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  1. grey60053's Avatar
    thank you for the workout!
  2. flystorms's Avatar
    Sounds like a great day!
  3. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    She did great and seems very grounded.

    It seems so so weird for me to not go lots of distance and not work hard all the time. It's a balance but think it will help me recover. The bionic elbow is doing great but my left shoulder is a whole different story and will likely have to get it taken care of after Budapest but I will leave that for another day. It's bearable right now!
  4. flystorms's Avatar
    "Despite this she dropped 11 seconds on her 100 fly, which was pretty awesome!" Holy smokes that's incredible!! Good job on her!

    Enjoy the taper. I'd guess it goes against your grain to relax a bit, but you can do it. You're going to be amazing over there, especially with the new bionic arms.