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Katia J Hoberman

  1. IM w/o

    200 w/u
    5x100 as 50 kick/50 swim choice on all kick
    4x200 pull bilateral breathing, tight turns, strong dolphins off wall
    16x 25s IM order kick/swim/drill/swim x4
    100 easy free
    12x50s easy/hard by 25's. Roll through all strokes
    8x25s breast pull with buoy
    6x25s breast kick arms out front
    4x25's breast stroke
    100 cool
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  2. Working on the Fly

    10x50's kickset, free,back,breast,fly,otter
    100 easy
    8x25's breaststroke,strong kick,high hips
    8x25's fly,long strokes,strong streamline just below surface
    100 easy
    8x25'sFly,strong arms,strong dolphin,strong streamline
    8x100's pull,strong pull,legs up,press chest,long strokes,tight turns,strong dolphin off wall
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  3. Working the strokes

    We COOGs had a great time at the Woodlands meet!
    I was in 5 events, 50 free, 50 breaststroke,3 relay's
    oh!!! So much fun! Our coaches were so happy and proud!

    today's swim
    300 w/u
    10x50's kick set drill, breast,fly
    8x100's pull, work the arms,bilateral breathing,power turns off wall dolphin
    4x25's breaststroke
    4x25's fly
    4x25's breaststroke
    4x25's fly
    4x25's breaststroke
    4x25's fly
    200 cool
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  4. Swim workout Tuesday

    400 W/u
    6 100's pull, long strong arms,bilateral breathing, tight turns,dolphin off wall
    4x25's dolphin
    4x25'single arm fly
    100 east free
    4x25's fly100 easy
    8x75's kick w/o board
    300 easy

    trying so hard to get my fly smooth! Incredibly tough.
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  5. Saturday swim

    what a great weekend! No rain!! And was able to put in some good swim time Saturday afternoon!!

    500 easy free
    8 75's kick w/o board, 4&8 max effort
    6 100 pull, tight turns,dolphin off wall
    12 50's swim drill all strokes,free,back,breast,fly
    6 50's free hard
    500 easy
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  6. Strength & Swim

    Deadlift 135#x6. 1st set. 145#x3. 2nd set
    single arm row 45#x10. 1st and 2nd set
    Bridge drag (sandbag) 20#x20. 1st and 2nd set
    kneeling rollout 10x. 1st and 2nd set
    assisted pull up x8. 1st set, 5 2nd set
    waiter carry30#x20 yrds 1st and 2nd set
    back Sqt 80#x6 1st and 2nd set
    overhead press 60#x4 1st and 2nd set

    500 w/u
    8x75's kick w/o board,4 and 8 MAX efforts
    6x 100's pull, bilateral breathing,tight turns,power off wall
    12x50's drill/swim 25's work all strokes free,back,breast,fly
    6x50's free hard effort
    300 cool
  7. Swim workout

    500 w/u
    8x75's kick w/o board#4,8 MAX effort
    600 pull, long hard strokes, bilateral breathing
    12x50's drill swimx25 working all strokes,free,back,breast,fly
    6x50's free hard effort fast
    300 easy
    total 2900scy
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  8. Great swim w/o.. Thx coach

    400 w/u
    5 100 pull buoy, bilateral breathing, huge pull, long arms
    100 easy backstroke
    10 50's - 25 overkick free- 25 breaststroke, underwater dolphin starts
    100 easy free
    10 25's single arm fly
    10 25's breaststroke
    10 25's backstroke, streamline dolphin back starts
    200 cool

    total 2550
    Swim Workouts
  9. Yardage in!!

    I'm so happy! I just entered my yardage on my FLOG and yesterday I killed myself trying to get some good distance to total out the week. It's a short swim week for me as I have family staying over this weekend from San Antonio and have to "host"🙃 meaning short swim week for me.

    friday swim
    1250 w/u
    10 50's mix kick
    6 25's single arm fly
    6 100 pull bout bilateral breathing
    6 25's breaststroke
    1250 mod fast pace free
    total 3900😅🏊🏼💦🏊🏼💦
    Swim Workouts
  10. Power & Swim

    Okee doke, already wrote my blog and it did it go through🙃
    I can't wait till next week! I get my new phase w/o, not really so much a fan of the power phase. Plus with my trainer and coach both gone for the holidays all this gets kinda lonely, not hearing any input, or my coach telling " one more one more". I do see and feel myself getting better and stronger, just want to hear it from my superiors!!😆😅


    Snatch 25# fast 2 sets
    Swing 35# fast 2 sets
    lundge jump fast 2 sets
    Spd skiers fast 2 sets
    slam MB 15# fast 2 sets
    tuck jumps fast 2 sets
    Asst pulls slow 2 sets
    push ups slow 2 sets
    goblet sqts 30# slow 2 sets


    400 w/u
    10 50's mix kick
    10 50's Mix kick fast
    6 100's pull bouy
    6 25's breaststroke
    400 free mod fast pace
  11. 2x workout not so sure, for me

    The past 2 weeks I had been doing both my dry land and swim workouts the same day, sometimes doubling my swims.
    im finding my muscles (not so much joints) are tighter and achier. I hydrate and fuel enough I believe, perhaps it's my position on certain strokes and or kicks in the pool, or could be my body adapting to the new weights of the power phase I'm currently doing with Rittersp. Anywho, I lightened up on my workout, alternating them and feeling better. I've always been hard on my self as some of us are our own worst critics😬😆😇

    450 easy warm up, bilateral breathing, tight turns off the wall
    10 50's mixed kicks
    6 25's one arm fly
    10 50's mixed kicks
    6 25's breaststroke
    6 100 pull bouy, bilateral breathing, catch up, pull, easy
    6 100's mod pace, tight core, shoulder to ear, long reach,pull, finger tips down anchor pull, complete stroke, flutter kick small and tight, imagining swimming, making a tunnel!!😆😆 crazy!.. Huh!!
    2,950scy indoor pool.. Short swim for me..
  12. Great power phase & Swim

    Power phase
    Snatch 25# fast 2 sets
    Swing KB 35# fast 2 set
    Lunge jmp fast 2 sets
    Spd Skiers fast 2 sets
    Slam MB 16# fast 2sets
    Tuck jmp fast 2 sets
    Asst pull ups slow 2 sets
    push ups 12 slow 2 sets
    Goblet sqts 30# slow 2 sets

    rest 30 min

    Swim scy
    350 mod pace warm up, tight turns, dolphin off wall
    10 50's kick sets
    6 25's fly single arm alternate
    6 100 pull bouy, catch up, pull drill
    6 25's breaststroke
    6 150's bi lateral breathing, pull, tight turns, dolphin off wall

    pretty much a jelly fish now, need rest for tomorrow is another swim day. Also getting ready for the Gulf Masters Swimming Challange!! Got to work on getting those yards in!!
  13. Long swim

    500 easy, catch up, pull, tight turns, working on dolphin off wall
    10 50's mix kick sets, free,back,breast,dolphin,otter
    300 mod fast pace, bouy, alternate breathing sides
    10 50's mix kick sets
    10 25's breaststroke
    10 25's fly, one arm alternate
    10 25's otter
    900 easy, catch up, pull, tight turns, dolphin off wall.

    great swim!!
    Swim Workouts
  14. Power phase & swim

    Snatch 25# fast
    Swing kb 35# fast
    Lunge jump fast
    Spd skiers 10x fast
    Slam 16# med ball fast
    Tuck jump fast
    Asst pull up 12x slow
    Push ups 12 slow
    Goblet sqt 30# slow

    450 catch up pull, tight turns, dolphin off wall
    20 50's mix kick set free, back,breast,dolphin, otter
    12 25's caterpillar
    6 100's catch up, pull, alternate side breathing
    6 25's breaststroke
    6 25's otter.

    My swim coach is out of town for the holidays, I really feel I need a change of pase, this workout is becoming effortless unless I shorten the times, but then again I feel the technique may begin to weaken.

    Also wish I had someone to do these swim workouts with!!
  15. Strength and swim

    Deadlift 135, 2nd crtct 145#
    Swing KB 35# 20x 2 circuits fast
    Asst pull ups 10x 2 crcts
    spd skiers 6x 2 crcts fast
    Bridge drag 20# 20x 2 crcts
    kneeling side throw 16# 2 crcts fast
    Back Sqt 80# 2crcts
    Sqt jump fast
    OH press 60# 2 crcts
    Push Prs 30# fast

    450 warm up
    10 50's mix kick,free, back, breast, dolphin,otter
    6 25's caterpillar
    6 100's catch up, pull, tight turns, power off wall
    6 25's breaststroke
    6 25's otter
    350 easy cool
  16. Incredibly tired after this one!

    Warm up easy 450
    10 25's kick sets, free, back,breast,dolphin,otter.
    6 25's dolphin
    6 150's catch up,pull
    6 25's breaststroke
    6 25's otter
    450 mod pace, strong off the wall.

    did this set 2x
    5,000 yes total.
    Swim Workouts
  17. Strength & Swim

    Deadlifts 135# 6, 145#3 2 circuits
    KB swng fast35# 20 2 crcts
    Asst pull up 10 2 crcts
    Spd ski fast 6 2 crcts
    Brdg drg 20# 2 crcts
    Knl sad thr fast 16#5 2 crcts
    Bk Sqt 80#5 2 crts
    Sqt jmp 5 fast 2crts
    OH Prs 60#4 2crts
    Psh press fast30#2 crcts.

    Long 500 easy
    4;25's Otter
    4;25's back easy
    4;25's caterpillar
    8;50's kick mix kick sets
    2;400 cool

    I can't thank my my personal trainer Chris Ritter enough for all my progress. His excellent guidance has made me become a stronger swimmer!
    And my personal coach Corrie UH COOG's for helping me with percition, giving me great direction and confidence to face up coming competitions!!
  18. Outdoor pools finaly open

    Its been months since last post,
    nevertheless still going strong with Chris Ritter strength training. DL's like 165#, back sqts 95# and over head press55# amongst other crazy looking faces exercise with strenuous pushes and pulls. What a difference in my swimming the w/o's have made. In the mid of my swim workouts at about after 2000m (variety sets) its as if my body is a speed boat on top the water!! amazing.. I'm sure its all in my head!! and for me that's ok.. I just love to swim!!

    Here in Houston the weather is great and the outdoor pools (not all) have finally opened up!! Totally could use some sun!!

    I've been teaching adults to swim (I'm ALTS Inst.) and am loving every moment of it. Feels great to help people achieve their goals learning to swim and feeling more confident in the pool!!
  19. Ouch!! my back..

    While still trying to strength train and swim, my back is somewhat kinda letting up.. Last week I had helped my brother move into his new home and I had felt just fine afterward. Well, so I thought. Monday August 31st I woke up feeling a little sore and started my day as usual, dog walkies, work, and in the evening went to do my dryland w/o. It was then when I realized as I was picking up the 145#bar for deadlift that I had pulled something in my mid upper back. My masseuse says its the Latissimus Dorsi muscle. I continued my strength with slight pain, stepped into the Jacuzzi for a short while and went for my massage. Tuesday took it easy. Wednesday had my dryland strength and sent the video to Chris (my trainer) and he also told me to take some time off. I can't.. but I am working around that part of my back. I feel I am almost at the top of my game and don't want to loose progress.. I will dryland today with the exception of certain exercises Chris told me I could do and not do the exercises that would aggravate that part of my back .. I feel ok today, and will w/o with caution..

    Thursday swim;
    200 extremely easy
    1650 free with pull buoy
    : (
    Swim Workouts
  20. Speed set w/o dryland

    Wish I had more time post.. I enjoy exploring through the usms site, I feel more connected to what I love to do the most in life. I've been researching looking for a person swim coach that can get me in gear to compete spring season 2016. My coach referred me to a one on one coach but, only offers 2 sessions a month ($300) with 4 additional individual w/o.. may as well just stay with the large group I currently swim with.. my work schedule is what keeps me from meeting with my coach and his w/o sessions.. I'll figure something out!!
    On the other hand my strength training is going well. And I can most definitely feel the power of my strength in the pool, just wish I knew how to utilize every ounce of energy and strength simultaneously..

    Deadlifts 145#8x2sets slow
    Swing KB 30#12x2sets FAST
    Asst Pull ups 10x2sets slow
    Slam MedBall 15#6x2sets FAST
    Back Sqt Barbell 55#6x2sets slow
    Sqt Jump 5x2sets FAST
    Overhead Press Barbell 45#5x2sets slow
    Push Press 20#5x2sets FAST
    Half Turkish getup 10#3x2sets slow
    Kneeling sidethrow Medball 15#5x2sets FAST

    Still swimming strong and coach tells me I'm ready for competition.. I need more training..
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