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    OK. I just double checked -- it's $15 to join the masters team workout, with a USMS card, subject to space availability. I don't know the workout schedule for that week, though. (I don't train with the AG team because the regular schedule doesn't fit my work schedule.)
  2. gigi's Avatar
    $35 = yipes!
  3. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nyswimmer
    Asphalt Green, in Manhattan (Upper East Side, 91st Street and York Ave.). Drop ins are $35 per visit.
    that is insane even for NYC.
  4. nyswimmer's Avatar
    Asphalt Green, in Manhattan (Upper East Side, 91st Street and York Ave.). Drop ins are $35 per visit.
  5. chaos's Avatar
    where is your pool?
    do they have a drop in policy?
  6. nyswimmer's Avatar
    Oh, I'm happy the pool is open. Just puzzled. They've never set it at 50 meters during the winter before.
  7. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Long course during the holidays sounds like a great gift to me! Gosh, a pool that is open on Christmas, nice!
  8. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Congrats on your excellent 50 Free!
  9. nyswimmer's Avatar
    In all honesty, my time at the 11/21 meet was exceptionally bad (my worst in a long time) , but thank you.
  10. chaos's Avatar
    5 sec drop in a fifty is HUGE! even if you were sprinting to the blocks. congrats!
  11. nyswimmer's Avatar
    Yankees in six
  12. thewookiee's Avatar
    Then wish for a seven game series.
  13. nyswimmer's Avatar
    I usually don't either, but this one is so obviously phony that it's suspicious.
    Updated October 12th, 2009 at 09:15 AM by nyswimmer
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    I never reject anyone. Its just the cyber-world.
  15. nyswimmer's Avatar
    I'm unattached, so I have to be flexible about sharing the lane -- but I was very pleasantly surprised by the runners respected my workout. That's not always the case in the lap swim lanes. Anyway, i had to rescue them from the pool grouch in the slow lane.
  16. pwb's Avatar
    Sounds like a good case of mutual respect -- you for them & vice-versa. Probably very good they were athletes, if not pool athletes.
  17. aztimm's Avatar
    I'm glad you let them in. Not sure if you ever look at my blog, but I'm recovering from a sprained ankle; water walking/jogging is one of the best exercises you could do. However when I shared a lane at my gym pool, I'd tell people that I'd be walking and not swimming.
  18. jim thornton's Avatar
    Bobinator, you are normal in just about every way, beginning with the fact that you frown on eating pugs.
  19. nyswimmer's Avatar
    I live in Manhattan. All I really know about SCM Zones, at this point, is that it's on the Metro website, which I assume is correct.
  20. Bobinator's Avatar
    I care!
    When I see others doing things it gets me up off my duff and into action!
    Also I sometimes question my sanity and motives when I travel to meets. Reading about others lets me know that maybe ??I am normal in some way.
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