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  1. A non-nationals blog entry

    by , May 10th, 2013 at 11:02 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Great to read all the posts on those at nationals! I haven't been since 2008. The zones meets have been fun, robust competition, and nationals are just so late in the season.

    I've been backstroking away.
    I'll skip the boring bits and go to the meat of the sets:

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center

    3 times through:
    4 x 50's on fast pace
    straight into
    200 fast
    intervals vary by lane.

    Now, I find that my back is fast enough that if I moved down 1 lane, i'd be in the middle somewhere because the people at the back of each lane usually can't really make the intervals. So in a good way, it makes me just step up big time and og last in the fastest interval lane, and drop something at the end:

    3 x 50 on :45 (skip #4)
    150 fast

    Held 38-42's
    then 2:08 2:05, 2:04

    At first I was a bit disappointed I wasn't closer to the 2:00 mark, but then I can see the difference in this set. It's one thing to do easy bits and then a fast 150, but to do even the 3 x 50's with an extra :45 rest made it quite tough by the 150 anyway! I was happy I could pretty comfortably make the 3 x50's. I could make 4 x 50's, but that 4th would be a lung and gut busting swim. The harest part was turning around on the wall. That took up way too much energy. I'll have to get used to that an more efficiently turn/swivel around.

    It has gotten really hard to do INSANITY along with swimming. INSANITY and the like are great, but they aren't designed for you to do "double duty" with the swim training. So i've decided to just do one or the other, and simply pick up the next INSANITY that is on the wall chart. I skip the recovery day ones, but work in a total day off. I'm almost half way through.