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Keepin Track 2010

I swim because I can...I blog my work because I should.

  1. Tuesday APril 12

    by , April 13th, 2011 at 12:55 AM (Keepin Track 2010)
    200FR (harldy got any warm up in because the HS swimmers were not out and Fred stopped us early.)

    2x50 free drill
    2x50 FR on 1' build

    2x50 BR drill
    2x50 BR swim

    200 Kick with fins. Dolphin hard to breakout.

    main set
    4x(P100 MOD, S4x100 build each one, S2x50 hard work up tempo stroke, easy 50 BA) did well on 25s and worked to hold stroke on the rest.
    easy 50

    SPEC descend each set of 3
    3x50 pull on 1:10
    3x50 kick on 1:05 kick DPK is too low
    3x50 swim on 1:00
    3x50 swim with flips on :55 felt the faint glimmer of hope

    easy 200 warm down
  2. Saturday APril 9

    by , April 11th, 2011 at 01:17 PM (Keepin Track 2010)
    19 days till USMS

    Worked out with 3 friends Wanted drill and speed work.

    200 FR?BA
    100 FR kick
    100br kick/drill

    P 6x75 FR mod on 1:10

    16x25 (4 of each stroke) drill down, kick back.

    2x4x25 swim sprints with fins for 2 and without for 2
    1 set BR
    2 set FR

    accordion drill BR draw is late.
  3. Friday APril 8

    by , April 11th, 2011 at 01:14 PM (Keepin Track 2010)
    WU meet 600
    4x4x50 IM order by sets of 4. Each set do
    #1 kick
    #2 pull
    #3 dril
    #4 swim

    8x25 kick with flips.

    8x25 sprint with flips

  4. Thursday April 6

    by , April 11th, 2011 at 01:12 PM (Keepin Track 2010)
    600 WU
    300 broken by 50s on 1' PKS by 50

    2x100 spec on 3' 1:18
    2x100 FR 1:01, 1:02
    2x50 spec on 2' :34
    2x50 #2 stroke
    2x50 FR :26
    300 IM broken by 25 on 1'
    Easy 100

    SPEC set
    3x(50 drill, 50 kick, 4x25 swim) rest 10-15

    300im 25p, 25k, 25s of each stroke by 25s

    WD 200
  5. Wed April 6

    by , April 11th, 2011 at 01:12 PM (Keepin Track 2010)
    yoga and run25 min
  6. Tuesday April 5

    by , April 5th, 2011 at 10:30 PM (Keepin Track 2010)
    2x25 BA drill
    2x50 BA
    2x25 FR dril
    4x50 FR #1 sprint 1st 12.5, #2 sprint 2nd 12.5 and so on. on 1'

    200 Kick with fins

    3x(P200 3:00, S5x100 on 1:30, 2x50 Hard on 1', no rest between sets)

    easy 50

    4x75 Kick
    4x75 PULL
    4x75 Swim

    easy 200

    My BR and FR are falling apart. Timing in BR needs lots of attention. First will focus on anchoring the hands to set the kick. Then work on kick timing. Fred said the kick and pull look good but the timing is rotten.
    As for FR, I am dropping my right elbow especially when I breathe. Need to watch the bigness of the triangle and get over hand and think THUMB-torque arm to catch.
  7. Friday April 1

    by , April 1st, 2011 at 02:00 PM (Keepin Track 2010)
    I quit swimming....APRIL FOOLS

    Needed to loosen up today.

    400 WU
    6x75 breath control on 1:15 PULL

    10x50 BR drill-felt yucky-no interval


    2underwater kick, then 1x25 sprint with fins
    1set FL
    2set BA
    3 set FR

    WD with pull outs
  8. Thursday March 31

    by , April 1st, 2011 at 01:58 PM (Keepin Track 2010)
    600 WU
    200 Kick

    2x100 BR (1:17, 1:17)
    2x100 FR1:02, 1:02)
    4x50 BR (:34)
    4x50 FR (:27)
    2x25 FL
    2x25 BA
    2x25 BR
    2x25 FR
    easy 50

    300 Kick BR no fins, no board

    12x25 #2 stroke (FL) PKS by 25
    12x25 IM same