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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Old age has its perks.
  2. poolraat's Avatar
    This is an awesome workout. I'm going to use it next time I need a fly workout. I'll need fins to do it though, but I guess that's all right since you use fins too.
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Hahaha. You must have me mistaken with (S)he-Beast. But thanks!
  4. poolraat's Avatar
    "(alternate on back and on stomach with board, held 58-1:00 -- ouch!!)"

    I did 4 of these yesterday on 1:45 at about 1:12-15 and it about did me in! You're a beast!!!
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    That was a tough set! The lactic acid really kicks in that last length. But the rest of the workout was pretty easy.

    I expect to see some Merman workouts from you soon.
  6. quicksilver's Avatar
    (alternate on back and on stomach with board, held 58-1:00 -- ouch!!)

    That's pretty impressive!

    I like the heading too. Mermaid workout.
    It sounded nice and pleasant. Until the torture set got underway.
  7. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks Quick!

    I haven't used the MF for about 6 months because of some tendonitis in the top of my foot (from dropping the MF on it, lol). But I think it really helps with SDKs and building leg and core strength. My SDKs need some serious work after much neglect during LC.

    Try one! They're fun and add variety to a workout.
  8. quicksilver's Avatar
    Hey Fort,

    Look forward to your pool sessions as well.
    The monofin seems to have been a big plus... even if it's dangerous.

    I might actually buy one this year instead of just talking about it.

  9. The Fortress's Avatar
    Oh, that's right! You have to try not to be a girly man!
  10. pwolf66's Avatar
    Don't forget the indirect gridge with me that Chris put you in for 50 Fly.

    And imagine that, you and I are doing the same events. Who'd a thunk it? How ya feel about a 100 Fly challenge? If you seeded something reasonable, I challenge you to best under seed.