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Swimming Through Jello

  1. 5/31/18 Workout

    by , May 31st, 2018 at 09:01 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Easy one today, swam with the CrossFit people. Needed an easier day, my body is feeling beat up from this week (and last week, haven't had a rest day in a hot minute).

    Thursday, 5/31/2018 Pool Workout

    200 fr/100 k
    4x25 k underwater
    4x50 IMO
    8x25 swim fast
    2x50 drill
    4x25 swim fast
    2x50 swim fast dive
    100 EZ
  2. 5/30/2018

    by , May 30th, 2018 at 08:25 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Showed up at Ultimate Frisbee league last night and apparently "rec league" means high school and just out of high school frisbee club players (even though there are "competitive leagues" offered). So I had my first I'm Getting Old moment when I realized it's very difficult for a 29 year old, 190# sprinter in street shoes to change direction as quickly as 120 pound high schoolers in cleats. Quads and calves are sore but I assisted and scored a goal when I started to get the hang of it again by the end.

    Wednesday, 5/30/2018 CrossFit Workout

    Warmup - plyos, stretching, lots of movement warmup

    Was the head coach's 50th birthday today, so...

    "Filthy Fifty"
    50 box jumps 24"
    50 jumping pullups
    50 KB swings 1 pd
    50 walking lunges
    50 K2E
    50 push press 45#
    50 back extensions
    50 wall balls 20#
    50 burpees
    50 double unders
  3. 5/28-5/29 Workouts

    by , May 29th, 2018 at 08:47 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Monday 5/28/2018 CrossFit - Memorial Day Murph

    It's a CrossFit tradition to to do the "hero workout" Murph on Memorial Day. It's simple, it's pretty infinitely scalable up or down, it's a challenge no matter how you do it. So it's a good way to get everybody together for a tough workout and a bit of remembrance for the holiday. I did it with the 20# (actually 21 or so) vest for the first time this year.

    Warmup - plyos, stretching, jogging, gymnastic warmup

    Conditioning - "Murph"
    Wearing 20# weight vest throughout...
    1 mile run
    then, broken up however,
    100 pullups
    200 pushups
    300 squats
    1 mile run


    Tuesday, 5/29/2018, Pool Workout

    Pretty sore from Murph yesterday.

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p

    300 bk/fr 5:00
    4x100 fr 1:40
    6x50 st/fr 1:00

    2x200 k/fins 3:10
    4x100 bk/fr - fr 1:40
    4x50 fr :50

    4x100 p/pads & snorkel 2-1:40, 2-1:30
    8x50 1:00 - 2 EZ, 4 st/fr, 2 sprint/EZ


    //Didn't get much warmdown time, got in a little late and club team was chomping at the bit to get in when I was finishing up. Got first Ultimate Frisbee league game tonight, first time playing since college!

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  4. Weekend Workouts

    by , May 27th, 2018 at 11:09 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Saturday, 5/26/2018 CrossFit Workout

    Warmup - stretching, plyos

    Strength - One-Arm Farmer's Carry - 4x30m ea arm, worked up to 140 I think (don't remember how much the handle weighs)

    Conditioning - In teams of two, break up any way (both partners must run, switch ball holder)
    800m med ball run 20#
    80 DB snatch 50#
    80 wall ball 20#
    600m med ball run
    60 DB snatch
    60 wall ball

    28:23 - I did most of the med ball carrying and DB snatches, Laura did most of the wall balls.

    Sunday, 5/27/2018 Pool Workout

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p

    4x200 3:30 100 IM/100 fr
    4x50 :50 fr

    4x150 2:45 k/fins
    4x100 1:50 25 bk/75 fr

    4x100 1:40 p/pads and snorkel
    4x50 1:00 k/fins and snorkel
    4x25 :30 IMO fast(ish)

    300 warmdown 50 progressive breaststroke/50 EZ


    //Didn't mind longer intervals today, still getting used to long course and also pretty dang sore from this week of training. Getting back into heavier training cycles from taper is harder than I remembered!
  5. 5/25/18 Workout

    by , May 25th, 2018 at 08:01 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Friday 5/25/2018 CrossFit Workout

    Warmup - jogging/plyos, stretching

    Strength -
    A) 1-Arm DB Front Squat (per arm) - 50/10, 55/10, 60/10
    B) BtN Push Press - 115/12, 135/12, 155/12

    Conditioning -
    AMRAP 15
    20 Rus. KB swings, 70#
    20 lateral box step-over
    60m 1-arm OH carry (ea arm) 50# DB
    10 kipping pullups
    4 rounds + 41 reps
  6. 5/23-5/24 Workout

    by , May 24th, 2018 at 08:31 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Wednesday, 5/23/2018, Garage Power Work

    Came down with a cold a couple days ago so slept in a just did some lifting in the garage after work.

    Warmup - general stretching/plyos, barbell warmup

    Snatch Balance - 95/2, 135/3, 155/2, 179/2, 189/2,2, 195/2,2,2

    Hang Power Snatch - 95/2, 115/2, 135/2, 155/2, 165/2,2, 170/2,2,2

    A work set from each:

    Thursday, 5/24/2018, Pool Workout
    Crestview Middle School LCM

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p/100 IM dr
    8x50 snorkel - 2 fr k, 2 fr p, 2 br k, 2 fl k

    3x(6x100 1:40, o-cruise, e-at least 5 seconds faster)

    300 warmdown - o 50s EZ, e 50s progressive breaststroke
    //If I'm becoming a breaststroker I might as well embrace it and do some breaststroke every day!


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  7. 5/22/18 Workout

    by , May 22nd, 2018 at 08:15 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    5/22/2018 CrossFit Workout

    Warmup - plyos, gymnastic warmup

    Strength (deload week) - Pause Back Squat - 45/3, 135/3, 195/3x6

    Conditioning -
    5x{30 air squats, 20 cal row, 10 lateral over-rower burpees} @ 4:00
    2:01, 1:56, 1:55, 1:55, 1:48

    //Wasn't sandbagging, that was just everything I had left on the burpees.

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  8. 5/19, 5/21 Workout

    by , May 21st, 2018 at 08:55 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Saturday, 5/19/2018 Garage Power Work

    Warmup - general warmup, stretching, barbell warmup

    Power Clean - 135/2, 165/2, 185/2, 205/2, 225/2x5

    Power Jerk - 135/2, 165/2, 185/2, 205/2, 225/2x3

    KB swing - 53#/30x4

    Monday, 5/21/2018 Pool Workout
    Crestview Middle School LCM

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p/100 IM dr

    2x200 - 1 bk/fr 3:45, 2 fr 3:15
    4x100 - e IM 2:00, o fr 1:45

    2x150 pull 1 fr/bk/fr 2:30, 2 fr 2:45
    4x100 k fins 1:40

    4x100 IM 2:00 progressive fast 25
    6x50 1:10 e bk EZ, o fr build

    2x100 fr 1:40
    8x50 1:10 o kick IMO fast, e EZ

    100 warmdown

  9. 5/18/18 Workout

    by , May 18th, 2018 at 08:33 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Friday, 5/18/2018 Pool Workout

    Half LCM/Half SCM (lightning so we had to go inside - and the SCM pool was probably 84 degrees or so), 100% breaking taper fun!

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p

    2x200 fr 3:20
    4x100 2-fr 1:45, 2-IM 2:00
    4x50 fr 1:00

    2x200 k/fins 3:15
    3x100 k/fins 1:40
    2x50 br 1:00

    2x200 p/pads 3:10
    4x100 2-fr 1:40, 2-IM 2:00
    4x50 IMO/ez by 25 1:10

    200 warmdown

    3700m (geez, that's like 4000 yards... I don't do that much normally!)

    Didn't really care about fast intervals/performance but I did get going a bit in the last block of stuff.

    Pro tip: Don't break your taper with your first long course swim in 8 year! Oh boy!

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  10. 5/16/18 Workout

    by , May 16th, 2018 at 08:21 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Wednesday, 5/16/2018 CrossFit Workout

    Warmup - run, shoulder warmup, core work

    Skill - EMOM 9
    1 - 5 slow strict ring dips
    2 - 5 strict pullups
    3 - 5 pike handstand pushups off box

    Conditioning -
    800m run
    3x{3 muscleups, 6 115# hang power clean, 9 box jump}
    400m run
    3x{3 muscleups, 6 115# hang power clean, 9 box jump}
    800m run


    I think my CNS is pretty fried at this point. Not sleeping well and felt like I was just going through the motions today. Easy swim tomorrow unless morning comes around and I feel too groggy.
  11. 5/15/18 Workout

    by , May 15th, 2018 at 08:18 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Back to the gym! Wasn't quite ready for the alarm this morning but made it up and out. Normal pool is closed for a month for cleaning/painting/maintenance but I think I have a place to swim occasionally until it opens back up. May go later this week, may take this week out of the water. Haven't decided yet.

    Tuesday, 5/15/2018 CrossFit Workout

    Warmup - burpees, squat warmup, stretching, barbell warmup

    Strength -
    Pause Back Squat - 135/2, 185/2, 225/2,2,2, 245/2, 255/2, 265/2
    Pause Front Squat - 135/1, 185/1, 205/1,1,1, 225/1, 245/1
    //Took it pretty light on these, still probably going to be sore tomorrow.

    Conditioning -
    42 cal row
    21 thrusters 95#
    30 cal assault bike
    15 thrusters 95#
    18 cal ski erg
    9 thrusters 95#
  12. 5/11-5/13/18 Nationals!

    by , May 14th, 2018 at 08:50 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Very long but very fun weekend! I think, given all the circumstances (8 months back in the water after 6 years off, training on average 3 days a week for an hour a pop, with adult responsibilities instead of being in school) this was probably a top 3 meet for me performance-wise - and I score some points for St Louis Area Masters, to help us to an 8th place finish on the weekend! Indy was awesome as usual, Indy Aquatic Masters ran one heck of a meet for having nearly 2400 people competing - I don't think they were ever more than about 20 minutes behind the schedule, and Sunday we ended 15 minutes early!

    Here's my recap:

    Did my 1400 general meet warmup every morning (300 sw, 200 k, 8x50 k/dr dr/sw, 3x100 aerobic, 200 easy); then about a 400 specific warmup before each race and 200-300 warmdown after.


    200 Free - 1:47.45 (24.51/26.99/27.72/28.23) 17th place - Don't have to look too far to see the piano that landed on my back the back half! Not a great start to the meet but I hadn't really been training 200s too seriously.

    50 Breast - 27.42, 12th place - A bit frantic/spinning my wheels. A best time (at the time) though.

    Mixed 200 Free Relay - Anchor leg 21.29 split, 8th place - Very close to a best time split, mistimed the turn and breath just a bit.

    Mixed 200 Medley Relay - Leadoff 24.41 back split, 20th place - Second-best 50 back ever. Nailed the start. We had a 55 and 59 year old as our women on this relay so that's why we finished a little down.


    Didn't swim 'til about 5pm so had the morning to relax, had a good breakfast and lunch and stretched.

    100 IM - 52.95 (24.37/28.58), 9th place - Finally scored points! I was really just hoping to break 54 on the day and I 1-upped my goal. Much better back half than I expected.

    Men 200 Medley Relay - 26.11 breast split, 6th place - 1.3 seconds faster than my flat start *what*? Felt awesome from the start all the way in.


    100 Breast - 57.87 (27.16/30.71), 7th place - Went into this meet (indeed, into the yards season) with really my only goal to break a minute in the 100 breast. Well, I did that here and even went a best time in the 50 to boot! I will take this opportunity to brag that my walls and pullouts were killer... they made that race. I think it was Allen Stark on the forums gave me the advice to change the timing of my dolphin kick and it made all the difference.

    200 Free Relay - Anchor leg 20.85 split, 6th place - This was a fun relay, I think our best of the weekend from the whole club. I was .4 faster than the mixed relay and that was my first time under 21! I fixed my turn and actually didn't breathe at all the 2nd 25.

    200 Back - 1:57.23 (26.63/29.33/30.85/30.42), 6th place - I think I was just a bit out a gas for this one. I hit all my goals for the weekend so this swim was kind of a bonus and I don't think I quite got up as much for it. I will say it was probably more painful than any 1:49 200 backs I did in college! Gotta get some more longer kick sets in training I think.
  13. 5/10/18 Workout

    by , May 10th, 2018 at 10:40 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Thursday, 5/10/2018 Pool Workout

    Just meet warmup and starts and turns today!

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k
    8x50 :55 k/dr dr/b IMO
    3x100 fr aerobic 1:20 (1:00/1:01s)
    100 EZ

    4x25 IM transition turns mid-pool
    4x25 fast off blocks (25 easy between)

    100 warmdown


    Starting to feel just a bit more pop in the legs, that's a good sign!

    Ate second breakfast and shaved when I got home, getting ready to pack up and hit the road to IUPUI for a loosen up swim before the show starts tomorrow!
  14. 5/9/18 Workout

    by , May 9th, 2018 at 08:24 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Wednesday, 5/9/2018 Pool Workout

    Still somewhat sore. Legs working fairly well despite that. Unsure if taper timing will hit right.

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k
    8x50 k/dr dr/b IMO :55
    3x100 fr 1:20 aerobic (1:01)
    100 EZ

    3x50 IM transitions easy speed 1:00
    100 EZ
    3x50 IM transitions FAST 1:10
    100 EZ
    4x25 IM transition turns
    4x25 fast off blocks (25 easy between)
    200 warmdown


    Meet warmup tomorrow, drive to Indy, loosen up swim in afternoon. Hopefully quad soreness is gone by then.
  15. 5/8/18 Workout

    by , May 8th, 2018 at 08:45 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Tuesday, 5/8/2018 Pool Workout
    3 days 'til Nats

    Still sore. Felt a little better in the water though. Frantically rolling out, drinking fluids and using the TENS unit to try to get everything fresh!

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p/100 IM dr
    8x50 :55 IMO k/dr dr/b

    2x100 free aerobic 1:30 (1:02s)
    2x100 back aerobic 1:30 (1:06-1:05)
    50 EZ
    3x50 free :50 200 pace (26 lows)
    100 EZ
    2x50 back :50 200 pace (28 lows)
    100 EZ
    4x25 mid pool IM turns

    200 warmdown

  16. Weekend and 5/7/18

    by , May 7th, 2018 at 08:56 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Saturday and Sunday, 5/5-5/6/2018, CrossFit Competition

    Team competition, 2 guys/2 girls. Not going to write all the workouts down because I'm sure nobody reading cares that much but over the course of the weekend I did sprint row, assault bike and run, some fast DB thrusters BB snatch, front squat and deadlift, 30 or so toes to bar and pullups, some rope climbs, 50 burpees, 100 wall balls, 200' weighted lunges, a few pushups and a 225# snatch.

    Monday, 5/7/2018 Pool Workout

    A lot more sore than I was hoping I'd be this morning. Legs were pretty much dead weight in the water. Four days rest better be enough! Today was kind of a hybrid stretch out/taper day.

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p/100 IM dr
    8x50 k/dr dr/b 1:00 IMO

    3x100 fr 1:30 aerobic (1:03-1:04)
    3x100 fr p/pads 1:30 aerobic (1:05)

    12x25 :30 o-UDK fins (:10s), e-EZ
    4x25 :40 o-br pullouts, e-EZ

    4x25 IM transitions from middle of pool

    200 warmdown

  17. 5/4/18

    by , May 4th, 2018 at 09:23 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Friday, 5/4/2018 "May the Fourth be With You"

    Rest day today. Slept in a bit, brought some soft tissue work stuff (lacrosse ball, rolling stick, stretch band) to work with me to get some lingering knots out.

    Thought about trying to find a pool but I probably need the rest day a bit more. Gambling that 3 days out of the water between yesterday and Monday won't screw me up next week... I will be getting exercise with the CF competition but we all know that feel for the water is a different animal.

    Plan for next week:
    Mon - Standard warmup - short aerobic - shooters - starts/turns (~2500)
    Tue - Standard warmup - really short aerobic - pace - starts/turns (~2200)
    Wed - Meet warmup - IM transitions - starts/turns (~2000)
    Thur - AM Meet warmup (~1200); drive to Indy; PM loosen up - starts/turns if possible (~800)
    Friday - Game on!
  18. 5/3/18 Workout

    by , May 3rd, 2018 at 09:03 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Thursday, 5/3/2018 Pool Workout

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p/100 IM dr

    8x50 IMO 1:00 k/dr, dr/b

    3x{4x50 1:00 D1-4, 1x50 EZ} IM transitions
    50 EZ

    2x{3x50 :50 200 pace - 2 to feet, 1 to hands, 100 EZ}
    1- fr (26.3, 26.7, 26.2) 2-bk (28.5, 29.2, 28.6)

    8x25 o-breakouts off blocks, e-EZ

    200 warmdown


    Legs need more rest. Pace work was good (faster than I expected) but kick was running out of gas by the last 50 of each. Fastest 50s of IM transitions were meh, not a lot of pop, but I am finally figuring out that crossover turn I think.

    Workouts are coming out for the CF competition this weekend... looks like they are not too bad so I should have no problem recovering by Nats Friday.
  19. 5/2/18 Workout

    by , May 2nd, 2018 at 08:07 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Wednesday, 5/2/2018 CrossFit Workout

    Warmup - stretching, yoga warmup, shoulder warmup

    Skill - handstand work
    Zombie pulls, shoulder taps, pike to headstand practice

    EMOM 10
    o-5 pike pushup from box
    e-5 pullups w/ good body position

    Conditioning - EMOM 24
    o-100m run
    e-(1-11) :40 row, (13-23) :40 airbike
  20. 5/1/18

    by , May 1st, 2018 at 08:43 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Little sore from bench press and KB swings. Not too bad... hope it fades quick on taper.

    Tuesday 5/1/2018 Pool Workout

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p/100 IM dr

    32x25 :35 fast - 8 each stroke (13 low fly, 12high/13low back, 15low breast, 12low/11high free)
    100 EZ
    100 IM 95% (58high)
    100 EZ
    100 IM faster (57high/58low)
    100 EZ

    8x25 :30 fins o-UDK e-EZ

    4x50 p/pads DPS/warmdown 1:00
    4x50 bk/br (crossover turn) 1:0