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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Been doing 3 different types on the mill, not sure which (or if all) are responsible but I am definitely experiencing marked progression with these workouts, as well as in the pool kicking workouts. Aerobic system is being worked too since Iím seeing a 110-130 bpm recovery during the rest intervals and Iím pushing to 180 during the work.
  2. flystorms's Avatar
    Wine yoga! Love it!
  3. pwb's Avatar
    I like your walk/run approach on the treadmill. I adopted that approach when I started to incorporate 2-3 runs per week as an aerobic-building and weight-control part of my training. It's really helped me, along with slow incremental volume, to gradually increase distance and speed without hurting my aging knees.
  4. __steve__'s Avatar
    It is solo yogo that works balancing systems a little more, maybe
  5. pwb's Avatar
    What, pray tell, is "wine yoga?" Is that where every time someone says "namaste" or "om," you have to chug?
  6. __steve__'s Avatar
    They are fun at times.
  7. JPEnge's Avatar
    Nice box jump there! Love me some leaping.
  8. wgreely's Avatar
    I started swimming 5 years ago, I am a sprinter and followed your workouts on high intensity.... now 3 yeas later my technique is getting good thanks to masters coaching; but my times are not as dramatic improvements then when I did your workouts!!!!! Is there any chance I could get you to email me or post your workouts from old posts, that you used to provide???
  9. __steve__'s Avatar
    I believe those might actually be helping with kicking
  10. flystorms's Avatar
    Haven't done dreadmill intervals in a long time. They're fun, but this one looks ike a butt kicker.