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  1. Bo Martin's Avatar
    That sounds encouraging. My problem is that I love to eat :-) And it seems like swimming make me hungry.
  2. jaadams1's Avatar
    I had the same thing happen 2 years ago. Doctor told me the best thing I could do was lose about 15 pounds right away, and that would help. I'm 5'9" and was almost 220 pounds (at 31 yrs. old) I'm still 5'9" (imagine that!!), and I'm weighing roughly 190 pounds +- (33 yrs). I feel much better, and the meds were taken away after I was around 205 or so and my BP was ok. For me cutting back on the soda intake, or switching to diet sodas did the trick. Now I just eat less
  3. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Great new about your coach--enjoy your swims with the team!
  4. Bo Martin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by evmo
    All Out Sprint, I would assume.

    That would make sense.
    I definitely didn't.
    I don't have a lot of A.O.S. in me.
  5. evmo's Avatar
    All Out Sprint, I would assume.
  6. Bo Martin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by evmo
    Nice! Who was doing those times?
    Jim and Peter
    David swam Back for the whole thing!
  7. evmo's Avatar
    Nice! Who was doing those times?
  8. bzaks1424's Avatar
    I agree with Bobinator. After a day like that - a shot or two or 6 of tequila is just what you need.
  9. Bobinator's Avatar
    I think your response to your problems was very healthy!
  10. Bo Martin's Avatar
    My insurance company called me. They are handling it. :-)
    It's just a hassle.

    Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago when someone
    did a left turn in front of me when I was going
    about 40mph. I had enough time to slam on the brakes and skid for about
    10 feet before t-boning their little car. I guess big Blue trucks are invisible.

    I love trucks!! My trusty old F-150 got a bent bumper and I totaled their car.
  11. thewookiee's Avatar
    On issue #2, let your insurance company handle it for you. That's what part of our yearly fees are for. If/when you get the paper work that details the suit, take it immediately to your insurance agent. They will handle it for you.

    Sorry to hear about day #3 as well. That sucks.
  12. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    There has to be a special heaven for teammates who step up when coaches don't appear. Glad you got in a workout as well.
  13. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    One of my lanemates had those star paddles this morning. They seemed to suit him--he zoomed by us all while wearing them. I might have to try them!
  14. Bobinator's Avatar
    I just got a pair of Star's. I've been using them a couple weeks; they are sweet! They really are helping me find/establish a great catch. Try them on backstroke!
  15. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Today is Canada Day, and there are lots of fir trees in Canada, I think.
  16. knelson's Avatar
    Firday? At first I figured you just made a typo and meant Friday, but since it's not actually Friday yet...
  17. Bo Martin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by qbrain
    that is easy to sync to a computer.
    Computer sync would be awesome.
    If I remember correctly I saw somewhere
    they are working on a bluetooth sync model.

    It is a PITA to go through them on the watch.
  18. qbrain's Avatar
    Thanks for the review Bo. I want to get a poolmate, but I also what to wait until they have one that is easy to sync to a computer. Sounds pretty useful.
  19. evmo's Avatar
    I'm gonna miss you guys too! And I can't think of a better send-off than 11,000 LCM in two days. Keep rockin', Bo!
  20. Bo Martin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by evmo
    I was supposed to build that 200? Whoops...
    You swam a 1:56.5
    I believe your splits were

    That is acceptable :-)

    Especially seeing how you swam 3000 yds
    open water before you came to practice.

    Excellent Swim!!!!
    This morning David said "I swam a 2:09 and still got beat by a lap"
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