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  1. Distance swimming in Breckenridge

    by , March 14th, 2013 at 03:56 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Today is our last day in Breckenridge. I am up to 16 cumulative miles towards the 50 mile club. Xmas/New Years 9 miles, this trip 7 miles. I don't have much in terms of thrilling speed or times; the main goal was to get the mileage in. It took me just over 1 hour to swim 2 miles. I have to go really slow to not feel the lack-of-oxygen burn. Other than my 1easy 1 mile day, I would do 3600 yards as 600 warm up, then 3000 left in blocks of 500 or 1000 sets. I did work on my pushoffs a bit, now that I am swimming the 500 free, the goal is to swim as little of it as possible but going as efficiently while not actually doing the swim bits. So if I can get my hips and body aligned really good, then it makes a noticable difference in the distance on my pushoff and breakouts. That's one less line to have to swim!

    Next up: 13 hour drive back to Dallas! Two weeks of very busy work to the end of my fiscal year 03/31. South Central Zones is on the mega zone meet weekend across the US 04-05 to 04-07. Once all those meet results are up, i'll know about where I stand for the year.