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  1. Halfway thru P90X!

    by , May 8th, 2012 at 10:34 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Well, I am still going strong!!!

    I am halfway thru Week #7 of the 13 week total. This is the 3rd and last week of Phase 2, then the "recovery week" #8. (Plus photo!)

    I think the key is proper modification. This is really hard because most people I have talked to say they started it and couldn't finish and/or got injured. There isn't a coach standing next to you telling you what and how to modify, and a lot of people say they get so competitive they try to keep up with Tony & crew. Plus you have to modify in relation to the fact that you are also swimming. The videos don't account for the fact that you are swimming - training - and that a lot of effort is duplicated, so you are going to really hurt yourself by all the double dipping if you don't eliminate/modify those bits. The last thing is not to think of it as a do-or-die in 90 days. If you think of this as a first round sampler, leaving room for heavier weights, more reps, higher/farther leaps, deeper lunges, etc, then you will probably decrease your chances of getting injured. You have all the time in the world, so think of the program and an indefinate and customizable repeat after the first 90 days! Remember, these guys would look completely foolish doing your job, so it is the same thing when you pop in the DVD and try to keep up with them. They were selected because they are super duper good at it, and have rehearsed the sequences for the video not unlike any other type of performance. You aren't going to get on stage and play Hamlet on the first round, so build up to it!

    I am happy to report that I can now bicycle backwards for the full 25 count. I could do cross leg instead of full legs out on the cross over sit uppy things, but that was on my strongest day, and I have only done it once. And I can do all 25 sissor kicks (yes, I wait for the number!). The key is to squeeze your butt and use the raised leg as the balancing end, and the down leg (1 inch off the floor, butt squeezed!) as the elongating move.

    I skipped the swim meet on Sunday! I was not well over the weekend, so I bagged my cameo 50 free. I mentally calculated I had a low 28 in me, and then decided the recover period AFTER the race would cost me too much of my P90X consistency.


    Here is my workout on Monday!
    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    Billy G coached

    Here is Billy's commentary on his 1500 LCM fly: He did it the summer of/after 1980 Trials. Since he was in great shape, and trained with a distance donkey team, he decided to try it. His time was 19 something. He made it completely fly legal. The official, who is always really bored in the D-events, had nothing better to do so he walked with Billy the entire way, just to see if he was fly-legal. Billy's time was a big bell curve. Once he got to about 700-800, he was really disgusted. But he decided to just do another 100, another 100, until he got to 1200 and at that point he knew he could finish, and he started getting faster. His last 100 was not as fast as his first, but again, he bell curved his splits.

    200 swim/200 kick/200 pull

    6 x 75 kick on 1:30
    50 smooth/25 strong

    8 x 125's pull
    4 on 2:00 (yes, I actually used a pull buoy)
    4 on 1:45 (no equipment, swam these)

    10 x 100's swim
    4 on 1:35 descend
    1 on 2:00

    I gave it a big decend and went 1:11 and 1:10 on the #4's. Solid and strong, i'd say about 92.5% effort.

    The End

  2. Sprint Friday, 05/04/12

    by , May 4th, 2012 at 03:04 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Hooray today was sprint day!

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    Steve Barnicoat sprint special Fridays

    10 x 50 on :50 warmup

    6 x 125 on 2:00
    100 smooth, 25 fast

    200 easy kick

    6 x 50 on :50

    6 x 75 on 1:30
    25 smooth, 50 fast

    200 easy kick

    6 x 50 on :50

    6 x 25 on :45
    all fast

    The End
    I liked today's workout! I was in a good lane of people who went easy on the easy, which makes all the difference. That way I could swim the sprint parts with some zip!

    Not feeling so good today either. Still totally bloated but I didn't eat any chips last night! I did have my 2 x cherry poptarts, toasted. Then I had a bowl of special k with a banana and used regular milk. I think that is what did me in!

    Next Up: carpool line. then early dinner at Pei wei. Then 4th grade roller skating party. Pizza second dinner. I hope they have some cake. I really want some cake. Back up plan is to leave during party and go get myself some cake next door at Albertson's.
  3. Stroke Workout, back to indoor routine

    by , May 3rd, 2012 at 06:47 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    So after 1 LCM workout, I have decided to bag the outdoor on my own thing. It completely disrupts my showering routine. Being so used to nice shower pressure, free shampool/cond/bodywash and fluffy towels (that I don't have to bring or wash, I might add!), I just can't do the great outdoors.

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    Billy G coached
    recall Tue/Thurs are stroke days

    500 warmup
    "SMU IM" 100 free/back/free/breast/free

    12 x 50 kick on 1 Min

    20 x 50's on 1:00
    5 sets of 4
    :30 rest in between
    Rotating IM's

    I did 3 sets IM, then did backstrokes on sets 4 and 5. Good training for my next 200 backstroke! Not sure how to translate, but
    Set 4 back: 41, 43, 43, 41
    Set 5 back: 40, 41, 39, 38
    I think I can push them a bit more. Part of the key is to get a good turn and trajectory off the wall. Otherwise you use all your silver bullets trying to straighten out and an inefficient breakout.

    8 x 100 pull
    2 on 1:45
    4 on 1:25
    2 on 1:45
    ====> no, did misc 50's around everyone pulling very easy. I was pooped out!

    The End

    Today was quite difficult. I am so bloated I feel like I have an anvil in my tummy and two personal watermelons strapped to my calves. But the consecutive days of Ruffles and dip were quite worth it.

    I really like the line in the latest swimmer magazine - ...."Bay says that the goal for a masters swimmer should be to discover the least amount of work you can do and still accomplish your goals, providing your goals are realistic and healthy." I think I already do this, but I use the cost/benefit continuum. Here's my 100 free analysis, or, more to the point, why I rarely swim the 100 free:

    Current best time: 54.7
    Commentary: pretty hard and not altogether pleasant feeling.
    Analysis: Don't really care to swim it.

    What if's:
    53.99 need a bit more effort training ==> no, still don't care
    52.99 this gives me pause. but no, i'd have to say not worth the effort I know i'd have to put in. Better to do nothing more and continue at 54.7
    51.99. There are so many girls that go 51's it would be fleeting for a moment, but ugh, the thought of the effort is a total dealkiller. I have no desire to train up to my potential just to be in the no-man's land of 51's.
    50.99 or even better? That's barely even USA winter nationals, and totally not worth the effort. Hand me some Ruffles and Dip, please.

    My goal these days is to stay a solid non tapering regional/sectional cut qualifier in the 50 free. The day I have trouble doing that in season, then I will have to reconsider the cost/benefit continum. I would also like to get as many top tens as possible, with no specific places in mind. To simply make top ten consistently is fine with me. No one really cares or remembers whether you were 3rd, 7th, or 10th. 10th is like winning an Olympic bronze medal. You are just so glad you showed up, and swam hard enough, then got a place!
  4. LCM workout on my own!

    by , May 1st, 2012 at 03:24 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    LCM @ SMU Outdoor pool
    cost me $5.00
    but i'm not buying a summer pass @ $150 'cause I don't think I will actually go 30 times!!!

    My OWN lane. For the first 1600....

    400 warm up

    8 x 50 on 1:00
    25 IM stroke/25 moderate free
    held 37 (free/free) to 43 (breast/free)

    8 x 50 on 1:00
    Kick with Speedo Optimus fins
    2 on tummy/2 on back
    held 37-40

    8 x 50 on 1:15
    "backward rotating 12 1/2"
    start with easy 37.5; fast last 12.5
    easy 25/fast 12.5/easy 12.5
    easy 12.5/fast 12.5/easy 25
    fast 12.5/easy 37.5
    total elapsed time 36-40's

    8 x 50 on 1:00
    pull BUOY yes, you read this right! and paddles and snorkel
    held just under 40s

    4 x 50 no interval
    2 with TYR burner fins/2 no equipment
    strong push off and sprint 10 strokes

    The End


    I felt ok. It was a bit weird to swim on my own and LCM, completely off my normal routine of swimming @ Baylor SCM indoors. I also had to project my Don't Share with Me! persona, so that was also another thing I was multi-tasking and it was a bit distracting. I made an extra effort to huff and puff loudly on the walls in lieu of swimming fly. That actually seemed to work!

    Since I rarely swim LCM, this was a good time to do a bunch of 50's just to get more used to the length. I had very little "burst" speed today. I'm not sure if that's because i'm out of bursting shape, or from the dryland stuff I have been doing. Probably both. I was NOT happy with lack of transition speed between the fast and easy 12.5's. So that is definately something to work on.

    I included my paces above since I don't know what is a "good time".

    Last night:
    Legs and Back X, Ab Ripper X
    ==> I am replacing a lot of the side and directional lunges with sneaky/tip toe lunges and the multi-step lunge and weights, and also replaced a few other things with the wall squats. For some reason, those are a bit easier on my knees and it incorporates balance and simply moving your entire body from one side of the room to the other, with a graceful, controlled turn. The problem is my legs are getting stronger but I can tell I am limited by the knee area. Absolutely no way on the chair lunges. I don't do the pull ups, but get on my vasa and swim away.

    I am replacing Yoga X with Core X. Since I already do yoga within my free stretch and about 20 mins x 3 days a week, I think the Core X would be a better fit. I don't see why they only use Core X in the 4th week of the cycle.

    I'll probably accelerate week #7 and bank this week's rest day for Saturday, since I swim the meet on Sun AM.
  5. Lone LCM meet report amist USMS Nationals!

    by , April 29th, 2012 at 01:04 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Here's how I did!!


    Recall last season I ranged from 28.2 to 28.7. My bests have been 27.7, but I think swimming more LCM workouts - sprint workouts. So I think if I do 1, just 1 extra LCM workout customized for moi, that will make a huge difference!!!

    I must say, that was a very solid time for me! I have only done 1 LCM workout since the Austing Grand Prix LCM meet (01/14/12) and decided not to wear goggles since I couldn't see "better" with them anyway. You don't need to feel good to swim fast, and you don't need to see where you're going, either!!

    Plus, I had my docket on Friday and then did parent karate day in the AM. I watched 3 episodes of GRIMM, and then off to the meet! I do not like PM swim meets.

    I was quite tired. I did P90X Back & Biceps the night before. I felt like I had an anvil on my back starting at mid-air on the dive. Usually the anvil doens't appear until the 35 meter mark! But, I kept my breathing (twice) and really drove for the wall. The best thing I did, which i've been practicing this week, is to finish on my side. I won my heat, and I was really surprised. A bunch of clustered times, but I think with my spidery long arms and a sideways lunge, that made the difference.

    and now, today's LCM workout!

    Sunday, 04/29
    SMU outdoors, LCM

    400 warm up

    6 x 75
    25 kick/25 drill/25 swim
    then your "rest" is 10 seconds of vertical kicking

    I loved this transition set!!!!

    50/100/150/200 pull on ??
    4 x 50's strong fly within the time limit

    4 x 200 swim on 3:40
    Some sort of mix of strong/smooth
    ==> I kicked these with my Speedo Optimus fins, attempting same pace as swim; last one was on 2:44

    200/150/100/50 no interval
    kick the first 50 of each; alt kick/swim
    moderate; "recovery", and warm down set

    The End


    Hooray for me! A LCM workout! I think I will try to swim 2 x LCM per week. Either the workouts or just come during open swim and pay the 3 or 5 dollars entry fee. There are lots of things I would do to customize my own workouts, starting with nearly every set being 50's. This workout was ok, but very non-specific. And it's not ideal to be swimming strong 50 flys through a landmine of paddled swimmers.
  6. Thursday, 04/26/12 another stroke day

    by , April 26th, 2012 at 05:37 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Today I was able to swim at noon again. I got there a bit late.

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    Billy Glasstetter on deck

    I forgot to ask about his 1000 fly for the forum thread.

    warm up - no missed it.

    10 x 50 kick on 1:00
    I swam/kick/stroked these warmup

    6 x 25's on :35 to get ready
    mix strokes/free

    Main Stroke Set:

    4 x 100's on 2:00
    100 fly (about 1:21)
    75 fly/25 easy free (1:00)
    50 fly/50 easy free (?)
    25 fly/75 easy free (?)
    increase effort on the stroke as you take off a 25 on each.

    Rest a bit.

    4 x 100's on 2:00
    same thing backstroke

    Rest a bit.

    4 x 100's on 2:00
    same thing breastroke

    400 pull for warm down
    ====> I did 100 kick with snorkel & fins, 100 with pull buoy

    The End


    Ok! That was a very challenging set, especially on the fly. The original workout had straight 100's stroke. I had a good lane, where everyone went 10 seconds apart and actually did the entire thing.

    The fly was pretty hard. The key is to not panic on the 100, because that 75 is the real killer. Once you get past the 75, you are home free!

    The breast was also pretty hard. I am not used to doing that much breastroke! But I felt it was one of my best breast sets in a long long time, and my arm wasn't hurting.

    Wed: Plyo X.
    Today: off. Helen has her IP night, so I won't have enough time to do it today. I'll just pick up on tomorrow what was today's (I think Back & Biceps).

    Then swim meet on Saturday. Swimming in the afternoon session sucks. I have a kid's flower show 8-10 am, parent karate 10:30-12 noon, then go to the swim meet around 4pm. I will skip P90X again, and pick it up on Sunday. But that's not really that much rest time - lunch, a movie in bed, then hoist myself back up for a cameo 50 free. Yikes!!
  7. Tuesday 04/24 stroke day

    by , April 24th, 2012 at 08:40 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    Bobby Patten coached
    Tues/Thurs are stroke day!

    300 warm up

    10 x 50 kick on 1:00
    I did 5 on my back and then 5 on my side with the snorkel. Bobby said I was wasting my time and to just kick on my stomach.

    400 pull
    ==>no. free with PFS for a 200

    Main Set:

    4 x 25 fly on :30
    100 IM strong on 1:30
    easy 50 free on 1:30

    4 x 25 back on :30
    100 IM strong on 1:30
    easy 50 free on 1:30

    4 x 25 breast on :30
    100 IM strong on 1:30
    easy 50 free on 1:30

    then.....repeat! for a total of 6 rounds.

    200 pull
    ==== wait! I actually DID THE PULL! I used my pink and white striped pull buoy, no paddles, and did the whole thing! a mid-length break to adjust the slipped buoy, but I still think it counts as a continuous 200 pull! I amaze myself!


    This was a solid stroke day with no specific speed work other than the strong 100's. But it was actually very tough after each of the 25's, which you couldn't really go easy on.

    It was fun pulling. I almost never use my bouy. I guess I was just too lazy to put on my PFS (paddles, fins, snorkel).

    Last night: Cardio X, tonight is Chest/Shoulders/Triceps beginning of week #6.

    30 day report! My husband took the 30 day pictures, but they don't look very good. For one thing, he sat down and so all the shots make my hips and legs look huge, and my head look coneheaded and small. I have gone from 142.8 to 139.4, which isn't anything spectacular, but it means I only have to lose 3 lbs to get to 136.x instead of "something over 5 lbs away". However, it is very difficult not to squander the days and leave it up to a hail mary in week #8 to get those last 3 lbs. Then I only have to lose 1 more lb in the last cycle to meet my desired weight of 135! My back shots clearly show a more defined V in my muscly-swimmer's shoulders. I am happy to report my butt looks less inflated. I am well within my butt-PSI limit However, I still have periodic muffin topping which is not due to the periodic cycle, and I don't pass the naked jiggle test. On the other hand, I do pass the suck in your gut to a perfectly flat stomach test, and bend slightly backwards to see your abs ripple test. The problem isn't developing the muscles, it's that I can't let go of my McDonalds, Ruffles, charms blow pops and strawberry frosted pop tarts to loose that layer of outer fat that conceals them! Maybe I will do 2 lbs/2 lbs in the last cycle. 3 lbs is just such a huge committment.

    Bonus Clip!

    Here's another bonus clip from the Republic of Texas World Championships, February 2012!

    Today is my parent's 47th anniversary, hooray!!!!
  8. Sunday LCM workout

    by , April 22nd, 2012 at 03:40 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    I probably would not have blogged today, but I thought Fort might appreciate more reading material, as it appears she is not back just yet.....

    Recap Saturday:
    I skipped P90X on Friday so doubled up.
    AM - Yoga on my own;
    PM - Legs and Back
    I substituted all shoulder strenghtening/rotator cuff type arm exercises for the pullups, and did all the leg stuff.

    Sunday, LCM SMU outdoor pool
    Bobby Patten on deck but I wasn't going to do the proscribed workout anyway!

    500 warm up
    I actually did this entire thing without stopping!

    4 x100's kick on 2:00
    Speedo B&O Optimus fins; kick on back
    held between 1:18 nd 1:20
    Went strong and goal with these fins is to kick as fast as I can swim the same set.

    6 x 150's on descending interval. about 2:20's or so, I wasn't really listening.
    =================> no.
    Per each 150, 1 strong 50, easy swim and turnaround in the middle after last person for just over another 50 total.
    3 fly; 3 free
    fastest fly 37ish; fastest free 33ish

    4 x 100's swim or pull on 1:40
    ============> no.
    4 x 100 kick on side with Speedo fins and snorkel; face turned down but kick on sides

    4 x 150 on faster interval
    ==============> no. same thing
    1 fast 50; then easy swim and turnaround in middle
    odds fly; evens free.
    fastest fly 40ish; fastest free 35ish

    The End


    This was my first LCM practice in a long long time! It wasn't that bad since I was able to modify it. But I really ran out of steam by the last round and could only must a 40/35 on the fly/free. My kick was quite strong and I gloat over being able to use my snorkel while on my side. That really helps me just focus on the kick instead of turning the head to breathe.

    Tonight: Cardio X, my favorite!!!

    My summer meet schedule, of which I will likely do most but not all:

    04/29 Local USA meet;
    05/06 Local USA meet;
    05/18-20 Texas Senior Circuit #3 at TAMU and/or Woodlands USMS meet
    05/22 - Happy Birthday to me!!! No swim meet.
    06/02 - Local USA meet;
    06/10 - Local USA meet;
    06/24 - Local USA meet;
    06/25 - DAMM USMS meet

    Off......there are 3 more local meets plus USA sectionals, but I am not planning on swimming those right now.
  9. Workout clips of Moi!

    by , April 21st, 2012 at 04:29 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Bonus post! Coach Barney took some clips of me duing workout on Friday (see previous post). The backstroke and freestyle were recovery swim 25's, and the fly must have been one of the fast swims. I hope this was the 100 - 25 easy free/75 fast fly. It sure looks that painful.

    Anyway, have a look-see! Good thing I wasn't totally goofing off. Or else he didn't send me those clips. No, actually, I still kept pretty good form, even when I thought no one was looking!

    Fly commentary: My head is too high, hands too high, and my shoulders are really low. My UW arms are way apart, and I remember thinking, my arms are way apart and totally dead! My legs are just dragging at the end and I have very little core strength to drive my body. Boy and I out of fly shape. The only thing that saves me is a low frontal profile (ie, stayin' skinny!) so I have less to drag. But it won't propel me faster! I also cowboy kicked at the end and gave up as I was taking the last stroke, since I can see the cowboy stance at the very end. I'll work on those finer details!! Notice also that I am throwing my arms forward, and I think a bit too fast simply to get them over the water. I'm throwing my center of gravity out in front of me, thus when my arms enter, I am not "holding" the water and can do not much more than simply slip them back. A very, very subtle change in the arm recovery and I can keep that center of gravity in my body, or at least at high chest, so that when my arms enter, I have that tiger in the tank to hold the water and pull with strength and umph. Geez, my legs are totally floppy. I blame that on disengaging my hips and thus the gratutitous flippy kick isn't helping at all. And you don't need to see to swim fast, heh heh, look ma, no goggles!

    Free commentary: Ok! Much better! Even when no one is looking, i'm still doing quite a few things right. Pretty ingrained by now to kick hard off the walls, even in the most basic recovery 25's. Notice fast feet at beginning of clip. Feet keep moving and driving from lower half. I am arguably working my arms the least of anyone around me. Bilateral breathing. But I can work on continuous kick and even a bit longer of walls. The bilateral breathing is good, but there is no reason to take more than 3 breaths in a 25, no matter how easy it is. Work on attention to breath on every set, warmup and warmdown.

    Back commentary: Not much to comment on easy back. My elbows are straight, they just look bent!

    DOUBLE BONUS!!! Here's my first every 200 backstroke at the Colonies Zone meet! See a few posts previous for splits. I'm in lane 2.


    Let me know what you think!!!

    PS This is a typical Friday workout. You are seeing most of the easy bits and one strong bit. See our nice pool!

    Updated April 21st, 2012 at 05:37 PM by chowmi

  10. End of week update

    by , April 20th, 2012 at 03:12 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    I did another real workout! Or, at least most of the glory bits!

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    Steve Barnicoat coached

    300 warm up

    12 x 25's

    6 x 100's pull on 1:30
    no. of course not
    =======>6 x 50's with PFS

    Part I: Main Sprinty Set
    3 x 100's on 2:15
    1. 75 easy/25 fast
    2. 50 easy/50 fast
    3. 25 easy/75 fast
    I did these fly on fast bits. 1:16 total time on #3, but it makes a big difference when you do one of those lengths freestyle!

    12 x 25 on :35

    4 x 100 pull on 1:30
    you guess it.
    =========> 4 x 50 with PFS

    Part II: Main Sprint Set
    4 x 50's on 1:15
    odd: easy down/sprint back
    evens: all sprint
    I did all fly on fast bits. 34 on last fly.

    12 x 25's on :35
    kick/swim/swim your choice

    The End


    I am getting back into fly shape. It wasn't horrible, but I certainly am not in my best fly shape!

    Since the last post, let's see:
    Plyo X on Wed;
    Back & Biceps last night Thurs;
    Tonight - Yoga X. I am probably not going to put the DVD in. I do like the range and choices of poses, but I don't like the pace and order of them. It is quite hard on the shoulders so i'm going to modify with more standy uppy stuff and sitting down stuff, and more stretching stuff than strength stuff. Especially since I swam and used my big shoulder muscles for flying, I don't want to "double up" with so much yoga on my shoulders. And i'll keep it closer to 1 hour. 90 minutes is way over the top. That cuts into my pistachio eating/TV time!
  11. Midweek update

    by , April 18th, 2012 at 03:40 PM (Chowmi's Blog)

    Monday - off

    Tuesday - P90X 2nd "module", week #5, day 1: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

    This was really hard. I was still very tired from the meet but I did it anyway. By the end, I had this really, really weird and pronounced shaking in my arms! And since I am very double jointed, it was like a cross between the possessed body of Evil Dead and the Exorcist head turning, except it was my elbow joint.

    Ab ribber. I can sort of bicycle backwards, with extreme concentration, but only a few times and then it turns into the brake pedal motion again. But I think I am getting it!

    Wed - SWIM!
    I went to a real workout! About time, i've been paying my monthly membership!!

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    Jim Montgomery on deck

    Warm up
    200 swim
    200 pull

    another 200 pull

    8 x 50 on 50
    descend 1 -4

    12 x 25's on :35
    odd: kick 1/2 UW
    even: fast
    Fins and mix kick stroke

    200 easy with breath control

    8 x 50 on :45

    200 kick

    14 x 25's on :35
    1 fast, 1 easy
    2 fast ,1 easy
    3 fast, 1 easy
    4 fast, 1 easy
    I built an IM

    300 easy pull


    I did most of the workout except lopped off a bit on the easy stuff and warm up. It was ok. Nothin' special.

    Next up: PlyoX tonight and maybe more real workouts the rest of this week. Very non-specific stuff for the next bit here.
  12. Colonies Zone meet report!

    by , April 16th, 2012 at 01:39 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Hi everyone i'm back home!!! All the flights were delayed but I got home ok.

    I haven't been here for awhile and chose not to go to the Marriott's business center to get on the internet. There were too many things to do, like watch several loops of the hotel channel, read the Marriott Binder of Services, study the room service menu (then place order!), stash toilettries in my luggage, and arrange all 6 pillows plus 3 sham covered square pillow things for bedtime! I was completely encased in a warm pillow cocoon!

    Overall, this meet is a total winner! I am completely enamoured with this meet, and as Arnold Schwarzenegger says, "I'll be back!"

    I met lots of nice people! Swimshark really took me under her fin. She gave me the finer points of where to sit - No, not there, it gets wet and you are in Wheelchair Woman's space. We only sit here for distance day. Go to diving well area. No, not on that side of the diving well, this side. Yes, you can lay out your gushy yoga mat.

    I also met Jim "The banana man" Thornton, Leslie, aka The "Impenatrable" Fortress, Jazz Hands (short for Jazz Hands, Chest, Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps!), Sir "Speedy" Speedo (his nickname is "Pete"), plus others! Swimshark also pointed out taruky, but no, I didn't critique him in real life, either.

    I missed the gridge! It seems kind of silly for me, though. There are so many fast people at this meet, so it seems odd to gridge one person when you've got more competition than you can see in this murky green water to worry about (I think I changed it into a verb). But i'm flattered that anyone would assume i'd be going 26! Well, I didn't really miss it, I just was in the one duking it out with the 27's and not the 26's with Fort and Fall. Hey, that sounds good! Fort and Fall! Crap! I even got beat in my own age group! That sucks!!! I won my age group in all other events! It's always a function of showin' up, and for others not showin' up! But first, you gotta show up!

    Hey wait a minute!! I forgot to pick up my medals! But I didn't see anyone else getting theirs, so I guess that's why I forgot.

    Here's how I did:

    50 free (100 free split) 24.74
    50 breast 33.55
    100 back 1:03.18 (30.90 32.28)
    50 fly 27.21

    1st day commentary: I was very pleased with my swims! Overall time was not my best, but still very strong times, considering my focus is P90X and to stay in good racing shape! I executed very well; 1/1 on both free/fly breath, and the 100 back was a test of whether I had conditioning (and speed). My spread was 1.38 seconds, so I think that's pretty good!

    50 free (200 free split) 24.75
    50 back 29.37
    50 free 24.84 (zone record)
    200 back 2:24.05 (34.81, 37.23, 37.17, 34.84; 1:12.04, 1:12.01 holy crapola I negative split it!!)
    100 fly - scratch

    2nd day commentary: I did nearly the same exact time in the 50 free! Here are my master's times: 25.1 24.7 24.7 24.7 24.8! My USA times this year were 24.4 24.6 24.9 24.9!

    I felt really tired when I hit the water for the actual 50 free. By then it was my 7th event of the meet and I felt it all of a sudden! So I decided to put more effort into the 200 back and not do the 100 fly. I think I went too easy and I had a lot left at the end. I actually negative split it! I think next time I will try to press it harder at the beginning and then try and hold on. I only did dolphin kicks off the start, and went to all free UW kick after that. It really saved energy! I just made sure to still go strong and get my feet past the flags.

    I got to see my cousins and came back with about 10 hand me down dresses for my girls!!! They came to the meet and watched my 50 free and 200 back. Since they were waiting, I just hurried and left without saying goodbyes, but I felt it wasn't really goodbye, since I'LL BE BACK!!!!!

    PS. You DAMM men suck. I have to carry the weight for the whole team to our 29th place finish!
  13. Colonies Zone meet, here I come!

    by , April 12th, 2012 at 12:10 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    This is just a placeholder post so I don't forget what I did between Monday and the meet.

    Not much.

    On track for week #4 of P90X.
    1/2 yoga video to stop at 45 min;
    Yesterday was Cardio, replaced Kenpo X;
    Today is CoreX
    Friday/Sat are the rest days
    Skip Sunday and start week #5 on Monday when I get back.

    Easy day on Wed and nothing else until I get to Colonies Zone meet. I think I did 200 w/up; 3 x 100 kick; 100 easy, then swim misc. easy to 30 minutes.

    Thoughts on the meet:
    My main thought today is that I will think about it when I finally get to the pool for warmup on Friday night. That way, the travel, check-in at hotel, and mini-nap are all out of the way and I can finally relax!

    My times of 24.7 free and 27.4 fly very likely will stay top ten times at the end of the season, so it is a bonus to get the opportunity to improve on those times. I will do 3 x 50 frees and i'm going to try different things for fun. I might try 1/0 and see if that is just too distracting, or if I am holding a better "acceleration" (rather, less deceleration) at the end of the race by not breathing that one extra time on the way back.

    and...just for jadams....i'm really excited for breakfast at the airport McDonalds tomorrow!!! Though I never branch out - it is always a sausage biscuit with egg combo, with the coffee.
  14. Easter Weekend update

    by , April 9th, 2012 at 09:54 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Well, Easter came and went.

    We had:
    Sea bass filets
    taragon chicken (which seems a fancy way of saying chicken & grapes)
    quiche-like sausage/white cheddar/egg/jalepeno thing in a casserole dish
    pasta salad (pasta, not a salad)
    salad (what I say is a salad, the green stuff)
    dessert bars
    any candy I could swipe from the girls and a suspiciously wet peep (yellow bird) that was on the table.
    root beer

    At the South Central Zone meet, there was a t-shirt vendor. He had Texas A&M Swimming sweatshirts, so I bought one. It was $30, and you get a free t-shirt. I only wanted a sweatshirt, but he said it was still $30. The t-shirts were not really my style. I am not into those "swimming is so tough" slogans, like "If swimming were any easier, it would be called football" or other corny sayings. The least offensive was "Hanging with my favorite swim peeps" and a picture of the a ducky and bunny peep, so I selected that one and wore it for my short walk on Easter.
    Since I last posted, I think I did one workout, so here it is:

    Sat, 04/07 SCM on my own

    500 warm up

    6 x 50 on 1:10 PFS

    100 easy

    4 x (15 sec no breath/25 blasto)

    100 easy

    2 x 100 kick no interval
    tummy, sides

    100 easy

    4 x 50 backstroke w/10 sec rest
    I am pretty sure my total elapsed time was a 3:18. That would make it 2:48 less the 3 x 10 secs, and that seems about right. I went moderate/strong, certainly not killing myself, and I think I could hold that for a true 200, at least total time, assuming I go out a bit faster. So at a conversion ratio of 1.1, that would make it 2:32.

    100 easy

    4 x DIVES

    100 easy

    The End

    The 25's were a bit harder since I ate lunch right before swimming! The backstrokes were ok, but it just wasn't as fun without having people around to race. It was very lonely out there!

    I have decided not to use the KenpoX DVD. It's silly. I replaced it with CardioX. I am now on week #4 and I flip flopped days so yesterday I did core synergistics, which I also like. I cannot do the plank/chatarunga runs. The planks aren't too hard, but I can barely get myself down for the chatarunga ones. I do like the Dreya rolls. I'm not sure I am doing them "right", but I think if you squat, roll, and then squat back up with no/limited arm use, you are basically doing the right thing. If I had more rooom, i'd do a 1/2 turn and roll the other way.


    This is a busy week! I don't think I can focus too much on swimming until I get on the plane. I think I will try to swim today (Mon) and Thurs and that should be good enough.

    Next up:

    The Colonies Zone meet, here is the site:
  15. Testing out my backstroke & post tornadic update

    by , April 5th, 2012 at 03:21 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    I actually went to an organized masters swim workout! What the heck have I been paying my membership for! But wait just a moment, i'm not sayin' I actually DID the full workout!

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    Billy G coached, but I wouldn't have done the set no matter who coached!

    400 warm up

    8 x 50 kick on 1:00

    Main set:

    400 pull
    3 x 100 on 1:30
    300 pull
    4 x 100 on 1:25
    200 pull
    5 x 100 on 1:20

    =====have you missed these equal signs? here are some more================

    300 easy pull with PFS to their 400;
    3 x 50 fly descend to 36
    ouch! ouch! and really ouch!

    200 easy pull PFS to their 300;
    4 x 50 back
    41 descend to 37; play with effort vs. time

    100 easy pull PFS to their 200;
    4 x 50 back strong held 37's
    1 x 50 easy free

    warm down

    The End


    I was sort of testing what I thought I might be capable of in a 200 back. But it was a lot rest, at 1:25 and 1:20 interval, so I don't think it was that indicative.


    The DFW tornados are the talk of the town. We didn't have any damage but it was drama all night and lockdown at school. The scary part was never knowing when you were really out of danger until the evening. In the midst of possible destruction, working out and abs of steel just didn't seem to mean very much. So I opted to watch tornadic TV and eat a chocolate eclair, 2 toasted pop tarts (in case the electricity went out, I made these right away), a charms blow pop, and assorted chips. P90x only when the tornadic activity passed and we went back on with our regular lives and bringing it.
  16. Need help with 200 Back time!!!

    by , April 3rd, 2012 at 10:07 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Yours truly is probably the last person you'd expect with that blog entry title, but it is true, not a day-after april fools joke!

    Colonies entry:

    100 free - 50 free split!
    50 breast
    100 back
    50 fly

    200 free - 50 free split!
    50 back
    50 free
    200 back - bonus!
    100 fly - bonus!

    So after the 50 frees, it's downhill, and I can slobber-sleep the entire way back to DFW on the plane, so why not try the 200 back!

    Now, what is a good goal time, assuming these facts:

    1. Most important: I do NOT want to kill myself in a 200 back. About 90% blended effort.
    2. Based on these BEST times:
    Back: 28.9 1:02.2 ????
    Fly: 26.7 1:00.2 2:23 - 2:30
    IM: xx 1:02-03, 2:26
    3. I think I entered with around a 2:30? For no other reason than the even 1/2 minute, is 2:30 a good target to go under? I have no idea!
    4. 50 back split in 2:26 IM: 37
    5. A rounded 35 makes 1:20. That seems fast. 4 x 37 is 2:28. So 2:30 sounds reasonable.

    And here is yesterday's workout, day after the meet:

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    on my own, what else is new

    200/100 warm up
    uh, that makes a 300

    6 x 10 easy sprint full cycle strokes w/paddles
    full cord

    100 easy

    200 kick tummy w/TYR BFins
    200 kick sides s/a/a
    4 x 50 kick on back no fins

    100 easy

    5 x DIVES to the 15

    easy 100

    The End

    Yours truly was feeling quite tired after the meet! Back to day 1 of week 3 (Chest and back). This is the push up and pull up day, last one of the first (of three) phases. So I did mostly 20 reps on the push up bits, and the other stuff on my vasa which wouldn't have any relevant meaning to readers, so i'll skip that part. I substitute regular arm with alternating leg up for the diamond push ups, since my left arm is so double jointed that I can't really get my hands into that diamond shape without pulling out my shoulder. You can really tell when one leg is weaker than the other! I'll have to remember to start on that side and finish on my stronger side. I know the ab ripper video sequence and commentary well enough now so that I can "game" the rest. You have to push it for a few, but then a nice mini break here and there when he is explaining some of the ab movements. That really helps! I still cannot bicycle backwards, when I try I end up just doing some sort of pushing the brake pedal motion and knocking my feet (how that happens I can't seem to figure out), so I just keep pedalling forwards.
  17. Meet report!!!

    by , April 1st, 2012 at 07:30 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    I am very happy to announce that I haven't lost "it", although I am tired from (and i'm sure you're about as tired reading about) something that ends with an X.....and begins with a P.

    200 free - 50 free spllit: 25.1

    50 fly - 27.4

    50 free - 24.7

    200 IM - 2:26

    I don't remember my hundreths! The 50 split was really quite distracting - it was an early event and more like a tune-up. I think it's really hard to actually go all-out and then have to turn and do more swimming, even if it is easy swimming.

    50 fly was a real delight! I was worried i'd go over 28, but was still well under it! I didn't warm up fly, since my shoulder has been bothering me. I thought, no sense blowing it out in warmup, just wait for the real event, and at least then you'll get in a 50 free beforehand! I am very happy to report no sharp stabbing pains, although I did have to change my stroke (yeah, like it was really tight!).

    50 free was the swim 'o the meet for me! That is a very solid time, my mid-point for the year and I gloat over my strong finish! Not the umph, but was able to put it all together. Both 50's were dead on for breathing and I went 1/1.

    200 IM bonus! I was on the fence about this, and decided not to do a split request. But, after I warmed down after the 50, the event started, so I thought i'd just do it about 90% for the heck of it! I decided if I saw anyone (I was in the end lane, last heat, 2 empty lanes next to me), then i'd race it the last 50. Alas, saw no one and not even anyone's feet. So I powered down and just tried to look smooth coming home, punching it the last few strokes - no sense wasting that little bit!


    Next up: enter Colonies Zone events. Still not quite sure, but a whooping 5 entry limit!

    Starting week three of letter - 90 -letter.....
  18. Wednesday, 03/28 update

    by , March 28th, 2012 at 03:02 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Ok, here it is midweek!

    Yesterday, Tues 03/27
    Yoga X.
    No face plant today, but I had to keep most of my toes on the ground on that one balancing pose.

    No swim

    Today, Wed 03/28
    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    on my own

    200 warm up

    6 x 50 on 1:10
    free with PFS

    100 easy

    6 x 10 sec vertical kick/20 sec rest

    100 easy

    3 x (100 smooth, 50 strong as arms @75% legs @95%)
    no interval; breaks as needed
    free with Speedo B&O fins

    100 easy

    3 x Dives

    100 easy

    1 x 35 fast from a push
    :20 to the red line

    2 x 50
    no interval from a push
    25 90% strong/25 build to 100% strong
    free no equipment
    32, 31

    easy swims in between and at the end

    Next up:
    Legs & Back X tonight!

    My left shoulder is still weak, so i'm not sure what events I will swim. Each day is so different. I'll keep an open mind on Sat what events to swim. Free is fine, the weakest two are back and breast. I think i'll use the Sure Thing strategy - if I have to have a good swim to make a top ten time, consider not swimming it. Not worth using a silver bullet and miss a top ten.

    100 IM - prob not
    50 back - maybe
    50 breast - prob not to maybe
    100 fly - most likely
    relays? depends
    Thus, I may not even go on Sat
    Gut check: Do I care? Not really. I could be doing P90X instead!

    200 free - 50 free split? maybe
    50 fly - yes
    50 free - yes
    200 IM - no, or 50 fly split
    relays? depends
    Yes, I shall definately go on Sun!
    Gut check: Yes, excited for 50 free and 50 fly!
  19. Early week update

    by , March 26th, 2012 at 05:03 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Ok, mostly P90X stuff:

    Last Thur, 03/22
    KenpoX - this was pretty fun, but it's more like a cross between karate/boxing/cardio workout.

    Swim, yes, see previous post.

    Last Fri, 03/23
    Suppose to be StretchX or rest, I opted to Rest I was so tired!!

    No swim

    Sat, 03/24
    Back to Day 1, week 2, so that was Chest & Back. Jerry rigged the vasa for pull ups. First week I did 10 reps of pushups, a bit too easy but not bad for driving 13 hours back from Colorado. This day I upped most of the reps to 15x or 20x for the vasa.

    No swim

    Sun, 03/35
    Day 2, week 2, so this was plyo x. I think I worked it harder since I was more familiar with the moves, and which ones to strategically do on my minitramp. Substituted dive starts for the bonus round of the 3 other sports.

    No swim

    Mon, 03/26
    Swim! SCM, Baylor Fitness Center

    200 warmup

    6 x 20 sec 10 easy/10 easy sprint
    full cord

    50 easy

    6 x 50 on 1:10
    free with PFS
    smooth but engaging, 35-33's

    100 easy

    4 x (15 sec no breath, straight into 25 blasto no breath) on 1:30
    15, 14, 14, 14

    50 easy

    300 kick with TYR burners
    done as 100 tummy fly/free, 100 sides,100 back no fins

    100 easy

    3 x DIVES; 50 each

    50 easy

    The End
    I was feeling really tired at first, but got into the groove with the easy swims, not overdoing easy vs. all outs. I wanted to go 6 DIVES, but I ran out of time and was wheel-squealing into the car pool line!

    Next up:
    Will attempt to swim MWF this week, and swim meet on Sat/Sun. I will most likely bag events except for the 4 x 50's. The thought of going up and back ,then up and back again - it just churns my stomach. I have better things to do with my time - like sitting around sayin', I scratched this event!!
  20. Mid week update & P90X

    by , March 22nd, 2012 at 11:59 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Here's what I did:

    Tues, 03/20
    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    on my own

    200 warm up

    6 x 10 sec easy sprint w/cord

    100 easy

    6 x 100's no interval
    odds free with PFS
    evens kick

    100 easy

    6 x 25 swim/25 focus on streamline first few strokes

    100 easy

    6 x 25 on 1:00
    monofin fly kick

    100 easy

    P90X - Yoga X

    I have gotten most sore on Yoga than any other P90X workout! And it was a good thing I put a pillow in front of me 'cause I actually did a full face-plant on that one pose!

    Wed, 03/21
    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    on my own

    400 warm up

    8 x 50 no interval
    free with PFS

    100 easy

    4 x (25 strong speed with Speedo B&O fins, 15 sec exchange; 25 blast back no fins "same feet and arm speed") 100 easy per

    extra 100 easy

    3 x 100 kick with Speedo fins

    3 x strong breakouts

    100 easy

    Yesterday's swim was really tough. Good thing I am limited the # of sprints but attempting the highest of quality. The conditioning will have to be drylands.

    Then, Legs and Back and the ab ripper.

    I substituted the vasa for all the pull ups, either up to highest setting (14) or doing fly pulls front/back with the highest setting

    I either need to get heavier weights or order the stretch cords.

    Next up:

    Kenpo X today! I am looking forward to that, let's how 7 years of watching my kids in kenpo karate and participating in parent workout day has prepared me!!!!

    I can't wait to do the stretch x next, but it will be awhile before core synergy (?) comes up. I am curious what that is like!!
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