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    My bicep tendon's have been sporadically nagging me for years. Negative eccentric curls with light to moderate resistance has been an excellent tool. Interestingly, I have to avoid doing curls with band resistance - this may result in chronic pain
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    I know of your pain Stewart, as I used a similar unit to dig about the same number of holes a few years back around our home, after doing it by hand for the first 5! We ended up needing another 5 or so a few weeks later, and I hired some kids from church and acted as the supervisor!
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    Quote Originally Posted by beprocton
    I follow your blog and I'm always amazed at your workouts and meet performances. As such, I'm thrilled that you've decided to come to Spring Nationals so that I can watch you swim in person. Perhaps I'm biased living in Greensboro and training at the Greensboro Aquatic Center, but I think you'll really enjoy swimming here and hitting some good times.
    Thanks for the comments and thanks for reading my posts. I have read great things about the pool and heard that the last Masters Nationals in Greensboro was awesome and I would be a liar if I said this did not factor into my decision. Please look me up on deck in Greensboro and I look forward to meeting you at Nationals.
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