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  1. 200 back splits

    by , February 26th, 2013 at 11:52 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Well, results are up, and I was right when I peeked at the 100!

    200 back, SCY
    1:10.14 (35.94)
    1:46.52 (36.38)
    2:19.64 (33.12) (1:09.50)

    Ok, so even a bigger negative split than my inaugural 200 back swim of 1:12.01/1:12.04! I think I need to take it out faster! Just not sure how much I have left in the tank, so it will take some more swims to get used to how fast I can really push it. Geez, my last 50 was over a second faster than my first 50!

    Yesterday I tried a very strong 200 back in workout (SCM). I went a 2:44. I was right at 2:00 at the 150, but then was so intent on looking at the clock that I nearly bonked my head, so I think I lost some time there going into the last 50. I wonder, what is the translation between a workout 200 and a race 200? 10 seconds at least. But how much more? If I was 2:00, then that is an average of 40 per 50, or 1:20 at the 100. I might try a fast 100 to see where I am.

    I was thinking to try the 200 free. But I can barely even visualize it. I was trying to go some strong 200's free yesterday as well. I am so wimpy that in sets of 3, I had to sit out the middle one and rest in order to do 2 strong ones. No conditioning to go 3 in a row on 3:00, 2:50, 2:45. I found I didn't have an efficient 80% speed. I think I may try to 200 free and just see where I am. There is no Truth like actually racing it and seeing what you do.
  2. Meet Report!

    by , February 23rd, 2013 at 06:35 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Here are my results!

    SCY, SMU indoor pool 1-day meet:

    50 back: 29.4
    50 free (from a split): 25.3
    20 back: 2:19.6

    Best swim was certainly the 200 back. I swam next to my old college suitemate, and 200 back school record holder! So it was nice to have someone to chase. I think that is why I tried harder whereas the 50's I was essentially all by myself.

    My goal was to try to get a top ten time, and i'd be really surprised if I didn't. A 2:20 has always made it in, and I will likely enter this event at the zone meet. I'll have to get back to you on the splits. I looked up at the board and I swear it said 1:10 at the 100, which means I really negative split it! Then again, that could have been the running time or I could have been completely wrong. I had way to much left in the tank and did a complete sprint-o for the last 25.

    Next up: nothing new. Pretty much the same stuff and shenanigans at workout, and hopefully i'll know my 200 back splits and what I will enter at zones!
  3. Entered local SCY meet!

    by , February 18th, 2013 at 03:18 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    I entered our 1 day SCY meet:

    50 back
    100 free (50 free split)
    200 back
    50 free
    200 free (50 free split)

    I'll do the 50 back and see how it goes. I might just do the 200 back for fun and call it a day. If I feel pretty good, then i'll do any combo of the 3 x 50 free opportunities. You have to enter upfront so might as well pick 5 for one price entry! Yours truly may need to take a little nap in between so better to enter that last 200 free, too!

    I am happy to report that the 2 x 50 frees a week have been doable and a good choice for me. I can hardly commit to anything and have very poor consistency, but I can just about always make myself do 2 x 50's a week! I can do the 1/1 consistently now, and today I went a 28 solid on my count. If I had to pick a number, i'd say 28.3

    I have decided that I only want to do ONE "conditioning" set per week. Last week it was an IM'y type of set with 200's and 150's. I was so impatient to finish that the joke was on me and I ended up blasting my way to first in the lane. Sometimes it's harder to swim it moderate than to just go over the hump and go blast-o.
  4. 2 x fast 50 free a week

    by , February 6th, 2013 at 11:06 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Here I am again!

    It's hard to get used to the new layout on this website!

    My new goal is doing 2 x fast 50 frees a week. The hard part is that I don't have anyone to race or start me, but if you are at least consistent with how you start yourself, then it's comparable. And who's to say what's the translation between a workout time and a true meet time anyway? Is it one second difference? Two? Half?

    So, basically I get up and do a 50 free from the block. I am quite pleased with the exponential improvement in some things - mainly in the discipline to always go 1 breath down/2 back. I have done this without fail for at least 5 50s. Yesterday was the first day I thought, I can hold it coming back, and did 1/1 instead. yippee! The way I figure, just "training out the breath" is like dropping 1-2 tenths at least!

    So I have done at least 4 at 29, 1 at 28 and yeterday i was quite pooped but tried one anyone and did a 30 flat. What a major disappointment but nice that a 30 is realtively sucky compared to the sub 30 swims. I think my goal is to get in the 27 high/28 solidly-all-the-time range. That would be really good!

    How do I do it? Well, I basically watch the clock and when it hits the 6, I stop looking and count 7-8-9-AND-Go! I want to actually leave the block after the 00, to simulate that you'd have a reaction time where you are truly leaving between the 0 and 1, and not leaving on the 00 exactly. That is why I add the AND count. It's not a full second, since you get revved up to go so you are counting faster than every second, but not a full second ahead, so it's like leaving on the .5ish. And I finish first, then look. None of this raise my head 2 feet from the wall stuff. If I do this every time, it's not the time itself, but the improvement from 29 flats to whatever I can do. I must admit, the 28 swim was with the coach watching, whereas all the other swims I did on my own either after workout or completely by myself.

    I think my 30 was bad for 2 main reasons - mental lapse at the turn - I was short and literally did a slow raise the head and bob the body around - very uncharateristic of me, and then salvaged to even a 30 by bearing down on the 2nd lap and only taking 1 breath. My turns are not my relative strength. But, the good news is I had to confidence to say, oh crap this could be really bad and I cannot afford that 2nd breath, but I know I can steambarrel it in on one breath if I have to! The other reason it was bad was I was mentally done before I started. I had to switch lanes and find one no one was warming down in. Then I was already worried about taking extra time because I wanted to see my husband before he left town at 3PM, so I was already thinking of my superman style quick change in the locker room as I was using precious time to get ready for the 50.

    Well, I am finally excited about a goal, and so now is my new quest for 27/28 50 free blasts in practice! I'm still not excited at all about going to meets right now. My DVR is constantly full of good stuff to watch and going to a swim meet cuts into my TV and Doin' Nuthin' time.