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  1. Viva O Fear's Avatar
    Nice workout! I need some of those, I start in hot tub for warm up, 5 minutes, with light stretching.
  2. freestyle94's Avatar
    Hi...execution style sounds funny doesn't it? It means swum how you would execute your stroke in a race...perfect!
  3. evilwatersprite's Avatar
    Pray tell, what is execution style?
  4. JenBrehob's Avatar
    Happy Mothers Day! Good to read your blog! I share the need to accept the maternity of my swimming life and keep learning to do it harmoniously with my children and family. Peace begins at home!
  5. MikeBietz's Avatar
    I believe MFSC allows a two week trial period, or four swims. After that there is a charge, I think $30 per month. The standard registration process of any USA Swimming club, plus then proving you are registered through USMS.
  6. freestyle94's Avatar
    I will Mike...Thanks. As for the lane space...that is a nice option. I will let folks know. Do they need to register in some way?
  7. MikeBietz's Avatar
    Say hello to Laren for me. Tell him that Jim and I are still keeping the MFSC Master's club going. We now have three lanes avialable on Tuesday and Thursday at Menomonee Falls High School from 7:00 to 8:30, plenty of room for others if you are getting tight at EBSC.
  8. freestyle94's Avatar
    oops...that set of 2x25 and then 1x50 was done four times over IM order. yikes
  9. The Fortress's Avatar
    Great list of thoughts and tips, especially on breaststroke!