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    Nice meet Steve! It is always great to run up with you again. Maybe our schedules will work out where we can do it again in Columbia this fall. Congrats!
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    Yes be happy with PBs! I always nit pick every race too, but that is just for improving in the future.
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    Left arm only and still can do a 26 50 free?! Holy smokes you're a beast. The team needs you and it's always hard to get participation points (though this year I've done a ton of recruiting and should be able to get the bonus points for having someone in each age category). WHile my 2 men in your AG would be thrilled if you didn't race, I'd love to see you there, selfishly. I'm hoping your recovery is fast, Stewart -Kari
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    Quote Originally Posted by flystorms
    Stewart how do you feel your training is going with these adjustments?
    for the first time since I got back to swimming, I have no meets planned and no real swimming plan. I am not really frustrated but it does feel very weird, sort of meandering from one practice to the next. Also just kicking is pretty boring; I don't really know why this is more boring than swimming, but it is. I don't like feeling of being lost but that's how I feel! My teammates are helping a lot but it's not been easy so far and I still have a long way ahead of me before I am back swimming.

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    It sounds like your kicking is definitely getting stronger. How's your left arm holding up with it being your only option? When's surgery?
    I think my kicking is getting stronger but it's hard to tell. Racing is the ultimate test and I have nothing to really compare against. We did some kicking today with the pads in the pool and I kicked and it was a lot of fun. I chose to use fins but in hindsight I should have just kicked and set a baseline. The left arm is holding up fine. Other than the warmup and odd length here and there I am kicking the rest of the workout. My ankles have been very stiff since I started all the kicking but just muscle soarness. I meet the surgeon on 6th September and I will know more then. I have the 19th September pencilled in for surgery.

    Quote Originally Posted by flystorms
    As fast as you are kicking, man you could still probably win a medal at corporate challenge just kicking!
    we did some swims from the blocks yesterday and I did a left arm only 50 and was :26.4. I could probably do the corporate challenge since it's the day before my surgery, however I always worry that I will upset someone who will think I am being unsporting. I need to talk to our team to see if they need me. We have 4 ex college swimmers so should be fine on points for speed, but maybe they want me for participation points which we always struggle with.
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