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Katia J Hoberman

  1. Time zone

    How do you correct the time zone?..
  2. Dryland

    I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight.. I did my stretch today nice and slow readying myself for new Monday workout program http://Rittersp (my trainer) has made for me. This starts a new month and the workout is challenging, but great!
    Deadlift barbell 95# 5x 2 reps
    Opposite Bridge 12x 2 reps
    Batwing 25# 5x 2 reps
    Waiter Carry dumbbell 15# 20 yrd ea arm 2 reps
    TRX Pull up 7x 2 reps
    Single arm chest press 25# 8x 2 reps
    Core Push 40# 6x 2 reps
    I really felt this workout!! Soaked in the jacuzzi for a few minutes before shower.. Wanted to fall asleep on the shower bench.. btw... I may have!!
  3. New Swim workout

    w/u 800scy
    300 free
    200 kick
    300 pull

    Drill set 200
    4x50 drill free work on stroke length
    1; fist free w thumbs inside fingers
    2;catch up
    3;catch up w finger tip drag
    4;straight free w focus on stroke count per 25

    Main set 1250
    1x25 on 30 sec interval
    1x50 on 50sec interval
    1x75 on 1:20 interval
    1x100 trying to work at 500 goal pace(feels impossible)

    Cool down
    200 easy free

    After this workout, I laid down on the couch at the JCC women's exec locker room and crashed for about 30 min. Never slept so well..LOL!! My goal is to swim as close to the 500 pace as possible.. extremely challenging, but I love it so much!!
  4. Deadlift challange

    Aarrgh!! So, although I've said I'm liking my strength training(which I am) My trainer up weights and rep on me this week. I'm feeling good, but look forward to my swim tomorrow at the ERJCC indoor pool...

    Shoulder mobility
    Lat stretch
    Seated Wall Angel
    Hip Circuits
    Cook Squats
    Single Leg Sit Down

    Deadlift 12x40# (was a great challenge) held on to my form!! yea!!
    Alternating Bridge 40x
    Batwing 10x25#
    Core Push Cable 12x35#
    Pull up TRX14
    Goblet Squat24x20#
    Single arm Chest Press12x25#

    Went for a 90 minute massage to get some soreness out!! totally worked. I'm feeling great and ready for a great swim!!
  5. strong swim

    Good afternoon! going to hit the weights this evening and pretty amped on my workout this week. Chris has changed it up a little with a little heavier weights and a little more reps. Totally will keep good form and strong legs and back! I had a pretty strong swim Monday and after my cool down I could still feel the heat radiating out of my swim cap!! Totally funny! was just floating on my back waiting to feel cooled down!!

    650w/u free
    400 sprint scy 1min rest
    1000mod/fast pace free
    200cool down
    Swim Workouts
  6. 100%

    Finally!! alas!! Feeling myself again!! those were tough and difficult down days.
    Let's see... Thursday;

    Shoulder Mobility
    Lat Stretch
    Hip circuits
    cook squats
    Single leg sit down

    Deadlifts 20x 35#
    Alternating bridge 46x
    Core Push20x35#
    pull up TRX12x
    Goblet squat20x
    Single arm chest press 30x20#
    Pike plank mball16x1 min rest

    Saturday swim;
    400w/u free
    300sprint25scy 1min rest
    550mod/fast free
    200cool down

    So good to be a happy little fish!!
  7. Live to try another day! : )

    Good morning, Ok, so I'm feeling alittle better after yesterdays light swim. Seems like only my left shoulder blade rhomboids area is a little tender. I'm going to do my stretching "function" from my program Chris had customized for me. If all is still well I will attempt the pool with ease. I do wake up stiff and its alittle difficult to move around at first but once I'm up and moving I can tell my body is recuperating. Hopefully my morning dose of chlorophyll is doing something as well!! Have a good day and nice swim!!

    light swim yesterday:

    350 w/u free/back alt, slow and easy
    400 catch
    300 kick
    800 free slow and easy, smooth rotation
  8. Set back but, I'm back

    Hello swimmers! I kind of fell out of the fish bowl. Minor set back from a massage gone terribly wrong. My masseuse was out of town this past weekend, whom in see 2x a week. So, brilliant me decided to go to a spa called Panacea (never been) and what was suppose to be a 90 min session turned into 2 hours. He (the masseuse ) said he needed the extra time "reset" my muscles and that they were all out of whack. I told him several times he was hurting me in which he said he was barely applying any pressure. Yesterday I could barely walk around. My upper and lower back felt as If someone was sitting on it. I told Chris my trainer what had happened and he immediately called me and gave me some pointers and also cheered me up, I was pretty down. I couldn't swim, I couldn't strength train. Today feeling about 80% and swam light and easy. I can't wait to feel like myself again!
  9. Dryland workout

    I'm feeling much stronger since I've started strength training with Chris. I can absolutely feel the difference as I propel though the water on every stoke ie; free and back. My hands catch the water and with great strength my arms pull almost effortlessly. In the past my arms and legs would tire out and with the same distance it's as if my limbs say "ok, lets do more". I'm being cautious to keep from over exerting myself and end up pulling or straining something. That being said, I absolutely understand why swimmers and other athletes train with

    Shoulder Mobility
    Lat Stretch
    Hip Circuits
    Cook squats
    Sit single leg

    Deadlifts 12x30#
    Alter Bridge 32
    Batwing 10x25#
    Core push 16x30#
    Pull up TRX 10
    Squat kettle ball 16x20#
    Single arm chess press 24x20#
    Core stability ball

    This evening, swimming working on w/u, drills and distance. Funny thing lastnigh, I had a dream I was swimming working on dolphin kicking and could see the sun and the water waves through my goggles and see my air bubbles come out as I streamed through the water... weird!! LOL!!
  10. Oxner/Oxen

    HaHa!! you're funny pwb.. I enjoyed reading your post, made me laugh.. and no I'm not going to look up the snipping job/reasons on the Oxen!! Thanks for the smile! : )

    Okee doke!! I had great swim I had not had the chance to blog about! Currently working on drills/timing.. On the 20th I swam;

    550 warm up
    500 pull bouy
    325 sprint
    1000 mod/fast pace
    just a quick workout in the pool, regretfully couldn't stay longer.. I so dislike short days in the water!
    Swim Workouts
  11. Water easier than land

    Good morning, I can't wait to hit the water today! Yesterday was weights and my trainer Rittersp upped the weights and reps.. Kind of sore today but not hurting.. Actually feels good!! My goal it to increase my strength in order to propel through the water with stronger strokes ie, free and back and increase my endurance. Today will work on some drills and end with a good distance swim (1650m) mod/fast pace..

    Yesterday's workout;
    shoulder Mobility
    wind up stretch/ lat stretch
    seated wall angel
    hip circuits
    cook squats (not a favorite)
    single leg sit down
    deadlifts 30#
    alternating bridge (plank movement) 2x, 16
    batwing 25#
    core push cable 30#
    seated pull up TRX
    goblet squat 20#
    single arm chest press 25#
    stir the pot (core)(lg stability ball)
  12. Swimming

    I'm in San Antonio for the weekend staying at eilan resort hotel. Awesome indoor heated pool. Although I'm on not in my norm routine I swam 3200m Saturday splitting it up with sprints and back, majority of my swim was free.. Still miss my pool at the J..
    Swim Workouts
  13. Stronger strokes

    Good morning, just finished drinking my chlorophyll (gave up the morning cup of coffee a month ago) and excited to hit the weights today at the J!! never would I have thought those words would come out of me.. I'm training with Chris Ritters on line Athlete and the program he has me on is making such a tremendous difference in my swim, my arms feel each long and strong stoke and my legs feel more powerful in kicking. In all my body is lasting longer in the pool and I'm coming out of the water feeling workout not wiped out. Everything and everywhere feels goods, rhomboids, arms and shoulders no pain, hips and hamstrings not tightening up, neck and upper back strong and muscular. I absolutely love my "Function" a series of stretches I do every day which I believe is the major outcome of my performance in the pool along with the strength training with the weights.

    Enjoy your day and next swim!
  14. body's changing

    Good evening, I've been adamant with my strength training program I follow from Rittersp and feeling the difference in my body and in my swim. I will say that I'm finding myself more hungry than usual in the evenings especially after a harder swim. Not quite sure what I should eat at such a late hour by the time I get home from the J which is like around 9:00p.. Before I started my dryland workout I swam in the evenings and would be somewhat satisfied with just a protein shake and go to sleep a little hungry.. not the case anymore.. get full on water? LOL!!

    Stretches today upper back, under shoulder blades..feels oh so good
    Stretched lower body hips, quads and hamstrings

    Light swim this evening; 200m sprint, 1000m mod pace long and strong focused on riding hips and catch and pull..

    funny I can feel my muscles in my back as I move around in my chair..feels good, I feel like my body is changing.. In a good way!!

    Good night, sleep well and enjoy your next swim!!
  15. Stretch and swim

    Good morning! I had a productive Sunday, enjoyed my stretch routine from Rittersp program I'm on, I've been on my program a full 7 day week and Sunday I had a phenomenal swim!
    275m sprint in 25m
    350m mod pace focus on swimming long and strong strokes and catch and pull
    1700m mod/fast pace breathing every stroke.

    my body didn't not feel tired nor sore. If anything my body felt strong and alive!!
  16. Dryland and Swim

    Good morning! Totally happy with the workout program Chris Ritter has set up for me. There are two parts to my program one being my "function" performed every day and second being strength which he has me doing 3 times a week.

    function: Strength:
    Shoulder mobility w/ tennis ball Deadlifts
    Wind up stretch Alternating Bridge
    Seated Wall Angel Batwing
    Hip Circuits Core push cable
    Cook Squat Flexed arm hang
    Single let sit down Goblet Squat
    Single arm Chest press
    Stir the pot stability ball

    When I was done with my dryland I came home and crashed on the couch for about 30 minutes. I'm not used to napping but my body sure told me other wise.

    Went to the J at 7:00p in the evening and put in some swim time
    500 easy
    100 side kick right side
    100 side kick left side
    100 flutter kick
    700 alt easy/sprint

    Today I will work on my sprints and focus on stroke technique, riding hips, catch and pull and focus on kicking while breathing (Cockie L) video. Have a nice day and an excellent swim!!
  17. starting my dryland workout

    Good afternoon! Well, I did my assessment and stability test yesterday videoing with my IPAD and sent it in to I had gotten an email this morning from Chris who is going to go over my assessment. It was a little tuff since dryland is new for me but I'm ready for the strength training challenge. In the evening I did Stewart's workout.. I enjoyed the line up of the workout.. and going to make another go at it tonight. Life is good staying healthy and eating right.. and of course swimming.
  18. Chris Ritter On line Athlete

    Good afternoon, I met with the 2 Trainers yesterday 1:00 then 2:00 and didn't feel like they were what I'm looking for. I had discovered last week and decided it would be best for me to join Ritters on Athlete. Today I'm going to the J to video my assessment and stability test and send it in.

    This evening swimming!! I copy pasted Stewart Carroll's warm up, main and warm down sets... wish I had gills!!
  19. A good kind of sore

    I woke up this morning ready to hit the pool, although I was a little sore from the dryland workout I knew I just needed to swim it off. The ladies locker room at the J is always really cold so when I sneezed I had to hold my core blurting out OUCH!! it hurt to sneeze..LOL.. so funny, my core was more sore than I thought.. I smiled.. Its a good kind of sore.

    worked on
    side breathing with k board alternating sides 200m
    flutter kick w/ k board driving hips 200m
    catch and pull w/ pull buoy 950m
    my left leg cramped up on me as I was squeezing the buoy so I gave it a rest and stretched it out and cooled down.. All in all was a great swim.. I miss my distance swimming but I feel better in all with these new drills..
    We shall see what tomorrow brings.. swim long and strong!!
  20. Great workout weights

    Good morning and happy Sunday!
    The "Prevention of Shoulder Injuries in Aquatic Sports" video from FINA is a phenomenal. I did some dry land yesterday with light weights and long reps being cautious to not over exert myself. I followed the instructional video doing "CORE" "side plank raises" holding 30 sec 6 sets, "Quadraped" holding 30 sec 6 sets, "chair Pelvic Tilt Crunch" 15 3 sets, SCAPULAR MUSCLE; 'Hitch Hiker 25x 6sets, "Scapular Push Up" 20x 6 reps, "Isolated Shrug" 20x 6 reps, "The Swimmer" 15x 6 sets, ROTATOR CUFF EXERCISE; "Ball on the Wall" 30x 6 sets. Exceptional workout!

    I woke up feeling a little sore but a good sore like I did something! I have two meetings today with person trainers to help me with my goal of strength training. I just love swimming and want to do it so well.. whatever it takes..right?.. giving it my all.. Have a great day!!.. I'm swimming today!!
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