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Adventures in Swimming

I Coach and swim with the Columbus Sharks
I'll try to post the majority of our workouts for
all to use. You can never get enough variety!!
Here are a couple of links to some of my favorite workouts.

Bo's Favorite's

A bunch of workouts by Kerry O'Brien

  1. Very Cloudy and Hot

    by , July 14th, 2010 at 08:35 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    At least that's what the Y pool was today.
    I could see only about 12 yds ahead of me.
    The hot water makes me get cramps. I drank a whole bottle
    of water but it didn't help.
    I made up the Sharks Friday practice today. (SCY)

    300 Swim
    4 x 75 K/D/Swim by 25 :15r
    200 Pull

    10 x 50 on :50 Descend by sets of 2 (:10-:15r)
    Masters Min.
    5 x 100 on 1:40 Descend the same as 2 50's (:20r)
    Masters Min.
    2 x 250 Try to drop at least 5 sec on # 2 :30-:45r
    Masters Min.
    1 x 500 Swim like the descending 100's, or Pace for 400 and go for it on the last 100

    300 Kick/swim by 25 (1st 100 Recovery)

    4 x 50 Choice, 200 Race Pace, Pick an interval for about :10r

    3300 Yds
    Warm down

    Wore the Pool-Mate. It keeps a good log of the swims. I can keep track of sets separate.
    I was reviewing my times after each of the parts of the sets.
    It's great being able to look at my sets and see if I did what I was trying for.
    And use that to set my goals for the next part.
  2. 2 Days in One Post

    by , July 12th, 2010 at 07:27 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Swam with the Sharks on Sunday LCM

    Coached the Sharks on Monday

    Swam the Shark workout after work.


    400 Swim
    300 Kick
    200 Drill
    100 Pull

    I think we did 10 x 100 swum as
    100 ez
    75 ez, 25 hard
    50 ez, 50 hard
    25 ez, 75 hard
    100 hard

    I'm not sure about the rest...


    300 Swim
    4 x 75 K/Dr/Sw by 25 :15r
    200 Pull

    4 x 125 swum as 75 DPS, 50 Build :15r

    8 x 25 Odd's Stroke, Even Free on :30

    6 x 200 Descend 1-3, 4-6 :30r
    See what you can do on #6

    4 x 75 Kick or a 300 Kick (This is recovery)

    Mini Ladder

    25 on :25
    50 on :50
    75 on 1:15
    75 on 1:15
    50 on :50
    25 on :25

    Hold even pace going up,
    Work it coming down

    Warm down at least 100

    I've swam 5 days in a row!!!
    And I'm not dead tired.

    I really like the new watch. I hate to ship it off
    to get it updated but I have to before it's to late.
    I highly recommend the Pool-Mate!!
  3. Wedding Day Workout

    by , July 11th, 2010 at 05:03 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Actually it's my Daughters Wedding Day.

    Swam with the Sharks (Had to leave early) SCY

    I think we did a 15 min warm up. My mind was elsewhere.

    It was Trivia Day...
    The coach ask a questions, If you collectively come
    up with the answer you draw a set from the hat.
    Wrong Answer = 4 x 50 Fly
    A we don't know = 200 IM

    1st set was 2 x 200 broken :10 @ each 50
    Race Pace... 1 Min between 200's

    4 x 50 fly

    200 IM

    2 x 100 broken :10 @ 50, :05 @ 75
    Race Pace on 2 Min

    500 Pace (Actually Jim answered so he got to pick, the paper said 8x25 he said it said 500 Pace.
    He loves distance set's.

    4 x 50 fly....
    But I had to leave so I warmed down.

    My Baby Girl is Gettin Hitched

    Updated July 11th, 2010 at 05:04 PM by Bo Martin (I can't Spell!!)

  4. Distance Friday

    by , July 9th, 2010 at 05:09 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Swam with the Sharks SCY
    Coach Alex

    400 Swim 50 Free/50 Bk

    8 x 50 @ :50

    4 x 100 IM or Choice on 2:00 (My kind of cycle)

    4 x 500 Negative Split and Descend (That's what I did)
    We took about :60 rest between
    4 x 25 Blastoff's (Work the breakout)

    100 Warm Down

    My Lane got a late start. Most of us did 3 x 500.

    It was kind of like Social Friday instead
  5. Missing Coach Wednesday

    by , July 7th, 2010 at 03:17 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Coached the Sharks SCY
    Coach ALEX was MIA so I took care of it.

    Warm Up
    300 Choice
    4 x 75 50k/25 swim :15r

    Set 1
    Repeat 3 Times descending each set

    4 x 50 Set# 1) :15r #2) :10r #3) :05r
    2 x 100 Set# 1) :10r #2) :15r #3) :20r
    1 x 200 :60 r ~ repeat set

    The objective here is to hold your pace throughout the set.....
    ie... I want to swim a 2:40 for the 200
    So try to hit :40 for the 50's, 1:20 for the 100's

    100 EZ

    Set 2

    4 x 100 swum as
    25 Work the Break out then EZ
    50 Mod ~ Work the turn
    25 EZ
    :20 or so rest between repeats.

    Set 3

    6 x 50 on :40 (about 5-7 sec rest)

    Warm down

    3200yds + whatever you warm down

    I wanted to swim with the team but I had to coach.
    So I swam this after work.
    I tend to take a little more rest when I swim by myself. But I did swim it all.
  6. Monday Swim

    by , July 5th, 2010 at 04:49 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Coached the Sharks SCY

    This is a modified version of one of Onlyfree's workouts.

    300 Choice

    Set 1
    4 x 75 K/DR/SW by 25 :15r
    3 x 100 DR/Swim by 50 :15r
    2 x 125 Pull :15r

    Set 2

    100 EZ
    100 Mod
    100 Hard
    :20r on all

    2x100 EZ or 200 ez
    2x100 Mod or 200 Mod
    2x100 Hard or 200 Hard
    :15r on all or :30 if doing 200

    3x100 EZ or 300 ez
    3x100 Mod or 300 mod
    3x100 Hard or 300 Hard
    :10r on all or :30 if doing 300

    100 EZ Kick

    ??x50 odds kick work the UW / Even's EZ Swim

    IT was fun to watch the guys in lanes 4/5/6 race
    on the last 300.
    Peter 3:10, Jim 3:21, David 3:21
    Peter started in lane 5 10 sec's behind david, caught him at the 175 and pushed off the wall
    into the empty lane 6 next to them and kept going. I love coaching guy's like this.

    I swam on my way home from coaching.
    I did the main set as
    6 x (3x100 ez,mod,hard) all on around 1:30 (I was playing with my watch)
    Everything else the same.
  7. 4th of July LCM

    by , July 4th, 2010 at 07:46 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Swam with the Sharks LCM Outside

    It was a beautiful morning for a swim.
    Pool was just cleaned, and the water was a little
    cool due to the last few night's of temps in the 50's.
    It was about 70 deg out side, bright sunny morning.

    Susan made up the swim.

    4 x 200 SKIP

    Set 1
    100 SWIM
    200 IM
    300 SWIM
    200 IM
    100 SWIM

    I descended the whole set.
    We just took about :15 or so rest on everything

    200 Kick

    10 x 50 on about 1 min. We only set up one pace clock.
    I wore the new paddles on this set.

    I descended by 2's, thru in a couple of backstroke 50's

    Only about 2,200 meters, plus the extra swimming moving
    the lane lines from SCY to LCM and then back to SCY

    Update on the Star Paddles....
    I moved the strap, loosened it a bunch, and they
    worked pretty good, there is only 1 strap
    over my middle finger, they stay right in place.
    They bend a little as you pull harder. I like the feel.
    I need to get some other different paddles to compare.
    Now if I can just remember to take them home with me every time!!

    Happy 4th of July!!
  8. Beautiful day for a swim with New Paddles

    by , July 3rd, 2010 at 05:04 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Swam with the Sharks
    Outside SCY
    Coach Alex

    10 Min Warm up

    10 x 75 Indiana IM :10-:15r

    8 x 25 V-Sprints :10r (EZ/Fast, Fast/EZ, Build, Sprint) 2x

    Main Set
    Fast 100’s on 1:20/1:25/1:30/1:45 (Take your Pick)
    EZ 100’s on 2:00/2:15

    1 x 100 fast
    1 x 100 EZ
    2 x 100 Descend to mod
    1 x 100 EZ
    3 x 100 Descend to fast
    1 x 100 EZ
    4 x 100 Descend to faster
    1 x 100 EZ
    5 x 100 Descend to fastest
    1 x 100 EZ

    10 x 75 Breathe every 3/5/7/9/11/11/9/7/5/3 strokes :20r

    Repeat 3x
    6 x 25 :20/:25/:35
    1 x 100 EZ 2:00

    Warm down

    I didn't get in till around the 5th 75 IM.
    I was taking attendance and couldn't figure out why I had 14 people on the attendance
    sheet and only 13 in the pool. Duh... Forgot to count myself!!

    Any way.....

    We did the 100's on 1:25 except the last 5
    we did on 1:30

    We did the breath control a little different.
    I did breath every 4 for all of them and Susan did breath 3 on all.
    I really don't need to rob myself of oxygen at this
    point in my life

    For the last set we did the 3x50 on :40
    and the 100 ez on whatever.

    Everything felt good today. I'm trying out
    some of the star paddles
    I gotta figure out a different strap config.
    They hurt my fingers after I used them on the 3x100's
    But, they had a good feel in the water.
    So I'll keep trying.
  9. Firday's Swim

    by , July 1st, 2010 at 05:40 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Coaching the Sharks SCY

    300 Choice

    Set 1
    8 x 50 Odd's Kick/Swim, Even Drill Swim :15r

    Set 2
    4 x 500 Each Broken as

    1) 200, 150, 100, 50 all :10r after each segment
    :60 r
    2) 200, 100, 100, 100
    :60 r
    3) 200, 100, 4x50

    Descend Effort each 500

    500 Pull DPS

    Set 2
    8 x 50 1-2 Fly/Back by 25
    3-4 Back/Breast by 25
    5-6 Breast/Free by 25
    7-8 Free
    All on :50 or :10r

    8 x 25 Odd Sprint, work the breakout / Even EZ
    all on :30

    Warm Down

    I really Should check my spelling in the Title.
    This was not supposed to be FIRDAY

    I tried to swim this after a meeting this morning.
    I made through the 2nd 500
    and the power kicked off at the pool and the guards
    claimed it was too dark for anyone to swim.
    I could see the bottom. Oh Well.. After a 10 min break the
    rest of the bldg had power but the pool light's were still out.
    I got impatient and left :-(

    Updated July 2nd, 2010 at 12:34 PM by Bo Martin (OOPS, This was Monday's workout.....)

  10. Another Pool-Mate Update

    by , July 1st, 2010 at 05:33 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    I emailed Pool-Mate.

    They got right back with me and told me that
    they have a new version of the software that
    displays the time of you last swim for 5 seconds then
    switches to pause mode.


    They said I can send them the watch and Upgrade for Free.

    As soon as I get a RMA it's off to get updated.
  11. Pool-Mate 2nd Review

    by , June 30th, 2010 at 08:30 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Coached the Sharks on Monday SCY

    I had to dig out a old workout from our folder at the pool.
    I hate when I leave things lying on my desk at home!!

    I swam this tuesday test out the Pool-Mate in a SCY pool.

    Here is what I swam and how the watch worked.

    300 Warmup
    The watch claimed that I only swam 11 laps.
    I think that is because I was warming up.
    My 1st lap on warmup is only about 5 strokes after a few dolphin kicks.
    So I can't blame the watch here. I tend to glide alot during warmup.
    And the Manual says it won't work during drills.

    Repeat 3x
    1x75 25 Kick/50 Drill :15r
    1x75 25 Drill/50 Swim :15r
    No watch here.

    Repeat 2x
    200 Pull :15r
    150 Pull :15r
    100 Swim :30r

    The watch was right on on laps.
    The stroke count was a little off.
    I've been counting strokes for years and out of habit I just do it.
    I averaged 12 strokes a lap, the watch said 10
    I also managed to get the efficiency to 25! (see my 1st review)
    But I know this was due to the reduced stroke count.

    4 x 100 1:30
    4 x 50 :45
    50 EZ

    3 x 100 1:25
    3 x 50 :50
    50 EZ

    2 x 100 1:20
    2 x 50 :55
    50 EZ

    1 x 100 1:15
    1 x 50
    50 EZ

    Watch worked just like the 1st set.
    Close on the stroke count, right on on laps.

    I still managed to keep the efficiency between
    25-28 on all swims.

    I missed starting it on a couple of swims because I try to start it
    as I am underwater ready to push off.

    The quick review is missing one thing...
    WHAT WAS MY TIME!!!!!!
    Sure I can see Laps, Strokes, Efficency but thats not
    what is really important at the end of a swim.
    I can see the time's when I review the logs.
    Maybe it's operator error. So I'll keep trying.

    I just look at the manual again.
    There is a chrono mode for recording time only.
    I'll try that tomorrow.

    You can see what time you swam in quick review.
    You just have to quit the set you are recording to do this.
    It still should display it during the set.
    More after I swim tomorrow.

    Updated June 30th, 2010 at 10:01 PM by Bo Martin

  12. Pool-Mate 1st Review

    by , June 27th, 2010 at 09:40 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Swam with the Sharks today LCM

    2 More teammates swam the 5k postal today.
    Way to go Kris, and Evan
    I'm gonna miss you Evan. You are inspirational!!!

    I got to try out my new Pool-Mate watch my
    wife got me for my birthday.

    Watch setup was fairly easy
    Enter Pool Length, Weight, Left or Right arm

    Hit start as you push off. I would like a 5 second delay
    like my old Speedo Competion, But oh well.

    I swam a 200, hit start again, It had everything right. Sweet!!
    And it started counting how much rest I was taking
    while i was trying to figure out how to see what I just did.
    All I had to do was push the UP/DOWN buttons
    to cycle through everything. Once again Sweet!!

    we then swam
    10 x 100's on 1:45
    This is my 1st long course swim in years.
    I sure missed the turn at 13 or 14 strokes.

    I managed to swim around 1:30 on all of them
    with a 1:25 for the last one.

    Now reviewing a set is a whole different ballgame.
    I'm what one would consider an advanced geek and this part was a little
    daunting. Of course I'll admit I hate reading manuals.

    I managed to accidentally erase a log of swims, but not the 10 x 100 set.

    So I just decided to record every other swim and check it later.

    After figuring out how to recall swims (I should have Read The Manual)
    I was amazed at how well this watch actually works. Laps, Stroke counts all right on.

    I'll be testing in a SCY pool monday or tues so we will
    see how well it works there.

    Here is the info it Displays
    Time, Laps, Strokes, Distance, Calories Burned, Efficiency, Speed

    The efficiency is based on Swimming Golf.
    Some sort of formula based on Stroke Count and Time to swim the distance.
    The speed was a number like 88, which after (RTM)
    I discovered was the number of seconds to average 100 meters since I was in meter mode.

    I had a efficiency rating of 31-35
    the manual says
    less than 30 Excellent-Professional Athlete
    30-40 Very Good
    40-50 Above Average
    50-70 Average

    Now I have to try and beat 31!!!!
  13. 5K Postal

    by , June 26th, 2010 at 03:32 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    We had 4 swimmers do the 5k this morning.
    Number 5 (Evan) did a test run of 5 x 1000
    He's gonna do the real one Sunday Morning.

    Congrats to

    Terri, Stephanie, Sully and Todd.
  14. LCM Saturday

    by , June 26th, 2010 at 08:16 AM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Coaching the SHARKS Today

    This is our 1st LCM workout.

    Warm Up:
    4 X 200 SKIP ~ DRILL THE IM (800)

    2 X 50 SWIM EZ/NOT AS EASY :15 R
    1 X 100 SWIM SAME AS 50'S (200/1000)
    :30 R
    4 X 50 SWIM DESC 2 NAE/2 MOD :15 R
    2 X 100 SWIM SAME AS 50'S :20 R
    1 X 200 SWIM 100'S (600/1600)
    :60 R
    3 X 100 SWIM DESCEND :20 R
    1 X 300 RECOVERY (900/2500)
    :60 R
    4 X 50 KICK CHOICE :15 R
    2 X 100 SWIM CHOICE :20 R
    1 X 200 SWIM CHOICE (600/3100)
    :60 R
    2 X 50 EZ :15 R
    Extra Rest (if you want) make this last one a good one
    1 X 100 WYHL (Whatever You Have Left) (200/3300)

    1 X 100 60 KICK WORK UW ~ 40 EZ SWIM (4 x IM Order)
    4200 METERS = 4593 YDS

    Updated June 26th, 2010 at 03:07 PM by Bo Martin

  15. Fridays Workout

    by , June 24th, 2010 at 05:43 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    I'll be coaching the Sharks SCY

    This is a modified version of one of Onlyfree's workout's.
    I must say He's got a lot of great stuff to choose from.

    300 CHOICE

    SET 1
    4 x 75 KICK/DRILL/SWIM :10r
    4 x 50 DESCEND on 0:50

    SET 2
    4 x 150 PULL on 2:15 :15-:20 r
    4 X 100 KICK on 2:00 :10-:15 r

    SET 3
    4 x 75 25 EZ - 50 SPRINT on 1:15 :15r
    4 X 75 37 EZ - 38 SPRINT on 1:15
    4 X 75 50 EZ - 25 SPRINT on 1:15

    SET 4
    4 X 75 50 STROKE/25 FREE on 1:15 :10-:15 r
    4 X 50 25 STROKE/25 FREE on : 55 :15-:20 r
    4 X 25 CHOICE on : 30

    YARDAGE: 3300

    I swam this after work today on the intervals listed.
    I had a 1/2 way decent small lunch and I
    ate some pineapple and mandarin oranges before I swam.
    I had lot's of energy.
    On the 150's 1-3) I held 1:55, 4) 1:50
    100 Kick 1-3) 1:45, 4) 1:35
    4x75 back/free 1-4) 1:00
    4x50 back/free 1-2) :37, 3) :40, 4) :33

    I'm a little tired now, but that's ok.
    That just means I tried!!

    Have a Great Day!!!!
  16. Busy Wednesday

    by , June 24th, 2010 at 07:33 AM (Adventures in Swimming)
    I sleep in. 4 hours of sleep is
    not enough for me to function all day on anymore.
    So I figured I swim after work.
    Well that didn't happen either.
    It was 93 here yesterday, and after
    taking care of the animals and watering the garden I was done.
    Hopefully I'll get a swim in today.
  17. Monday at St Charles

    by , June 21st, 2010 at 06:50 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Coached the Sharks SCY Inside

    Warm Up
    300 Swim, 200 Kick, 200 Pull

    Set 1
    4 x 25 Kick :05 r
    2 x 50 Drill/Swim by 25 :10 r
    3 x 75 Descend :15 r

    Set 2
    4 x 125 75 DPS, 50 Increase speed, Maintain Stroke count :15 r

    Set 3
    200 Swim Good Effort :10 r
    4 x 25 Kick Recover :10 r
    2 x 100 Swim use 6 beat kick on last 25 of each 100 :15 r
    100 EZ
    1 Min rest, Repeat

    Warm Down
    6x25 Drill/Swim/Whatever

    I swam this after work. There must have been 30 5-8 year olds having
    lessons while I was swimming. Those are some BRAVE Instructors!!!
  18. Saturday's Madness

    by , June 21st, 2010 at 06:42 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Coached the Sharks SCY Outside

    This is a modified version of a couple of different workouts I found here. Thanks!!

    600 Swim, Nice and easy, mix in a drill or kick Every 4th length
    Try These ~ CATCH UP, FTD, FTD CATCHUP (MY Favorites)
    Or Right Arm with Left arm in front and vice versa
    3 Strokes ~ balance face up w/6 kicks 600/600

    SET 1
    4 X 75 BUILD @ 1:05 (about 10 sec rest)
    3 X 100 NEGATIVE SPLIT @ 1 :25 (about 15 sec rest)
    2 X 125 PULL @ 1:45 (about 15 sec rest)
    3 X 100 DESCEND @ 1:30 (about 20 sec rest)
    Go for it on #3, Use the 1st 2 kicks to recover,
    Give # 4 a SOLID Effort
    4 X 75 KICK @ 1:30 (about 10 sec rest) 1450/2050

    SET 2
    6 X 100 Distance Pace @1:25 (about 10 sec rest)
    Masters Minute Rest
    600 1 EZ 1 HARD, 2 EZ 2 HARD, 3 EZ 3 HARD, 3 EZ 3 HARD
    2 EZ 2 HARD, 1 EZ 1 HARD
    Masters Minute Rest
    6 X 75 DP-2 @ 1 : 05 (about 10 sec rest) 1650/3700

    10 Minute Floaty Time (Special Request last week) or
    ?? x 50 SWAM AS
    2 X 50 ON :60
    2 X 50 ON :55 ETC……
    Warm Down or
    Bonus Set 25 UW Dolphin, 25 EZ, 25 No Breath ~ :10 or so rest Repeat ??

    We had 3 guest and a swimmer from a year or so ago rejoin.
    I didn't get to swim this, I went home and raked the grass I cut 2 days ago
    (about 1.5 Acres) and spread it on our garden yo help keep the weeds down.
    Then it was Kalhua, coffee, and chocolate Milk on ice time. YUM!!!
  19. Friday's Swim

    by , June 18th, 2010 at 09:06 AM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Swam with the Sharks SCY
    Coach Alex

    Warm up 4 x 200 SKPS

    8 x 75 Rotating IM :10r

    4 x 50 Descend both Stroke's and Time on :50

    5 x 100 All Out Lots of rest.
    We did them on 2 min instead. It's hard for
    me to go all out at 6am. I had a bad night's sleep, I was up 3 or 4 times,
    I hate that. I did manage a 1:06 on the last one, the rest
    were not really my best effort :-)

    Alex had LACTATE as the emphasis
    on this set, The girls in lane 3 were chuckling about his choice of words.
    We have one girl who is about 7 months along and she missed this workout.
    She was really the only one ready for it :-)

    3 x 200 on 2:45

    I did 2:35, 2:35, 2:30

    200 Warm down.

    Alex just needs to figure out our intervals.
    He'll get it. It's not easy jumping in and coaching all the different levels we have.
    He got Jorge to swim fly today.
    Alex is great at helping the novice swimmers.
  20. Alex's 1st Day Back

    by , June 16th, 2010 at 07:24 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Swam with Sharks SCY
    Coach Alex

    10 Min Warmup

    8 x 75 K/Dr/Swim by 25 :10r

    8 x 50 25 ez / 25 Hard
    25 Hard / 25 Ez
    50 Build
    50 Hard
    All on :50

    100 Swim
    75 Swim
    50 Swim
    25 Swim
    50 EZ
    Descend each swim so last 25 is Hard
    Interval is LIFO (Last in, 1st out)
    Repeat 3x #1 Fly, #2 Back, # 3 Breast

    4 x 25 #1 3 Breaths, #2 2, #3 1, #4 0
    Repeat 3x
    All on :30 except we took an extra 5 before the 0

    200 Warm down

    I swam back on the fly round.
    I could have swam round #2 harder but I was going 2nd, I was catching greg off the 1st wall when I dolphin kicked.
    Oh well next time I go 1st. Then I had to go 1st on breast, my worst stroke. But I gave it a
    solid effort and I actually gained more than 5 secs on the 100. Crazy!! I guess I'll just have to try harder more often.
    Swimming is such a MENTAL sport.
    Going 1st just makes you try harder.
    I think it's good to switch who goes 1st sometimes.
    Some days feel great.
    Some days I feel my age :-)
    Swim Workouts
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