop weights/drylands again. I'm thinking of switching to lighter explosive weights until 2 weeks out.



    Breakfast: 2 slices of Ezekial bread w/peanut butter, blueberries
    Snack: G2
    Post spin Lunch: smoothie w/mango, peach, blackberries, vanilla yogurt, flax seed oil, L-Glutamine, bee pollen & whey protein, can't remember what else I ate ...
    Snack: banana, balance bar before practice -- no time for a real dinner
    Post swim food: G2 & balance bar in car, grilled cheese & tomato sandwich at home. 2 glasses of chard. Snacked on potato chips late at night.

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  3. Wednesday, July 1

    by , July 1st, 2009 at 07:03 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    squats on machine, 140 x 1 x 4, 190 x 1 x 10, 200 x 1 x 10, 210 x 1 x 10
    tricep press, 65 x 2 x 10
    total ab machine, 130 x 1 x 15, 140 x 2 x 15
    body rows, 4 x 15
    back extensions w/25 lb weight, 3 x 15
    incline crunches w/med ball, 2 x 25
    bicycles on bosu, 3 x 25

    external rotators, 10 x 4 x 15, each arm
    prone scapular scrunches w/5 lb weights, 2 x 25
    seated straight arm dips for RC, 60 x 2 x 25

    (I'm sure I forgot something again. Can't remember a dang thing these days ...)


    30 minutes focusing on the shoulders. As expected, my left shoulder was sore from all the freestyle last night.

    Mike Heather posted this on a thread:

    "I was given several exercises to do to strengthen the small back shoulder muscles which get very little attention in the weight room (or anywhere else until the shoulder hurts too much). But the coup de grace for my pain was changing my recovery thusly: after finishing the free stroke, no matter how much body roll you use, the palm of the recovering hand should face the water's surface. If you watch a practice, you will notice that many swimmers tend to finish their stroke and continue the motion of the hand, resulting in a twisting motion that has the back of the hand turned toward the water until it (the hand) reaches shoulder level, at which time it turns around to prepare for entry and the beginning of the next stroke."

    I think I'm doing this with my left arm on freestyle. I need to take a lesson out of She Puff's book and shorten up my stroke and exit earlier when I'm not sprinting. Breathing on the left seems to help this somewhat.

    Does anyone know specific exercises/weights to target the small back muscles? My lats in particular are frequently sore. I know the internal/external rotators are good for his, but is there anything else? May have to research this issue some.


    40 minutes on indoor cycle. Went pretty easy, but still worked up a sweat


    Mini Fort reports that her swim friends at swim camp are doing a lot of running and squats. She didn't run at her camp, but then it didn't focus on conditioning. She did spend a lot of time using cords & racks.

    I really miss running. As some girl experienced, it is flat out the best exercise for weight control. I'm going to re-start after Nationals. I used to run 2x a week pretty regularly. I've pretty much cut that out over the last 8 months except for the occasional short run. This apparently has a very good effect on my swimming, but nothing else.


    Breakfast: blueberry muffin, blueberries
    Snack: banana, balance bar,
    Lunch: quiche, watermelon
    Snack: G2, strawberry banana smoothie (no time for a real lunch)
    Dinner: steak, shrimp, salad w/veggies

    So far, I haven't really noticed any significant impact from my "healthy substitution" plan. I've been cheating slightly more lately due to busy-ness.

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  4. Triple, Thursday, June 25

    by , June 25th, 2009 at 10:23 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    AM Weights/Dryland:

    standing lat pull down, 140 x 3 x 10
    tricep press, 50 x 1 x 10, 55 x 1 x 10
    dead lift, 110 x 2 x 10
    goblet squat, 50 x 3 x 15
    squat-pulls on bosu, 40 x 3 x 15
    (I was doing these on the flat side of the bosu and a trainer stopped me to say that they no longer allow people to do this as it's "too dangerous." So I did the last rep on the squishy side -- much easier.)
    twists w/bosu on cable machine, 40 x 2 x 15, each side
    bicep curl w/BB, 40 x 2 x 10
    kneeling crunch on cable machine, 75 x 3 x 15
    incline crunch w/med ball overhead, 2 x 25
    external rotators, 10 x 3 x 15, each arm
    seated straight arm dips for RC, 60 x 2 x 25
    prone scapular scrunch w/elevated feet and hand weights, 2 x 25
    arm extensions (front, V, side), 3 x 3 x 15


    30 minutes on bike


    Made it to another team practice tonight. Dragged Lil Fort along, as Fort Son had a date and Mr. Fort and Mini Fort were flying home from work/camp.

    Warm up:

    med ball throw w/partner for 1:00
    superman streamlines w/elevated feet, 2 x 25
    crunches, 1 x 25

    4 x through:

    100 swim
    50 kick
    100 swim
    50 drill

    med ball twist w/partner 1:00
    crunches w/med ball, 1 x 25

    Main sets:

    8 x 50 kick w/fins @ 1:00, middle 15 meters fast, 2 free + 2 other, repeat
    (I went pretty fast on all of them, between 31-33.)

    50 EZ

    6 x 250 done as:

    100 kick, 50 drill, 50 swim, 50 FAST
    4 IM order, 2 choice

    I used fins and led the lane. I can't do LC fly without fins, so I just kept them on so as not to upset the order in the lane. As a result, I took a break of 10-15 seconds after each 200 before I went my last fast 50. Aside from the first one, I did all the fast 50s backstroke. Went 32-33 on the first 4 and 31 on the last one. The 100 fly on the first 250 was dreadful. I don't have a slow gear in fly. Felt like I was drowning when I tried to go easy on the "50 swim" portion.

    50 EZ

    8 x 50 swim @ 1:20, done as:

    2 x through:

    #1 25 fast from dive, 25 EZ
    #2 25 EZ, 25 fast
    #3 50 fast from dive (We only had two lanes to dive from and were nowhere near the prescribed 1:20 interval.)
    #4 50 EZ

    I did #1, 2, 5, 6 fast 25 UW kicks + 25 EZ. I missed the first fast 50, as I had to talk to Lil Fort for a minute. Did the last one fly w/fins from a dive off the side and went a 27 or so.

    100 C/D

    Total: 3300 meters


    Irie's Backstroke Technique:

    I had been reading the recent posts in the Fun & Fast thread discussing Irie's backstroke technique with interest. Kirk Nelson described his slightly tucked head position and arched back as being like the bow of a boat. I tried this technique during warm up today. It does feel slightly faster, although unnatural to have the chin tucked in. I notice in the youtube video that Irie was wearing only a leg skin though. I wonder if arching your back would work as well with a full body suit? Most tech suits don't cling to your body and follow the arch as you arch; they tend to gap away from the lower back and absorb air and/or water. Something to think about ...



    Breakfast: omelet w/cheese, tomato & bacon, strawberries, raspberries
    Snack: G2, cherries
    Lunch: salad with arugula, basil, avocado, tomatoes, flax seeds, peppers, currants
    Dinner: salmon, veggies sauteed in olive oil and garlic
    Post swim: G2, balance bar, 1 pancake

    I think I ate something else ... can't remember. I also noticed today when I was checking on the veggy garden (deer recently killed half my tomato plants) that Mr. Fort planted spearmint. What does one do with spearmint?

    Now I'm off to make pancakes for the swim team breakfast and team pictures festivities tomorrow. No, I will not eat them! lol

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  5. Wednesday, June 24

    by , June 24th, 2009 at 10:35 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Warm up:

    700 variety swim, kick, drill

    10 x 25 shooters on back w/fins @ :30

    50 EZ

    Main set:

    3 x (1 x 200, 2 x 100, 4 x 50 + 50 EZ, 8 x 25), done as:


    1 x 200 dolphin kick w/fins @ 3:00
    2 x 100 backstroke kick w/fins @ 1:30
    4 x 50 evil @ :55
    50 EZ
    8 x 25, odds = scull, evens = fast doggie paddle drill


    1 x 200 dolphin kick w/fins @ 3:00
    2 x 100 backstroke kick w/fins @ 1:30
    4 x 50 backstroke w/fins, best average @ 1:00 (went 27s)
    50 EZ
    8 x 25, easy speed fly @ :30


    1 x 200 dolphin kick w/fins @ 3:00
    2 x 100 backstroke kick w/fins @ 1:30
    4 x 50 backstroke kick w/fins @ 1:00, best average, held 25s
    50 EZ
    8 x 25, odds = AFAP free, evens = EZ

    100 C/D

    Total: 3650


    40 minutes on indoor cycle


    I meant to go to the gym instead of bike, but just didn't have the time to get back and forth. I'm a little worried about my ability to get in my usual doubles of weights + swim with my kids out of school. I don't put my kids in camps much during the summer. They tend to hang out more with their friends at the house or at the summer league pool. I'm a believer in unstructured time. (Except for Fort Son -- who actually signed himself up to work on the gubernatorial political campaign.) But that means I don't have readily structured time to work out ... Hmm ...

    Mini Fort is having a blast at her "beast" summer swim camp, despite mono. She seems to be star struck at meeting Olympians and other elite swimmers. lol. She reports that she has done "nothing but 25s" with stroke analysis, video taping, drills, etc. (I purposefully sent her to a camp where conditioning and yardage were not emphasized.) She says she has lots to show me when she gets home. I can't wait!


    Had a good day until dinner, when I entirely fell off the wagon when I took my Lil Fort out to dinner and a movie.

    Breakfast: blueberries, raspberries, oatmeal w/medium apple & tbs whey protein
    Snack: cherries, blueberries, cheese
    Post swim snack: G2, balance bar
    Dinner: hamburger w/lettuce & tomato, some fries
    Dessert: cold stone creamery
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  6. Endorphins Rock, Tuesday, June 23

    by , June 23rd, 2009 at 10:23 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    So glad not to be resting anymore! I feel like someone pulled a switch in my CNS.


    30 minutes of ART. Going to go more regularly the next month to keep the shoulders healthy and happy. ART doc agreed that I should not knock off RC exercises during taper. It can cause the humerus to move and lead to pain. He also mentioned that nutrition was more important the older you get. (Perhaps this is one reason why Dara is so committed to her amino acid regiment?)


    Hopped on my indoor cycle and biked for about 50 minutes during my little one's swim practice.

    10 minute stretch + RC

    LCM Swim at GMU:

    Went to my team practice tonight. Felt pretty good, despite the lack of aerobic work during taper.

    Warm up:

    400 swim
    6 x 50 kick @ 1:00
    200 IM drill

    Aerobic set:

    16 x 100, done as

    2 x through:

    2 x (25 scull + 75 build free) @ 1:45
    2 x 100 IM @ 1:45
    2 x 100 free @ 1:30
    2 x 100 kick @ 2:15

    (I used the kicks mostly as recovery cuz I was racing Wally on the other 100s. Coach said I was over-reaching with my left arm in free. Really focused on kicking during free.)

    50 EZ

    4 x 50 fly @ 1:30
    odds, 25 roll, 25 dolphin kick
    evens, 25 roll, 25 fly

    "roll" = 2 kicks on each side, then come up and 2 strokes of fly and repeat. I had trouble doing this drill, as I was nowhere near the surface after 8 kicks and didn't see the point in dolphin kicking close to the surface. So I did 16 kicks on the second odd "roll" and a 50 fly w/fins fast on the evens.

    50 EZ

    3 x (25 fast off the blocks + 25 EZ)

    I used these to work on my backstroke starts. I took 15 kicks to get to the 15 meter mark.

    Assigned: 600 pull
    Did: 5 x 100 dolphin kick w/fins @ 1:45, making sure to stay out of the way of my lanemates

    100 C/D

    Total: 3550 meters

    10 minutes hottub


    There was an article recently in the NY Times discussing the performance enhancing nature of increased sleep. It analyzed a small study done on runners. It seems like a no brainer to me that more sleep helps you recover faster and train/race better. I'm hopeful the rest of the summer I'll have a bit more sleep, as I do not have to wake up early to get kids off to school. (I've also been off the hook lately on the 4:40 am practices thanks to mono.) Now, if I could only sleep better during the night, I'd be set. Lately, I've been having trouble falling back to sleep after waking at 3:30-4:00 am.

    I discussed sleep with a teammate in the hottub tonight. He says he's been sleeping much better and has more energy during the day since banishing caffeine and alcohol from his diet. (This was difficult for him, as he's a foodie and wine connoiseur.) He believes that caffeine and alcohol interfere with melatonin and vitamin absorption. I only have coffee in morning, and typically have no other caffeine during the day except perhaps green tea, but I can't imagine giving up the morning java ...


    Breakfast: blueberries, plum
    Snack: yogurt
    Lunch: Salad with: romaine, steak, tomatoes, sprouts, avocado, peppers, flax seeds, pomegranate seeds
    Snack: cherries + G2
    Dinner: chickpea & lentil soup, banana
    Snack: Luna energy chews on way to practice
    Snack: balance bar & G2 (in car), slice of pizza

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  7. Spin + Swim, Thursday, May 28

    by , May 28th, 2009 at 05:51 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    After giving up potato chips last night, I fell asleep almost an hour earlier than normal. Woke up with a lot of energy. Decided to go to my first am spin class in a couple months.

    60 minute spin

    Wasn't too bad. I didn't kill it, as I was planning to swim later. But pretty fun. Why is standing and biking at an 8-9 level easier than sitting and biking at a 7?

    Core/RC Work:

    incline crunches w/10 lb weight over head, 2 x 25
    elevated crunches w/med ball, 2 x 25
    V Ups w/med ball, 2 x 15
    crunches on bench w/10 lb DB held by feet
    external rotators, 10 x 2 x 15, each side
    prone scapular scrunches w/hand weights, 2 x 25
    arm extensions w/3 lb hand weights, 2 x 15 forward, V, side

    10 minutes of stretching

    Swim/SCY Solo:

    Warm up:

    750 variety warm up of swim, kick & drills

    10 x 25
    odds, backstroke shooter, no fins
    evens, easy

    Main Set:

    10 x 25 fly w/fins @ :35
    4 x 100 kick w/fins @ 2:00,
    Amanda Weir style:
    6 SDKs on first 25, 8 SDKs on second 25, 10 SDKs on third 25, UW shooter on last 25
    (This was NOT easy!)
    100 EZ

    10 x 25 fly w/fins @ :40
    4 x 100 @ 2:00, done:
    25 fast doggie paddle drill, 25 easy dolphin kick on back, 25 fast breast, 25 easy dolphin kick on back
    100 EZ

    10 x 25 fly w/fins @ :40
    4 x 100 backstroke kick @ 2:00
    75 EZ kick, speed into last turn and blast last 25 AFAP with 10 SDKs
    100 EZ

    Speed Work:

    10 x 25
    odds, AFAP free
    evens EZ

    100 EZ

    Total: 3600

    BTW, I really like the workout Patrick posted earlier today. I think I'll do that tomorrow. Or perhaps after another lactate set day.


    Nutrition Update:

    My 10 week+ effort to see if food = drug started today. (I realize 10 weeks probably isn't long enough to see lasting benefits -- is it? -- but I thought I'd reevaluate progress then.

    I don't plan to blog it every day and bore everyone to tears. Perhaps just to get me going. Here's what I ate/plan to eat today:

    (Forgot about the "no bread rule" right outta the box. lol)

    1 slice whole grain wheat bread w/peanut butter

    Post Spin Snack:

    12 oz G2 (I know it's got sugar, but RecoverWrong makes me nauseous)
    high protein balance bar


    Salad: romaine lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, grilled chicken, pomegranate arils (probably the only seed I like), currants

    Post Swim Snack:

    banana, plum, cherries and a couple of slices of grilled chicken


    salmon (thank god my kids love this!)

    (I won't eat the rice or pasta I make my kids.)

    (If I cheat, I'll edit)


    CrossFit on Stretching:

    Crazy's comment about stretching for 30 minutes got me thinking. I found this article called Hamstrung on the crossfit website. Here's the preamble to it:

    Stretching sucks. It does. There, it's been said. You can't brag about your best stretching time, you don't get to write your stretch PR on the wall, and there is no immediate "Fran"-like gratification that you are really tough. And despite the fact that flexibility is one of the ten CrossFit pillars of complete, well-balanced fitness, increasing flexibility potential remains the ungreased squeaky wheel of most athletes' training programming. According to the ten general physical skills list, flexibility is allegedly as important as power or strength. So why don't we take it more seriously? Because, typically, we simply fail to frame flexibility in terms that are important to us: increasing performance.

    Stop kidding yourself. Lacking flexibility in crucial areas has a crushing impact on your athletic abilities; to say nothing of the host of pains and problems that inflexibility predisposes you to. If you know you have tight hips, calves, hamstrings, quads, thoracic spine, or shoulders and aren't actively, aggressively striving to fix them, then you must be afraid of having a bigger squat, faster rowing splits, or a more explosive second pull. Or, you must be very lazy. Because if you are tight and a CrossFitter, you are missing a huge opportunity to get better, stronger and faster. Simply put, not stretching is like not flossing, and the results are not pretty. There are many areas of restriction in the typical athlete, but it makes sense to begin a discussion about flexibility and performance at perhaps the most commonly neglected and profoundly underaddressed area of the body, the hamstrings. The goals of this article are to help you understand how hamstring restriction impedes performance and function, learn to identify tight hamstrings with a few simple assessment tools, and above all, know how to address the problem.

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  8. Weights + Ellipse, Wednesday, April 8

    by , April 8th, 2009 at 08:31 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Hit the gym in the am this time. A little bleary from lack of sleep. Every time I travel to the west coast, I wake up at 4:30 am or so every morning and can't get back to sleep. (This is one of the main reasons I didn't consider Clovis.) Still had a good workout.


    decline bench press on Hammer machine, 120 x 2 x 10 (I increased weight like Jazz suggested (+30 lbs). I am such a good student. Or a puppet. Not sure which. lol)

    iso-lateral front lat pulldown on Hammer machine, 140 x 2 x 8 (I've finally caught up to the buff Elise who just posted a cool profile pic of the "guns".)

    V Squat on Hammer machine, 200 x 2 x 15

    alternating hammers, 20 x 2 x 20

    3 x 5 pull ups
    3 x 5 chin ups

    hanging reverse ab crunch, 2 x 15
    hanging twisting ab crunch, 2 x 15
    (I think these would be much easier with slings. Just hanging is pretty hard. Think my shoulders will be sore tomorow.)

    incline crunch, 2 x 25
    decline reverse crunch, 2 x 25
    back extensions w/25 lb weight, 2 x 15
    elevated hip lifts, 2 x 25
    long arm crunches, 2 x 25
    ab roller, 2 x 15
    (This is the first time I've done this. Seems like a good exercise that hits all the muscles from the knees up.)
    elevated horizontal scissoring, 1 min
    elevated vertical scissoring, 1 min

    2 x 5 minute stretching

    Know I'm forgetting something I did ... did that last time too.


    30 minutes on ellipse.

    Wasn't moved to swim and didn't really have enough time after the long gym session. Trying to think of a good workout for tomorrow ... I miss my MF and doing more backstroke.


    Saw a couple crossfitters at the Y today. they were doing Kipping pull ups. Studly girl cross fitter seemed to be doing sets of 10. I decided to try a few. I couldn't really get the motion down right. Think you might have to have someone help you or practice for awhile. I couldn't figure out how to get up enough speed either.

    I also tried the Saxon side bend. Started off with waaaaay too much weight, obviously vastly overestimating my oblique/core srength and almost fell over an exercise bench. lol

    Couldn't find a machine to do external rotators on ... WTH? Couldn't find any 3 pound hand eights for RC work either. I think they may be in the land noodler room ...

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  9. 5 x 5 pull ups! Wed., March 25

    by , March 25th, 2009 at 04:00 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    AM Spin:

    Went to a 60 minute spin class. Haven't been in ages; this may have been my first since January. It was a hard one with lots of hill intervals. It just kicked my butt after the kick fest in the pool yesterday.

    15 minutes of stretching

    AM Mini-run:

    Got a quick 2 miles in. Had to drop off my car for inspection and to get the brakes checked. I ran home and then ran back to pick up the car. Legs burned.

    PM Weights:

    Increased weight ... prepared to be sore tomorrow!

    deadlift, 110 x 2 x 10
    seated narrow grip lat pulldown, 110 x 2 x 10
    standing ab crunch, 80 x 2 x 10
    bench press, 90 x 2 x 12
    alternating hammers, 20 x 2 x 20
    external rotators, 10 x 2 x 15, each arm
    arm extensions, 3 x 3 x 10

    back extensions w/25 lb weight, 2 x 15
    long arm crunches, 2 x 25
    russian twists w/med ball, 2 x 50
    V ups w/med ball, 2 x 15
    scissoring, 2 x 50
    iron monkeys, 2 x 25
    (meant to do burpees, but forgot)

    2 x 15 push ups
    5 x 5 pullups

    I think I did a pull up for the first time in my life just a month or so ago. lol Geekity has been working on his pull ups as well. Since he hasn't posted details, I'm assuming I'm in the lead in our informal contest. Stud was doing very well on the chinning and pulling as well, but he's behind the pace with his recent back injury. Can he catch up? hehe

    10 minutes of stretching


    Pull ups:

    Checked the Cross Fit site last night for the first time in awhile to check out the WODs. Saw that the "Kipping" pull up is Cross Fit's pull up of choice.

    Here's a video:
    [ame=""]YouTube - CrossFit - Kipping Pull-Ups[/ame]

    Looks rather hazardous on the joints?

    Cross Fit says that it's mean to generate explosive power and is more akin to a plyometric than the conventional pull up where you "numb" your lower body. The theory is that it uses more muscle groups with greater intensity. By increasing an individual's max power output, you have increases in absolute strength, speed, endurance and stamina rather than simply strength gains.



    1. Jazz mentioned yesterday that it's OK to complement strength training with core work if you don't exhaust yourself with too many reps. Is this right? How many reps is too many? Don't we need core endurance as well as core strength? Chris?

    2. Hulk recommended 4 weeks of progressive training and 1 week of rest. By "progressive" he said he meant changing up the weight or intensity. Aren't I pretty much already doing that with increasing weight and doing different exercises? Or is something else meant by "progressive" training? And how is that more beneficial than conventional lifting?

    3. Aside from lunges (still taking a break from these) and squats, what other exercises/weights are good for improving hip strength?

    4. In the never ending B70 debate, Jim -- author of the newest urban myth -- finally conceded last night that the suit helps certain body types more than others. He also opined, however, that if I gave up weights and still used the B70, my 50 times might be slower but my 100 times likely would be the same. Don't agree! I think the weights help my 100s as well.

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  10. PM Workout, Friday, Feb. 27

    by , February 27th, 2009 at 10:32 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Didn't get a chance to run before it got dark. After dropping Mini-Fort at a party, I went back to the gym. Stayed away from any upper body work as I'm a *bit* sore still.

    Core work/Few Weights/RC:

    long arm crunches, 2 x 25
    iron monkeys (ball exchange), 2 x 25
    med ball crunches, 2 x 25
    russian twists w/ med ball, 2 x 25
    jack knifes, 2 x 15 on the yoga ball
    incline crunches, 2 x 15
    decline crunches, 2 x 15
    (hadn't done these on the bench before. much harder than on the floor. seems to recruit the back muscles a lot more.)
    goblet squats w/ 20 lb weight, 2 x 15
    leg abductors, 110 x 2 x 10
    leg extensions, 80 x 2 x 10
    (not sure why, but I just hate these things)
    Cavic fly exercise on yoga ball, 2 x 25
    seated straight arm dip for RC, 60 x 2 x 25
    external rotators, 10 x 2 x 15, each side
    arm raises w/ 3 lb weights, 3 x 2 x 15

    20 minute spin

    10 minutes of stretching

    15 minutes hot tub


    I considered pinot noir, but opted for chardonnay. Hope it's not cancer causing.

    More Questions:

    1. Is it good to be fully/mostly recovered from one weight workout to the next? If not, should you just press on?

    2. Seems so many people are going to pilates and cores classes. Do these provide a significant advantage over doing core work yourself? Is the main benefit of mat pilates classes core strength or flexibility?


    Going to be a pretty lazy weekend. Mr. Fort has decamped for the weekend with two of the Fort kids for a final ski trip at SnowShoe. Mini-Fort and I get mommy-daughter time this weekend. I've been informed I'm going to yoga on Sunday. I guess maybe it will be good for the flexibility ... I just can't seem to bring myself to meditate.

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