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  1. ekw's Avatar
    The pool I swim at uses salt water chlorination. I'm not sure if that's the same thing. Anyway, I find it doesn't taste like salt unless the chemicals are out of whack.
  2. Katia J Hoberman's Avatar
    Hey Celestial!, sounds something horrible with that v bug.. Looks like you put in a good swim! Take it easy on yourself. I too,can't be without the water either. Glad you're feeling better! From one swimmer to another!!
  3. Celestial's Avatar
    Well, I'm not sure the last person was supposed to pass everyone during the 50, because they DID have a whole 500 to do, I think they were more like pacing and drafting off each other!
  4. amj119's Avatar
    Sounds like fun!
  5. knelson's Avatar
    We used to do these kind of pace line sets in high school and college. When we did it the idea was the person in back had to pass everyone else during the 50. Is that how they did it in the relay?

    I remember one particular time whoever was leading took off at about a 1:00 per 100 pace. That made it real fun!
  6. Celestial's Avatar
    Hahaha! You're right about the step outside - but it's not as bad as the getting out!
  7. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Good luck with your goals. I admire you for setting them. I find some intermediate steps and shorter term goals help too. So perhaps setting some milestones around your weight loss goal for example, would help you stick to the plan. Just my two cents.

    I swim indoors(when I am not traveling) and the hardest step is that leap from the pool edge into the water. In your case I suspect it's the step from the locker room into the open air. I don't miss 30-40 degree air temperature on deck.

    Good of luck with your goals.
  8. Celestial's Avatar
    Thanks, guys!
  9. __steve__'s Avatar
    Those are definitely sprint races.

    Like wookie mentioned, keep it fun. For me, entering relays is the ice -breaker for that:-) There's many different possibile reasons (excessive aerobic activity, the day, turns, transitions, motivation, etc) and the masters reset / baseline button can be useful.

    Good luck to yourself!
  10. thewookiee's Avatar
    We all have practices and meets like you experienced. There are times when I make a certain interval and think "wow, I have finally turned the corner" The very next week, I struggle to make an interval that is 10 seconds slower.

    Remember, keep it fun. Goals are great motivation for training but keep it fun first.
  11. Celestial's Avatar
    Karl - yeah, I just don't remember what it was!! Probably breast
  12. Karl_S's Avatar
    I agree with jpetyk about the paper products.
    BTW, the workout is nice but the total looks like 3700 to me, not 4k. Did you do a 300 cd that you didn't report?
  13. flystorms's Avatar
    I like that workout. Stealing it for tomorrow's solo.

    Good luck on the kitchen. That's such a nightmare, but just think about how amazing it will be once it's all over. And the added benefit of a weight loss is a bonus, right?
  14. jpetyk's Avatar
    If it were me, I would go with paper products until I had a better way to do dishes.
  15. Celestial's Avatar
  16. flystorms's Avatar
    Glad to hear your back is doing better. Yay! And double good, good luck on the new job. very exciting.
  17. flystorms's Avatar
    Sounds like you're on the mend. It's so frustrating for an athlete to be "down" for too long. Hang in there!
  18. Celestial's Avatar
    Yes, definitely recovered 90%. Not sure how much I was recovered before I went, as of course, the minute I made my appt, my shoulder stopped hurting. But the morning of the first appt, it started up again.
    Expensive as compared to what? First visit was $80, second was $65 & I don't think insurance of any kind will cover it. Wish I had done it months ago. I spent $40 on a cortisone shot in August that didn't work, and all the pills I've been swallowing. . . .
  19. __steve__'s Avatar
    Did the accupuncture assist recovery on your shoulder? I would guess recovery is the primary result from it. Is it expensive?
  20. flystorms's Avatar
    Eye candy - love it! Great way to start a morning.
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