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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Martin
    Leslie, you are leaving a big void in Masters swimming, beyond your prowess in the pool and many world records. You were an informed source on training, technique, suits, nutrition, drylands, tapers, and many other subjects. When friends of mine ask for sprint workouts, I refer them to your HIT blog. Thanks for all that and I hope to see you back in the pool and on the forums someday. 55 is still young in Masters swimming.
    Thanks Doug. Means a lot. The thought of starting from scratch is a bit daunting. But you never know ... Congrats on you #1s in the 50 frees!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwb
    Oh, Leslie, this was not what I wanted to read. Swimming will always be there for you and we all hope that your treatment is successful and brings you back to the sport.
    Yeah it's not what I hoped either. The clot just was not caught soon enough and I had a huge first rib which could have been damaging the vein for years. My dr is going to schedule the surgery on my left side. So I will be out for a long time. How is your rehab going? Shoulder better?
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