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Swimming Through Jello

  1. 1/3/19 Workout

    by , January 3rd, 2019 at 10:08 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Thursday, 1/3/2019 Pool Workout

    Still feeling a little beat up, but that's OK - don't need a lot of pop yet at this point in the season. Will sacrifice that for getting a little stronger right now. Just kept moving today, nothing too noteworthy.

    3x{100 free 1:30
    100 IM 1:40
    100 bk drill 1:50
    100 k 2:00}

    4x{4x50 1:00
    1,2 - dr/k
    3 - cruise free
    4 - build}

    3x{4x100 1:45
    1 - cruise free
    2 - IM
    3 - double strong stroke IM no free (back)
    4 - double weak stroke IM no free (fly)}

    6x50 dr/sw ez 1:00

    100 IM fast

    200 warmdown


    Started looking at pricing for flights/hotels/rental car for Nationals - looks like it would be closing in on $1k... which is a lot to spend for a swim meet. That plus getting the bill for my colonoscopy and being pretty significantly higher than I expected and I'm having some second thoughts about going there. So... my coach mentioned this as a possibility and I'm going to look into it... I may sign up for a USA-S meet in February to qualify for Sectionals (they are at Mizzou which is relatively close!) and do a day or two of them mostly unrested, and then use Ozark SCY Champs the last weekend of March as my taper meet. Gotta decide pretty quick though because February isn't that far away.

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