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  1. Today's practice

    Today only 3 people showed up for practice:
    Too bad because it was actually a really good workout:

    I swam by myself in a middle lane:

    I got there a few minutes early and swam a 300yd to loosen up after lifting and before the real practice started:

    Warm up:
    150 free kick
    150 im drill (no free)
    12x25 back kick @30
    I did another 50 at the end....
    total warm up: 1,100yards

    Main Set:
    6x [100IM @1:30, 4x50 @:55, 4x25 @:25]
    50's: 1,4 = Fly/Bk 2,5 = bk/brst 3,6 =brst/fr
    25's: 1,4 =fly 2,5=back 3,6=breast

    Rest 1minute after rounds 2 and 4

    =2,400 yards

    Kick Set:
    6x 100 kick @2:15 free kick w/board

    =600 yards

    Drill Set:
    20x50s @ :50 5=finger drag 5=catch-up 5=25 polo/25 swim 5=Perfect form

    Warm Down:

    total= 5,200 yards
  2. Tuesday September 30th

    Weight routine
    Running: ran 1.5 miles and walked .25 at the beginning and end.

    Swim Practice: 7-9 pm, SCY swam in lane 10 (against bulkhead) with 3 other people.

    Warm Up:
    3x [100 75k/25sw freestyle @10 seconds rest, 10x25 breaststroke (Low Stroke Count) @:40, 10x25 kick w/o a board (12.5yards underwater) @:35] (1,800yards)

    Main Set:
    3x [5x100 freestyle @ 1:25, 200 IM @4:00)

    100 ez
    Aerobic Set:
    20x50 freestyle @:50 (1,000)

    200 warm down

    Total: 5,200yards
  3. Saturday Sept 27th

    Went to the gym this evening:

    weights: I use the Body Master weight training I think they serve my purpose just fine...and I hate dealing with all the meat heads in the actual free weight section:

    Lateral Raise machine (works deltoids, upper trapezius and serratus anterior): 35lbs 3x12

    90-degree chest press (pectoralis major, triceps, anterior deltoids): 55lbs 3x12

    Abductor: (abductor group): 90lbs 3x12
    Adductor: (adductor group): 120lbs 3x12

    Leg Press (Quadriceps, hamstrings): 140lbs 3x12

    Biceps curl (brachii, brachials): 35lbs 3x12

    Triceps Press: 60lbs 3x12

    Lat Pull-Down (latissimus dors, rhomboids): 50lbs 3x12

    I also plan to work in a few light weight free weight activities at home--I've just been having a hard time finding the time to get everything in with all the work I have with the new clinic I am placed at.

    Right now that weight regiment is at 65% my maximum and I will use those weights and reps for at least 2 weeks...I haven't lifted since January or February and being sick all spring and summer...I've lost a lot of muscle mass and want to bring it back slowly.

    Then I biked:
    Fat Burning/Strength ride: 25minutes, 8miles, level 15(max) 244calories

    Then I ran:
    walked .50miles @3.5 @1.5 incline
    Ran 1.0 @6.5 @1.5 incline
    walked .25miles @4.0 @1.5incline
    Ran .75 @6.5 @1.5 incline
    Ran .15miles @7.0 @1.5incline
    Ran .10miles @7.5 @1.5incline
    Walked .15miles @3.7 @1.5incline
    walked .10miles @3.5 @0 incline
    3.0miles, 231 vertical distance, 357 calories, 34 minutes.

    Tomorrow I hope to get in some abs, a bike ride and a swim.
  4. Thursday Sept 25th

    Thursday I went to the gym in the morning 8-930. I did my weight routine and then had a nice run on the treadmill (walked .25miles @3.5 and 1.5incline) (ran 1.75miles @6.5 @1.5 incline) (ran .25 miles @7.5 @1.5 incline) walked .50miles @3.7 @1.5 incline) (walked .25miles @ 3.3. @0.0 incline) = 3.00miles

    Then in the evening (7-9pm) I had swim practice:
    Our coach is in FL for the week so today's practice she sent us and we basically ran ourself. Only a few kids came anyways.

    Warm up:
    200 swim
    6x100 (25 stroke/ 50free/ 25k) @1:45
    12x25 long streamlines/ strong breakouts @:30

    6x broken 200:
    #1. 150 free descend @2:10
    50 free all out @1:05
    #2. 50 fly @.55
    100 (50bk/50breast) @ 1:45
    50 free (fingertip drag) @.55
    #3. 6x25 back descend by 3 @ .30
    50 back 4 second hesitation @ 1:00
    #4. 6x 25 breast @.30
    50 breast (2 kicks 1 pull) @ 1:00
    #5. same as #2
    #6 same as #1

    12x50 best non-free stroke 25drill/25 swim @1:10
    --did fly and back alternatively--

    4x 100 25ez/75 hard kick @2:30
    did 2 with a board/ 2 without a board

    I did a 500 warm-down to bring my total to 4,000 yards. I used paddles for the first 300.


    I didn't get to the gym yesterday but plan to head over there sometime today.
  5. Welcome back Michael Phelps...dont you feel special?

    So I got to the Loyola gym tonight around 530pm...and there was a lot of commotion around the windows that look into the swimming pool where the varsity team was practicing. I figured they were doing the barf set and people were just gawking at that mess.

    Went and did my weight routine which I will actually explain better tomorrow or Thursday, because I have a lot of work I need to get done tonight still.

    As I was doing my weights some kid came over and asked if we could split reps on a machine and while he was waiting for me to finish my rep he was talking to his buddy and they were kinda whispering. Bottomline, they wanted to know if each other had seen Michael Phelps in the pool. So in other words, Michael Phelps being back in town and making his appearances= Loyola Athletic center= place to be. Everyone was an athlete today...let me tell you.

    I think it's kinda of annoying...he swam with the varsity team--which I have been told is an insurance issue--I can't swim with the varsity team--because I'm not on the team and therefore the schools insurance doesn't cover me. I understand he's Michael Phelps...but still. That isn't really what annoys me...he must really like the attention though come from his pool to ours and be gawked and gaped at by hundreds of college girls and boys.

    But anyways, after my weights I ran 1mile and walked .65miles. I went for a fast run this time rather than the 2miles I have been running at a little slower pace.

    Then it was time for swim practice:
    100drill IM
    4x75: drill, kick, swim choice stroke @1:40

    20x50s: @50
    4=fingertip drag
    4=4second hesitation backstroke
    4=25fly/25 free
    4=3-2-1 backstroke drill
    4=fingertip drag

    5x[75, 50, 25, 25, 50, 75] @25sec base
    1. every shallow-deep lap =free, every deep-shallow lap=breast
    2.75s moderate, 50build, 25 sprint freestyle
    3. every shallow-deep lap =free, every deep-shallow lap=back
    4. choice (freestyle)
    5. kick

    20x25 kick (2 free, 2back, 2 breast and repeat) @30

    4x50 sprint kick @1:45

    200 warm down

  6. A few days later....

    I went to the gym on Thursday before practice and ran 2 miles and walked 1 mile. I also did my weight machine routines.

    Swim practice was pretty crowded...i think there were 4 other people in the lane with me. I led the lane:

    3x 150swim 50kick (600)
    get out and stretch
    100 long and loose
    4x 200im drill/swim by 25 (30second rest) 100IM 85% (20 second rest) (1,200)
    12x75 O:fly, back, breast E: back, breast, free
    build @ 1:20
    20x25 O=catch-up drill E= any free drill @45secs (treadwater during break in between 25s)
    Starts and turns: 250
    Warm-down: 100ez

    Total: 3,650 scyards

    Today I went to the gym and ellipticalled for 35minutes and biked for 50 minutes (30min strength ride, 20minute fat burning ride) Then I did my weight routine.

    ==the loyola boys swim team is always in the weight room when I am there, its awesome to see how good of shape they are in and how serious they take their swimming careers...they each were teaching each other new exercises for Abs, and back/shoulders today. Never saw that at my undergraduate school==
  7. Take 2 on first day back

    swim club looks like its gonna be pretty fun. We actually had a very good turnout and they were like disappointed! I was like WTF this is a bigger "team" than my college team!

    We only swam for about an hour:


    3x3x100: @1:25 with 2:00 inbetween each set of 3

    6x25 breast pull-outs

    4x25 long and ez

    very nice.

    I'm gonna be sore tomorrow after all that...sheesh
  8. Getting Back in!

    So...I've taken a 6.5month hiatus due to health issues and an overall aversion to the system (aka coach)...but now I am in Baltimore, MD in graduate school and wanted to get back into it.

    I'm hoping to go to the GMU Sprint Classic at the end of October as my first meet back into it...that doesn't give me too much time...but I also will not expect to do great things there...and personally I don't think it takes to much training to do a 50free or 50fly.

    So today was my second day at the gym. I went Saturday as well and ran, biked and lifted.

    September 16th 2008:
    830am: ran 2miles on treadmill broken up with .25fast walking @1.5incline for a total of 3miles.

    9:15am: lifted using cybermax weight systems: chest press, tricep press, arm curl, lat pull downs and a few others.

    9:45am: Swim: 25scy Loyola pool. Swam alone.

    3x200 kick @4:30 #1,3 with board #2 w/o
    200 DPS
    16x50 #1-8 w/ paddles #9-16 swim w/o
    200 DPS @.45
    16x50 kick Odds=free @1:00, Evens to 8=25 breast, 25free @1:10 Evens 10-16= under water dolphin kick
    200 DPS
    4x100 IM, #s 3-4 reverse im @ 2:00 (held 1:18)
    200 warm down

    for a total of 4,400 yards on my first day back.

    Then when I got out and into the hottub a woman approached me and asked me if I was gonna be doing the club team which I said yes. Turns out, that starts 7-9 I have another pool workout. Tomorrow is gonna be tough!