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  1. Broken 200 back set

    by , April 29th, 2013 at 09:17 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Back indoors to SCM!

    450 warmup. It was suppose to be a 500, but I just didn't feel like finishing.

    12 x 50 on 1:00
    suppose to be kick, but I did
    1 kick on back;
    2 x kick w/board/swim by 25

    Main set:
    200 easy on 3:30
    8 x 25 on :40

    200 easy on 3:30
    4 x 50 on 1:00

    200 easy on 3:30
    2 x 100 on 2:00

    200 easy on 3:30
    1 x 200

    200 easy

    This was a great 200 backstroke set!

    1:20, 1:12
    and did an easy 100 per every recovery 200.

    That really took it out of me. I am not swimming with the team tomorrow. Maybe easy stuff on my own.

    I am really into these ROCKTELLA lolipops. They are sold in the mexican grocery store (Fiesta) but I can't find these ones at WMT. They have 4 chili layers and sour bubble gum in the middle. The only thing I don't like is they are perfectly round, which actually makes it hard for resting it, retainer-like, in your mouth so you have both hands free. And they are nice and big, so it looks dumb for a 44 year old woman to have it poking out the side of the cheek. But then I use my right hand to hold it, which is also my remote hand, and I have noticed I must be getting pre-carpal tunnel Rocktella remote syndrome in my right hand.
  2. LCM after months away!

    by , April 28th, 2013 at 08:07 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    I did a LCM workout! Finally went again this Sunday since it's back to sprinty stuff instead of the one size doesn't fit sprinters LCM of winter season.

    warmup, maybe a 200

    8 x 50 kick on 1:10
    held roughly 50s kicking backstroke no equipment.

    3 rounds of
    4 x 50's, 100 easy
    :55 set 1, :50 set 2; :45 set 3
    I did them all backstoke, and actually made the 3rd set, whoopie for me!

    4 rounds of
    50, 100, 50, 50 on :50 base; sprinting the last 50 of each round.
    I basically swam bits easy, skipped a lot, and then did 3 x fast 50's from a dive; held 32 to 30ish. maybe faster. but not sure so it was no slower than those times.

    The End

    Whoopie for me! I can still book it down the pike, albeit 1 ways!
  3. INSANITY and ho hum swimming now

    by , April 25th, 2013 at 11:13 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    I've started INSANITY!! I must say, P90X really helped me get into land-shape! I can tell because I can actually do the warmup bits (3 rounds total 12 mins) without dying. I am really bad at Level 2 drills, ski abs, and in-and-outs, but the last is probably so hard b/c it comes at the very bitter end of a series.

    Swimming has been ok! I am doing some workouts on my own, because I didn't do quite as much pure sprinting this year and it showed. But my 200 back is a very strong top ten contender! A 2:20 has always made it and I am at 2:17.8!

    Here's what I did yesterday:

    warmup - maybe 250?

    6 x 100 kick/swim
    ==No. I didn't feel like it. so i did 50's kick/swim. Then decided that was too much so put on my fins and went the same slow speed.

    5 x 100 pull
    ===> no. put on my parachute and did 50s.

    Main set:
    4 rounds of 4 x 50's and 200 easy
    Set 1: 50's on :40
    I had to do these free. Held 35-36

    Set 2:50's on :50
    Did these backstroke! Held 39-42

    Set 3: 50's on 1:00
    cheaty 50's- 25 easy free, 25 fast fly

    Set 4: 50's on 1:10
    did 25 strong, broken 5 seconds, 25 fast. held 30-31.

    The End
    I've been able to Insanity at night and still swim during the day. I think when school is out, I will try to lift lift lift meaning strength training. Maybe make it the cornerstone for a change. I think i'm just not strong enough. I need to make a really good effort to stick with it the entire summer!

    I age up for meters this year! I turn 45 in May. It's nice to get into a new age group but nothing new since there are fast women, arguably more fast women in my new age group in my favorite events. But, if you aren't #1, who really cares if you are #2 or #10. I would like to do a serous SCM meet this year. 2 day format with lots-o-rest in between events and seasoned meet people who get all my splitsy requests.
  4. Meet Report!

    by , April 7th, 2013 at 06:52 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Well, here are my meet results!

    500 free 5:49
    200 back 2:17.8
    50 free split 25.3
    50 back 29.5

    50 free split 25.3
    100 back 1:02.6
    50 free 25.3
    50 fly split 28.3

    Here are the full results:

    Commentary: 500 free
    I'm really glad I swam this. It felt pretty good, which is probably why it wasn't super fast. At about the 75, I thought, now I see why people train for this. After the swim, I decided i would definately swim this from time to time. However, I don't feel compelled to train for it at all. That would be hours of work to drop 20 seconds. I'll take the 20 seconds and spend those hours doing sprinty stuff.

    200 back
    Swim-o-the-meet! This may end up being my best contender in top tens! A very strong swim. Still need to get out faster!

    50 free split #1:
    I think I am stuck in a rut. A time warp of 25.3's. I felt peppy but no strength. And it felt LONG, like that one extra second just takes it out of me. I'm sure I haven't done enough strength training and hours of sitting on the pool deck talking about my training.

    50 back: Holly cow I can hardly believe I actually swam 4 events in one day. I was just trying not to SIT UP in the race I was pretty tired!


    200 free? No way! Time for another split request! I decided to tweak my stroke and went with a total 80's stroke. It felt so good, like an old friend. I was quite tired but tried to go fast anyway.

    100 back: This one I wanted to do a good time. I started to really die at the end, but I was abl to gut, grunt, and just go to the end. A very solid time and definately a top tener.

    50 free: This was fun to swim against my friend Laura Zook, formerly Glass, maiden name Holt. Kept the 80's crossover kick since I didn't have the strength to kick straight legs.

    50 fly split: Ok! At this point I was going to bail, but with SO MANY scratches, yours truly was purely on a medal haul. Did the split, and it was not a natural swim at all. I haven't done much fly this year, since it still is a bit uncomforable in my belly button. I think he sewed me up funny. My belly button inside folds don't look the same anymore either. This I can tell when I clean out my belly button! But, back to the swim - oh yeah, so notice my splits that I scurried home in the last 50 free, thinking it may come down to that for a 1st place medal!

    TOTAL HAUL: 7 gold medals and a 4th place in the 100 free (50 free split).

    I think i've had a good time and did some great backstroking. But, i'll very likely go back to the 4 x 50's, as the base events.

    I will now watch whatever I saved on DVR and eat an entire Godiva solid chocolate easter bunny, potato chips and dip, and coconut water. Tomorrow: INSANITY!!!!
  5. 500 free: swim smart or be the crowd pleaser?

    by , April 3rd, 2013 at 11:46 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Well, Easter eating really pounded me up! I am an absolute whopping 144 lbs but the 2 chocolate bunnies, sour lemonheads, and low grade tummy ache were worth it.

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center.

    My joints actually HURT. And that would be knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. It is also amazing how emotionally fragile I am after a 4 day school vacation and holiday festivities. I had to take it super easy and do short sprints. That said, I did about 6 dives off the blocks. I did 1 fast 50 and lanemates said it was a 28 low, but I thought it was so bad I didn't look at the clock right away, and when I did it was on the :30 so I think that it true I did a 28 high.

    MUCH BETTER! No sharp stabbing pains or tummy ache today. But I didn't want to do any dives nor any blast-o sprints. So I did a fast 200/150/100 backstroke and went 2:48/2:04 and 1:19.

    Wednesday: That's today!
    Major goofing off!

    HOORAY! Pysche sheets are up and the timeline. I am really excited to do the 500 free. Everyone is telling me not to do my usual sprinty MO and go easy at the beginning. However, I am really toying with just going as fast I can - even if it's too fast. I'm not sure if I would feel very happy to have a lot left in the tank and go a mediocre time. I'd rather blast it out and die a horrible swim-death. Honestly! It would be like, dramatic irony where everyone in the natatorium knows what's going to happen except the person swimming way too fast in the 500. Then the climax to the anvil. But before then, i'd enjoy the absolute THRILL of being so far ahead of everyone else! I'm not sure I want to be on the leader's feet and then just slowly fall back further and further....why not add drama and spice to heat 1 of the 2013 south central zone meet! I'm also not sure about the other events. I think no matter what I do the 500 will take so much out of me. I may skip the 200 back, split the 100 free (50) and do the the 50 back. The next day, I might split the 200 free (50 free), swim the 100 back and then decide to stick around for 2 more 50's or to go home. I'm not that excited about swimming anything beyond the 500 free and at least 1 peppy 50 free.