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Swimming Through Jello

  1. 7/18/19 Workout

    by , July 18th, 2019 at 09:36 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Afternoons are getting pretty oppressively hot/humid the rest of the week, so did some yoga in the basement on Wednesday. Then storm rolled in so it actually got the pool to a decent temperature for this morning.

    Thursday, 7/18/2019 Pool Workout
    Kennedy Rec Center (LCM)

    6x200 :15 rest 1-5 add-on backstroke, 6 IM

    3x8x50 IMO
    1st set - k 1:00
    2nd set - drill 1:10
    3rd set - sw 1:10 push short-axis strokes

    4x4x50 1:00 V.S.
    1st set - fly
    2nd set - fly k/fins
    3rd set - free
    4th set - free k/fins

    200 warmdown


    1 more week outside/long course, apparently. Probably good since the real summer heat is starting to show up. Have a softball game tonight if we get enough people to field a full team.