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    Quote Originally Posted by pwb
    Blog comments working again. It was odd yesterday because I was able to make one comment, but then not anymore?
    Blog comments are still off for the post on the Ohio State Meet. Blog comments are functioning for earlier and later posts, weird.

    In any case, I had wanted to comments on the meet. Obviously three very fine swims. On the Ohio State Meet post, Fort commented:
    50 back, 27.43
    This event just felt labored the whole way. My legs felt quite tired -- probably from my last hard drylands session.
    I can think of two possibilities here:
    1) backstroke burns the legs. Maybe it requires more leg rest than the other strokes?
    2) you weren't warmed up enough. See below.

    50 breast, 32.84
    I had a very good start and executed fairly well except for my walls. I had to short stroke both walls. Because I don't race breaststroke all that much, I have no idea what my stroke count is or should be. I just know that, in the past, gliding into the walls has killed my momentum.
    I've often read that one should not take a short stroke into the wall in breaststroke, but I'm starting to question that advice. My experience is that if I glide into the wall I don't have enough momentum to get my knees up and my feet onto the wall quickly so it kills my turn speed. This is especially true on flat FINA walls where you can't use the hands for leverage to haul the knees up. I also note that Allan took a short stroke on his final turn in his 200 LCM Br WR at Auburn so it can't be *that* bad a mistake.

    This race felt like a breeze compared to the 50 back...

    50 fly, 26.06
    This race felt much better than my 50 back. I'm not sure why that first race felt so awful.
    So each face felt better than the previous one. That sounds a lot like insufficient warmup.
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    Great plan Stewart! Backing off this week for Zones will not effect your nationals prep at all, may actually help it. Sorry about your wife. Become an OCD hand washer!
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    Glad, I am not the only dealing with turnout for an upcoming Masters Meet. I am hoping with last minute signups for ours. You should be able to get some turnout from the Albany, Saratoga Springs, NY areas.
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