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  1. pwb's Avatar
    Turn this stupid pool design into a positive and practice your open water sighting skills to look for the wall each lap!
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Yes it is a good description of how middle and long distance swimming feels when done right. Today was a more uncomfortably uncomfortable day!
  3. gull's Avatar
    Nice swim! I really like those splits. Have you thought about competing in the 1500?
  4. flystorms's Avatar
    "Comfortably uncomfortable." Going to have to remember that one. Good philosophy for improvement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    Ouch! You did have a rough nationals. Cramps are the worst. I've had one ruin a race at nationals. Consider staying away from those crappy outdoor pools.
    thanks, I'm not a fan of backstroke in out door pools
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    Quote Originally Posted by flystorms
    Spain and Aruba?! Dang, I'd like your line of work.
    2 week in Rota for enroute, then when I get back it's vacation time with family visiting in -laws in Aruba.
    Spain will be12 hour days but still plenty of time for chilly ocean swimming
    Only have one day between though (so1 day to take care of voucher before leaving)
  7. flystorms's Avatar
    Spain and Aruba?! Dang, I'd like your line of work.
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