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    Thanks for the suggestions. I seem to be back on my feet and of course traveling again. I think time is going to kill any ideas at this point. It finally released and I am hopefully on the mend. I would never have thought of either of those ideas. I believe there is a chiropractor in Rockwall who uses acupuncture so I will try to see him when I stop traveling in a couple of weeks(assuming I make it through this next block of travel)
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    Not quite full reps, about 80% the way down (or ~ 4 inches lower than 90 degrees), Full press movements are rough on my tendons.
    65's are about as heavy as I can safely go, so I just adapt with repetition instead of weight.
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    26 reps of DBBP with 65#! That is stout!
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    I am trying to make hotel reservations for Olympic Trials next year. Ouch! The rates are really jacked up and most of them you have to pre-pay fully in advance. It will be expensive viewing indeed. I also need to research places to swim while I'm there.
    Get a camping cabin -
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    I agree with Patrick. Try the acupuncture and maybe some cupping while you're at it. So sorry about the back pain; I hate having to read how hard it can be just to train ... I would lay off all dolphin kicking until your back is 100%.
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    It sucks being tall; so many tall people I know have back problems, including me. Your reaction might vary but I had a lot of success with acupuncture years ago when I had a series of back issues. While I still get lower back soreness, for awhile now I haven't had the stabbing pain that it sounds like you're going through. For me, the acupuncture was the big reliever, but I'm not entirely sure why it hasn't recurred since then. Best of luck healing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StewartACarroll
    We are staying at the Residence Inn. I forwarded the hotel details to you.
    Thanks, got it! I was thinking that there might not be as many hotel options in Worcester as in Boston, so I need to get cracking.
  8. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    We are staying at the Residence Inn. I forwarded the hotel details to you.
  9. The Fortress's Avatar
    Which hotel did you book Stewart?

    FYI, I emailed the meet director about the pool. She said it was 7-13 feet deep.
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