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  1. The Holiday Schedule

    My pool just posted the schedule for the holidays -- December 24 - January 3. Yes, it will be open every day, including Christmas and New Year's Day (short hours Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Years' Day, but open). So I never need to miss a day becuse of the holidays.

    But here's the weird thing -- it'll be at 50 meters the entire time; no short course at all.

    The pool is usually set with two 25 yard courses. Even in the summer (aka long course season), the management only sets the pool at 50 meters three nights a week.

    So I'm trying to understand the thought process behind solid long course swimming in he middle of short course season. (The fact that I don't really like long course has nothing to with it -- we'll only a little.)
  2. Colonies Zone SCM Meet

    OK. So I just got home from SCM Zones -- not that it was a long trip, just a 30 minute ride from on the Flushing line subway.

    I missed yesterday's session. I wasn't feeling too well. I felt like I had the flu coming on , and the weather was bad, so I thought it would be better to stay home and 1) not get really sick and 2) not spread it to my fellow swimmers if it really was the flu. But this morning, I felt fine and no fever -- probably just tired yesterday.

    Anyway, I swam my 50 free a full five seconds faster than at the November 21 meet (where I had to run like a madman to make my heat). This time I was behind the block well in advance, so I was able to focus on the race, not sprinting to block. There's a lot to be said for being focused on the race before the race.

    This meet ran very fast and very efficiently -- well ahead of the projected timeline. I was finished almost an hour before the timeline said I would be. That's why I'm home already, with plenty of time to take care of important business, i.e., my nap
  3. Getting set for SCM Zones

    The heat sheets and timeline for the Colonies Zone SCM meet this weekend is online at the Metro LMSC website. It looks like, even the meet is two days, my meet will be very short.

    I'm only going to the Sunday session and, according to the timeline, all my events will be over by 12 noon. So I won't have to sit there all day watching people older than me swim faster than me -- unless, of course, I really want to. Since warm up starts at 9 AM, my meet will be about three hours long.

    Back when I was still on a team, I would stay and watch my teammates. But now I don't have teammates (I'm registered with an umbrellla club, but that's not the same -- it's really swimming unattached.) I can still stay and watch my friends, though.

    Anyway, I'll report back after the meet.