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  1. Post Thanksgiving Report

    by , November 30th, 2013 at 10:03 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Happy post thanksgiving! Chowsh is here visiting and getting bossed around by yours truly! Swimming-wise, just maintaining this week and trying to stay in good to top condition through the New Years.

    My times from our SCM meet were relatively strong - I now have 2 x #2 times, and 2 x #3 times, so what a bonus for 4 more TTs on my way to 200 lifetime TTs! I suspect they will hold in the top ten, but maybe move down a few places by the close of the season.

    I will not be able to swim my big swim meet in December. I will be going to Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC for a memorial service 12/05 to 12/10.

    Instead, I will use the DAMM relay meet as a tune-up to bridge the gap from Nov to my next swim meet, which who knows when that will be. I requested the 200 free, fly, back, and breast relays, and to put my in anything else. I won't wear my fast suit, but i'll take racing seriously and do my best effort. They have almost always used the electronic timing system, in the event another team wants to get times to count for USMS. I hope they do this year, so I can get my lead off or split time as a gauge.

    I tried a quasi-race pace set, but in retrospect, the morning after Thanksgiving wasn't the best time to start! Yours truly felt like a beached whale whilst in the water, with peanut sized lungs due to overcapacity Thanksgiving food still making its way through my system!

    The set I tried was

    4 times through, 1 set each stroke:
    100 straight swim, working on the turns;
    4 x 25's race pace on :30
    easy 50 in between; total time 3 minutes

    The free wasn't too bad - 14 15 15 16
    The fly was a complete fail 16 18 18 20
    The back was off before the 1st 25 18 20 20 20
    The breast was who knows 21 23 23 23

    While we have done fast 25's on :30 for years, it's completely different when you go that elusive extra to go true race pace. Obviously I have a long way to go! And that's just 4 measly 25's!!!

    Then I did "Rich Abrahams" starts - start with 4 strokes, 6, strokes, 8 strokes.

    Then I did a 50 free fast
    30 flat.

    Well, i'd like to say it was Thanksgiving eating and playing host, but then again, there is always some handicap, and I haven't gotten any faster. How many times have I posted I did a :30? Ugh. Well, at least i'm not getting slower.
  2. DAMM SCM Meet report!

    by , November 16th, 2013 at 01:27 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Here's how I did! These should all make top ten!

    50 fly 31.00
    50 free #1: 28.67
    50 free #2: 28.39
    50 back: 33.2
    100 IM: 1:12.4

    I swam next to Stewart Carroll in the 50 back and 100 IM! I swam between him and another really fast guy in the 100IM. I think they went 1:02, 1:04, so I thought I was sucking big time. But lo, I turned around and saw the 1:12, which was super strong and better than I was expecting for my 5th event!

    I'm a bit bummed about the 50 frees, as I thought I could go faster. It is so hard getting up in the pool where I practice. Motivation is a bit tough!

    I am hoping to go 24.99 or better at the local A meet in 3 weeks. I'm going to swim a "full" line up - 100 back/50 free; 100 fly/100 free. That is tough for me as I don't swim 100's but all I need are solid A times, so the times should be very do-able.

    Wish me luck on 24.99!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. First meet free vs. Frequent Meet Punchchard?

    by , November 15th, 2013 at 03:40 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    In North Texas, we have a "first meet free" ongoing promotion that our current President enacted when she took office. I don't disagree with it, as any promotion is a good thing to get people to participate.

    But I wish there was also a frequent punchcard, honored by either NT LMSC or perhaps all the LMSCs within a zone, and then you get some prize at each award level, like a patch at 10 meets, a towel at 20 meets, a bag a 50 meets, and a knesskin at 100 meets! There would be a firm start date, such as 01/01/14 and then the punches go into effect. No retroactive punches.

    The former only rewards the newbie, and there just aren't that many! How about giving me a reward for sticking around and registering USMS YOY since 1992! We don't get any prizes, and I just don't think someone who's never swum a meet should get something for free when I don't.
  4. Meet Report!

    by , November 14th, 2013 at 11:01 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Here is how I did at the local USA A meet:

    50 free 25.3
    100 fly 1:02.2
    100 back 1:03.4

    I was disappointed with the 50 free as I thought I could rather easily go under 25 and get a current season Sectionals cut (24.99). I have a current bonus cut (25.79) but on principle I like to get a current season time.

    The fly was awesome! I haven't swum the 100 fly since 01/2011, so it's been a long time, and I had to relearn fly after a long break post-gall bladder surgery. They say you recover in about 6-8 weeks, but my guts felt like spilling out of my belly button for months afterwards, which is why I swam so much backstroke last year.

    The back was just ok. I think I have much more in me, but my timing was off and so I was resigned to gutting it out at the end of the race.

    I don't know my splits yet, but that will indicate the "quality" of the swims.

    I don't think I had any mental obstacles, as I felt ready to go, even with various "handicaps". This always happens, so it didn't seem like a big deal to overcome all the Friday hurdles for the 50 free. But maybe it did affect me physically? I had a normal work week. I did normal drop off/pick up at school. I went to work. I ran errands. I helped Helen with her homework. I sat in Friday night traffic on the way to the meet. I swam in shallow pool, heat 1 lane 1 at 7:45pm for the 50 free. So maybe all those things did make me more tired than usual. Anyway, i'm looking forward to swimming the next USA meet in December!

    Next up: DAMM SCM Masters meet! This one is going to be to just gut it out at 8AM in the morning for some USMS top ten times. I entered the 50 fly and 50 free, and they are back to back events. Also the 100 free just in case I want to get a split request, but that's back to back with the 50 back. And I threw in an entry for the 100 IM, since it's one price entry so you might as well enter 5 and see if you want to show up for that 100 IM at the end.

    Here are my goal times:
    30.99 or better 50 fly
    27.99 or better 50 free
    27.99 or better 2nd chance 50 free
    32.99 or better 50 back
    1:14 or better 100 IM

    I'll go about 95% on the fly and hope that's enough to get a top ten time. But I need to turn around in about 7 minutes for the 50 free and go sub 28 if possible. Then take a mini nap, hang out in the ladies room, take a hot shower, then another mini nap in 35 minutes to get up for the last 100free/50back/100 IM. I estimate i'll have to do all those 3 in about 25 minutes total.

    Wish me luck!!!!