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swimsuit addict

About a year after beginning this blog, I got interested in open-water swimming, and it's been my passion ever since. Here's a list of some swims I've done.

  1. An early celebration

    Thanksgiving came early today as Rondi, John, and I celebrated the season with the traditional turducken set. The water was a mite cooler than on Monday, when I had deemed it too hot for a workout and just done some easy drills and practiced my backwards swimming. (How hot is too hot? If I stick my tongue out while Iím swimming and thereís no discernible difference between the temp of the pool water and the inside of my mouth, thatís too hot). But I was also better prepared, having brought both a lycra cap and my new creation, a cap into which I had cut ventilation holes, stegosaurus style:

    O Holey Cap!

    The latter worked well, and kept me from overheating during the following:

    1000 lcm warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200d/s)

    4 x 350 Turduckens, done as follows
    100 FL / 50 BK / 50 BR / 50 BK / 100 FL
    100 BK / 50 BR / 50 FR / 50 BR / 100 BK
    100 BR / 50 FR / 50 FL / 50 FR / 100 BR
    100 FR / 50 FL / 50 BK / 50 FL / 100 FR

    After the turduckens, we all played around with backwards swimmingómy backwards backstroke is getting better, giving me hope that I can get my backwards 50IM time under 2:30--then I did the following short finishing set

    2 x 200, odds FR w/ paddles, evens swim
    100 warmdown

    That was it! Iíll see if I feel like another help of turduckens tomorrow (or maybe Iíll dream up the swimming equivalent of the veggiducken . . .) And the new hat style is definitely a keeper for those warm Riverbank mornings!