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swimsuit addict

About a year after beginning this blog, I got interested in open-water swimming, and it's been my passion ever since. Here's a list of some swims I've done.

  1. Just a little workout

    I swam at Riverbank this morning with a fun lane full of open-water swimmersóRondi, John, Hannah, Mike, and Andrew were all there. I got there late after sleeping in a bitódiving practice in Queens until 10pm make Thursdays a late night for meóand missed the long set of the day, but was happy to join in for the last bit. Hereís what I did:

    1000 lcm warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200d/s)

    5 x 200 swim > kick pacman

    200 warmdown

    Nice to feel like part of the gang today!

    Diving practice is still my weekly thrill, especially now that swimming at the beach is on hiatus for a bit. Iím still mostly working on getting the timing of my hurdle and jump off the board right, but am also doing various line-ups off the 1 and 3m boards, and forward tuck dives off the 1m. Fun stuff!