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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    It's not this weekend. It's April 11-12.

    Mucinex is good for breaking up mucus (neti pots too). It makes me feel very tired though. I read that nasal decongestants can also help ear infections. A doctor that I coach said steroids might help the most. He also said that swimming will likely have no ill effect on the ear. I hope you don't also have a sinus infection; those take 4 weeks to completely eradicate.
    thats fortunate because I suspect with the ear infection you would not feel like racing. I am thinking that the mucin ex maybe causing my tiredness too but rather that way than pain from sinus build up. I hope so too. Again I hope you start feeling better soon.
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    Its cracks me up how my workouts are so different than yours sometimes!! Oh well so thankful to have my aerobic swim sets back and no more race pace!!!! See you tomorrow!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaadams1
    I wouldn't use something like that against a person. Sure, it's good to say you were on the team that won the NCAA champs, even if you didn't score any points. He probably did help a lot during the dual meet season picking up those 3rd places, etc. I claim being an NAIA National Champion, but that's cause I was individually 4 times over two years. As a team we placed 3rd for our highest during my time in college. I don't sit back and rub it in people's faces though (maybe ThatGuy's), but that's just being childish.
    James, you are awesome!! In your case, you are an individual and team champion! And you have a great attitude that is inclusive of your fellow teammates. But this guy truly didn't score points at NCAAs. I'll just point out to him that when I say "we" in means, including myself. But when he says "we", it means "all the other guys who scored the points to win the NCAAs".
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    Someone on a masters team trying to "lord" it over others?! I can't stand people like that. If I were you, I would get in a well placed barb. Not just because he's annoying, but because he might be making other people there feel badly or less welcome. I hope people are rolling their eyes when he goes into self-congratulatory mode.
    I think he's just really insecure, the type who has to try to put other people down in order to make himself feel better. Not my type of masters swimmer at all.
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